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Stopping Boozing While Surrounded by Negativity

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How are you supposed to quit drinking alcohol with so much negativity happening in these times?

I really feel sorry for you, if you’re trying to stop drinking alcohol during these times, because people are so negative. There’s so much negativity happening in the world in these times. But if that’s your mindset, if that’s the way you think, then you’re always going to have it.

My parents, who are both dead now, both went through these times. And in their own way, you know, going back through all the crap that happened during the Cold War, all the stuff that happened with the nuclear threat, that was there when I was growing up. And my mother was born in London, just at the end of the Second World War, and her father was a fireman during the Blitz. And I’m saying this, because it’s like, these times are always there, we are living in unprecedented times in terms of the possibilities and the opportunities that we’re surrounded with.

Yet, there’s so many people who will focus only on the negativity, there’s always negativity. Negativity is a state of mind, it’s how you look at things. These times that we’re living through now, the pandemic, it’s not nice. But it’s not everything you know… I’m walking in Spain, it’s a pretty chilly morning, but I know, around the corner, there’s going to be some sunshine. I’m going to get my food tonight, I’m going to open up my TV, and I’m going to be able to watch Netflix this evening, and chill with my cup of tea. I’m gonna be able to get onto the internet today and do my job. There’s people that have got it way worse than I have.

Just imagine that you’re living in a really shit poor part of the world. And you’ve also got this hanging over your head… What I’m saying is that it’s all in your control. Now how dependent on the time that you’re in, there is always going to be negativity, there is always the possibility of looking at negativity and finding negativity.

But there’s also the possibility of looking and finding positivity. If you want to read a good book on this, read Man’s Search for Meaning by a guy called Viktor Frankl, he was a Jew who was captured by the Nazis, and put it into I think, four or five different concentration camps, his whole family was wiped out. And this book is about his experiences, and how he was able to survive those camps by controlling what he thought which was something that the Nazis no matter what they did to him, couldn’t take away. And when you look at an extreme thing like that, we are so so so so so fortunate.

So, don’t use this as an excuse to drink and say, “Well, you know, it’s the pandemic.” Because if you do, you’re always going to find an excuse, you’re always going to find hard times, you’re always going to find something negative. You’ve only got one life, so you might as well find the positive in everything that you can, and it’s not that difficult.


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