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My Partner Still Drinks – Stop Drinking Alcohol 68

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year Two | 2 comments

What If My Partner Still Drinks?

What happens if my partner doesn’t want me to stop?

What do I do if they feel threatened by stopping using?

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  1. Colin

    Great clip again Kevin – always practical and always informative. They always help me as a reminder to avoid temptation!

  2. Hans Andrias

    Hi kevin were can I write to you in private, cause I got a deep proplem with ” why ” I drink alcohol, but I think I finally found my own answer why. But it is a very very sad story, wich I only want to write to you in private if I may. What is your personal e mail address, so I know, that you will answer or at least respond to my story ?

    Please and please write back to me

    I realy want this shit out of my life, so please respond !

    P.s. Thanks for all of your videos 🙂


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