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Popular Culture Encourages Us to Drink and Take Risks

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

I’ve just finished listening to Frank Sinatra singing “My Way”. When you listen to the lyrics of this, first of all you’re thinking – “yeah, the Guy’s cool!” You know he did it his way and he went through life with no other care about what other people thought about him, he didn’t make any compromises and all this kind of stuff.

But when you look at the Guy, he was a heavy drinker, he was, he ate what he want and all this kind of stuff. And it just occurred to me, that our culture, that this is another part of our culture which sort of forces this onto us.

You know this macho image, you know, this macho lifestyle, you know, on the male side obviously, you know. And there is just the same sort of bullshit, the same kind of an influence on females, there’s the same, I mean, I really can’t speak too much about that, because I’m not influenced about that, I’m influenced by the male culture right.

You know from a male perspective, when you look at people like, you know, the hell raisers. Like Oliver Reed, for me, Richard Harris, Peter O Toole, you know Frank Sinatra, you know people more modern hell raisers, Robert Downey Junior and what’s that Guy that was in, Emilio Estévez his brother, Charlie Sheen.

These are all hell raisers and when you grow up, you think, yeah, these are cool Guys you know. And they’re cool because there doing this and you know living outside their, you know living their life on the edge, so to speak.

When I talked a couple of weeks ago about this Guy, who I always thought was a mad thing to do, but, jumping off the edge of the Mountain with a Squirrel Suit On, you know the one that you can, you sort of, they fly with this thing on.

And this Guy’s idea of fun was to try and go through, like gaps, in between two massive boulders, or cliffs, or whatever it was, you know. And eventually, you know, he hit one of these things and was splatted like a fly, you know. And it’s like, well what do you expect, all you have to do is get it wrong once, you know.

But this, that type of thinking, is just everywhere, you know and Alcohol Advertisers, try and tap into that, to try and tap into the James Bond style, lifestyle, you know. Shaken not stirred that kind of thing. And this is what you do, this is what why you’re cool, you know. And nobody ever talks about this Guy’s fucking liver must have been, must have been liquid you know. James Bond, he drank that much.

But, you know, you don’t hear the downside we always hear the good side. And this kind of thing is always represented in Bill Boards, on the television and you know, if you look at Soap Operas, all that kind of stuff.

It’s all time and time again, this culture of drinking and excess is portrayed, no matter where you look and this cool image of, you know when you look at Modern, I can’t remember who it was lately, oh, David Beckham, was some form of Brandy and he’s there..

You know this is a family man, I’ve said this about Connor McGregor who I really admire you know. I admire the Guy I think he’s just, from where he came from to where he was and he just had the determination to do that. And I admire Beckham as well.

I think, you know, I once had an argument with a Guy in a Pub and they were going it’s a sick amount of money, you know, what he was getting at the time, he’d just been awarded the massive, I think it was a couple of hundred thousand a week, or something like that, maybe it was one hundred thousand a week at the time.

And this guy was saying, you know, it’s a sick amount of money – it’s depraved you know. I was saying to him, I say’s – “You mean to say that it somebody offers you that type of money tomorrow, you wouldn’t accept it?” And he was going – “No, no I wouldn’t accept it” I was like you bull-shit you know. Of course, you’d accept it you know. I mean, if you can earn that type of money you take it. But that’s a different story.

What I’m saying about Beckham, a family man, especially, I mean he, and how many kids has he got and he’s advertising this drug on the television for more money, you know. You know, this is happening all the time.

So, getting back to what I’m saying is, the culture, the popular culture of Frank Sinatra’s and that kind of heavy hitting, hard drinking, male, role model. I was going to say chauvinistic, but yeah that comes into it as well because they probably were chauvinistic. But this, you know, macho role model, I think that is something that the advertisers always try to tap into.

You know, but when you look at the reality behind these things, look at the reality behind Richard Burton. I watched an interview with him the other day and he was saying, he says – this is it’s like a daily sentence on his life – you know? And he never stopped I don’t think.

All these people got into trouble, in one way or another. In reality and in the world, because of their drinking and stuff like that, and their fame kept them out of a lot of trouble, because they were famous, you know they had a lot of money, you know, they’re lifestyles, where, a lot of the things that they could do were because they had a lot of money, you know, it wasn’t because of the alcohol.

So if anyone who tries to follow that by drinking or by living that kind of that hard smoking and drinking lifestyle and thinking that they’re going to be like Frank Sinatra, they’re deluding themselves, you know. But you know that kind of lifestyle is always going to lead you into trouble, because your body is not meant to handle that, you know. We’re not built for that kind of stuff.

