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Once You Choose Hope, Anything is Possible

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Hi, I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com.

Today, I want to talk about choosing hope.

This is a quote from Christopher Reeve, he was the old Superman if you remember.

He had an accident, he fell off the back of his horse and he became quadriplegic.

He died later I think.

One of the things he said was this: once you choose hope, anything is possible.

And the opposite is also true.

Once you start down the road and you think there’s no hope, then you’re just narrowing your possibilities.

Hope just widens everything out and makes things a lot more accessible in your life.

It makes everything in your life possible.

Hope is the feeling that no matter what you do, as you’re starting out on this new journey, that everything is possible.

That somehow, in some way, this is all going to work out for the good. It’s a positive feeling, it’s a positive attitude.

It’s something that a lot of people poo-poo on.

They think you can’t go through your life thinking this way of everything, and a lot of people associate it with religion.

It’s a basic human need, I think, is to have hope about what you’re doing.

You can increase the hope, you can increase your chances of getting where you want to go by planning, by being determined and saying to yourself over and over again that ‘I persist. I persist no matter what is happening in my life. Whatever things try and drag me in the opposite way, I’m going to persist’.

This is the key.

You also have to have a bit of hope in there.

In a lot of cases, you don’t have to understand how things are going to work out.

You can have all your plans, and envision things to work out, but hope is something that is…you just have a feeling that you know it’s going to work out.

You know it’s going to happen regardless of how things pan out.

You don’t have to understand how the process works or how things are going to get from A to B to C to D.

You just have to have faith.

As you’re going through your day, put in the hard work.

Persist with what you’re doing.

Make sure that you putting up with the discomfort of quitting drinking, of bringing new habits into your life, but you need to have that little bit of hope as well.

Keep your hope up because hope is sometimes the thing that will keep you going through the darkest times.

Just a short one there.

Just a nice quote from Christopher Reeve.

Until next time, keep the alcohol out of your mouth, and good luck to you.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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