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Only You Have the Power to Change Your Alcohol Drinking Story

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Whatever you may think about your alcohol drinking, it’s a story that you have created. Each and every mouthful of alcohol has been consumed with your permission, with your knowledge, and with your acceptance. The opposite is also true. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, only you have the power to change that alcohol story. Only you can decide never to put another drop of alcohol in your mouth. Will you make that decision once? Or will you make the same decision over and over again, never following through, never fulfilling the opportunities that are staring you in the face.

Today I wanted to talk about your life story. Your story is your creation and how it affects you and how it plays out on a day to day basis is completely up to you. You have all that power in your hands.

The reason why this is so important is because every moment in your life, every decision you make is another opportunity to change how the next moment is going to play out.

When we are going through the early stages of quitting alcohol we are bombarded by different emotions and feelings. If you are looking on the internet, which you obviously are doing, for information on:

How to proceed?
What’s the best way of quitting drinking?
What’s the best way of getting over cravings?
How you sleep?

…. and so on and so forth, you will find there is lot of information out there, which ultimately can affect your decision and how you move forwards.

My approach with Alcohol Mastery is to try and approach quitting alcohol as though you moving forward into something that is better, otherwise what’s the point? There would be no point doing this is you are going into something worse.

If you can get over that initial hurdle, month, year, whatever, you are going to see massive changes in your life, not only in the way you feel and with your health, from no longer having the consequences of having alcohol in your life or in your body, but also from the many knock on effects of that. Move forward on that vein of getting away from alcohol and focus your mind on something in your future that you want to aim for.

You will need to keep that firmly in your mind to help with the many road blocks that you can put up to stop yourself achieving your goals and things that can pull you back.

Calling yourself an alcoholic for example and saying that alcohol has any power over you whatsoever, PAWS – post alcohol withdrawal syndrome – these are all the things that suck the power from you and give it to something else outside of you, something that’s not real.

The label alcoholic is not real, it’s just something that is made up by somebody else that isolates you from the crowd, the ‘normal’ people, that makes you different and weak.

It’s the same thing with alcohol, if you say it’s the alcohol, that that’s the demon and the thing that’s making you want to drink. Alcohol is just a liquid in a bottle, it can’t be anything to you unless you pick it up and put it into your mouth and in order to get the state you are now, you’ve had to do that, you’ve had to lift the glass up to your mouth hundreds and thousands of times and each of those times was an opportunity for you to stop.

You didn’t stop then, fair enough, but you have a chance an opportunity of doing it now.

PAWS is another one, it’s something that is supposedly six, seven months in the future, which is at a time where as far as I’m concerned, you should be far away from alcohol and not even be thinking about it, except for the odd frivolous thought that passes through your mind and goes “Oh yeah I’d love a drink in this situation!”

We all get that. I still get that after four years of not drinking alcohol. It’s something that you acknowledge and then let go – it’s nothing – it’s just a thought.

It’s the kind of thinking that says ‘I’d love to kick that fellow in the face’, ‘Kick that dog up its arse’, or ‘I’d love to eat that double Cheeseburger with five slices of cheese in it.’

You’ve got a choice in all of this, what you do with the thoughts and moments you have and the more you give credence to any of these things, the more of the power, your own power is drained away from you and that is the thing that you need to hold on to most – because your power is really all you’ve got.

Everything that you do in life is based around your power to change from one moment to the next, to make a decision to change from one moment to another, break down habits into the rituals, find those rituals and break them down.

Everything is there in your mind and your body to do it, you don’t need anything else, you’ve got all the answers you need in your own mind. You’ve got to direct your own mind in the right direction, if you don’t then you will be directed by other people, your environment, alcohol and terms floating around about alcohol.

So just remember that every moment of every day you have an opportunity to redirect the story that you’re writing for yourself, believe me, regardless of whether you do or don’t drink, you are writing your own story. That’s just it.

Whether you get yourself fit or you don’t. Whether you eat so that your obese or skinny. Whether you’re good to your Children or not good to your Children. Every decision you make is your story and your writing your own story.

Remember that every moment in life you’ve got the opportunity to change that story and to change the direction that that’s story going to go. Just because you’ve gone ten, twenty, thirty years down a certain road it doesn’t mean that you are stuck and you can’t change in a moment – in a moment – that’s how easy it is to change.

Turn around and go back. That’s how easy it is to make the decision for change. Change itself might not be so easy but as we’ve seen if you carry on down a destructive road, life itself is going to get fucking tough. Life is going to be far more horrible than any moments that you’re going to go through now when you’re feeling discomfort so push through discomfort and change your life.

Come over to the website, you’ll find a load of stuff over there to help you not just to quit alcohol but to push yourself into the right direction that you want to go into the future, that you want to take going onwards and upwards.

“When writing your life story don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Paula

    Hi Kevin…just wanted to say I’m grateful for your podcasts and especially appreciate your perspective on quitting alcohol, labels, and why AA doesn’t work for many people. You mentioned in one of your videos that you once quit drinking for almost a year and then started back, eventually quitting for good a few years later. I wanted to ask you why you returned to drinking after that first time you quit? Perhaps you can explore that further in one of your podcasts.
    Many thanks!


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