So, you know, it’s just a media enforced delusion again, that’s putting these people up in front of us you know and giving us all the up of what they’re doing and none of the down. And most of what they’re doing is a down, unless you’re rich and famous and then you’ve got a lot of this stuff, you know like McGregor, at the moment.

I was watching one of him this morning and he had a Rolls Royce, with his name on the side of it, you know, just a big picture of him on the side of it and I can’t remember what they call him now, anyway, he had just this one word, and I can’t remember the word of it. And it was just the trappings and he said, he said “I have this habit of wanting to spend money and it’s a bit mad you know, but I also have this habit of making money” so he says “that balances itself out, you know?” – and he’s right. If you can make the money you can spend the money. Anyway, I’m getting off track here.

The only thing you can do about this, is to train your mind out of the propaganda, you know that’s the only thing that you can do. Is not watch the propaganda and try to avoid it as much as you can, or retrain your mind into thinking these people are just trying to make money off my back, off my illness, off my downfall, you know because that’s the only place that this is going to lead me. Is, I’m giving them money for a toxin that is going to poison my body. Why am I doing that, you know?

Whatever works for you, you know, but it’s to try and de-bullshit you own mind you know, as much as you can. So, that’s it for today. I’m going to carry on walking. If you have any questions at all, leave them down below.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge, is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Until next time…
Stay Safe
Keep the Alcohol out of your Mouth
Take Care
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Mick

    Some of these people may be rich in terms of money. But all that money and the best they can come up with is to drink. It may be drink in a posh restaurant or with a beautiful pool or great view etc etc maybe even surrounded by beautiful people. But drugging is drugging and if your poring expensive wine in a fancy bottle in a posh glass down your throat your a bigger fool than the guy on the park bench, because your fooling yourself. Rich and successful people who have all the choice in the world and chose to get in a state that is the equivalent of being hit on the head. Lets face it they may have some talent or maybe just a lucky break, but their opinion on alcohol and politics is very biased, and unfortunately if your surrounded by people who agree with you, which I am guessing most are, slipping into a world you only enjoy when your taking an addictive drug must be so simple to do.

    The best slave is a man who doesn’t know he is a slave he will never try to escape. I would like to suggest this is the mantra of the alcohol manufacturers. ha ha

    If you don’t drink and then understand how to stop thinking too much and start to use your sober instincts to direct yourself on this journey we call life. You will experience joy far greater than anyone can get from alcohol or any drug and you don’t need loads of money.

    If you are reading this and thinking you will never be happy in a world where you don’t drink alcohol, you are feeling the normal subtle pangs of addiction. You can never be happy if your addicted to alcohol, by the very fact its addictive once its out your system you want some more, so you are being controlled by a drug. It clouds all your instincts without them you wont experience the joy of just being alive.

  2. ronnie

    Loved your analogy about being a slave Mick and not knowing it .Millions of people dont realise they are slaves to the Big Alcohol Con trick

  3. Tina

    This really resonated with me. Thank you. One of my biggest fears when deciding to stop the insanity was how would I ever have fun in the future without it. Guess what? I am having conscious fun! I remember the fun the next day or week What a concept!?!

  4. Doug

    I’m with you 100% on how drinking is glorified in movies, etc. They take behavior that in reality is harmful and negative, and glorify it as the cool way to be. That is why I am a little confused that you bring up Conor McGregor as someone who’s behavior is something to be desired. He and the UFC promote schoolyard bully type violence. Surely you have watched his behavior at press conferences? We teach our children not to be violent bullies, but then we praise people like Conor McGregor and the UFC when they put on displays of grown men acting like violent prison inmates? Martial art matches used to be fought with honor and professionalism. It was a display of skill and discipline. What we have going on with MMA today and the UFC in particular, is that of common thuggery. I can appreciate all the hard work and discipline that is going on behind the scenes with these guys, but grown men, fathers, shouldn’t behave the way they do. It’s kinda ironic, because they actually act like drunken fools at a bar fight. Oh, by the way, Conor McGregor parties and drinks way harder than James Bond or Frank Sinatra.

    Not bashing you my friend. I appreciate what you are doing very much. You are doing something very good for people like me. In my opinion, there is no comparison between someone like you and Conor McGregor. You are doing something very healthy and helping others in the process. Conor McGregor is promoting violence and bad behavior. He is one of many in the UFC. He made a lot of money. Good for him. How you make the money matters. There is a whole generation of kids watching him be praised for acting like a thug. Sorry, just my perspective on that.

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping us all behave better.


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