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No One is Coming To Save You – Only You

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

Today I just wanted to talk about people coming to help you and save you.

There is nobody that is going to do that for you in this sense, in quitting drinking alcohol – or in changing any bad habit – because it takes personal work on your behalf.

All the habits, all the behaviours, all the routines, the rituals and stuff that keep your habit afloat – they’re all up here – stored inside your head.

And you can listen to people until you’re blue in the face, right?

You can listen to videos, you can read books, you can do all this kind of stuff.

But in reality, nobody’s going to do the work for you.

Nobody can do the work for you.

I can tell you a thousand different things about alcohol.

How to quit alcohol.

How to get away from bad habits.

How to nurture good habits.

But if you don’t put them into practise, it’s not going to happen for you.

So the message for today is that nobody’s going to save you

Nobody’s going to come and save you.

Nobody’s going to do the work for you.

I mean, you can hire somebody in a Gym for instance to come and become your personal trainer.

A lot of people think – “well, personal trainer – I can get this or I’ll join the Gym.”

You can – let’s look at it from a different perspective.

If you’re, say, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re trying to get fit, you can join the Gym, right?

And you can get the Gym Membership – plenty of people do that in January.

The first, every year, they get a year’s membership to the Gym and they’re all boosted up to go and they might go for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, maybe even two months, and then it starts to wane and wane and wane and people realise that it’s tough work, you have to put in the effort, you have to put in the work.

And go one step further and you can hire a personal trainer, but the personal trainer is going to be there and he’s going to be coaxing you on.

And that might boost you on – but you still have to turn up.

You still have to go and do the work.

You can hire somebody to do the push ups for you but that’s not going to do you any good.

You can hire somebody to go on a diet for you, but that’s not going to be any good, to you personally.

So that’s just the message for today.

If you want this to happen for yourself, you simply have to do the work yourself

You don’t put the alcohol in and you do your best to try and learn the new skills that you need to carry forwards.

That’s all it’s about.

Not putting the alcohol in at Stage One.

That’s the first part of this.

This is the part where you stop the flow, you stop the poison, you stop all the crap happening inside your body, but you need to move on to Stage Two – which is changing your life, right?

Getting rid of the old habit and most of the time getting rid of the old habit means replacing it with something else.

You can’t have a habit vacuum as I keep saying, right?

Just a message for this video is that nobody is going to come and save you, nobody is going to do this work for you, so, what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait until tomorrow – because tomorrow is never going to come – procrastination

It’s the thing that probably kills more people than anything else because they just keep trying to put it off and put it off and put it off.

And the damage keeps accumulating and accumulating and before you know it, you’re in fucking really serious trouble, you know?

I did a video earlier on about a woman who was in hospital with massive seizures and stuff because she was drinking 750 ml of Vodka a day for a year.

That’s where serious fucking shit happens, you know?

The seizures are just the outward sign.

The inward sign is you’ve done a lot of fucking damage mentally, physically, to get you to that stage.

You really have to start when you’re fit.

If you get to that stage it’s a long process before you can even stop drinking, right?

You’ve got to go through different medications just to wean you off the alcohol.

To make sure it’s safe for you to come off, you know.

Most people, 95% of people approach this life and make the decision to quit drinking or at least start thinking about quitting drinking, long before they get to that medical stage.

95% of people are just in the psychological stage.

This is the time that you need to do it.

Because all the symptoms and the withdrawal – all that shit is all psychological, right?

You go through withdrawal – you go through withdrawal anyway as a hangover – but that’s all you’re going to go through, your normal typical hangover.

You go through your hangover – the rest of it, the cravings – all up here in the head and that’s where your battles are going to be won or lost.

Nobody outside can help you.

Stay safe.

Keep the alcohol out of your mouth.

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“You choose the life you live, if you don’t like it it’s on you to change it, because one one else is going to do it for you – Kim Kiyosaki”

Until next time…
Take Care
Good Luck
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. annie

    dear fellow travelor…i am really feeling supported by your kind face and sincerity…..and the attitudes you establish as helpful in not drinking…i love the walk in the dry countryside…a journey…love, anne

    • Robert davies

      I go detox after detox. But it doesn’t. Work.

  2. Mick

    Hi Kevin, my first run of the new year this morning. I felt a bit ploddy but ok after a few miles. I don’t listen to music when I run, I prefer to think.

    I no longer drink, so obviously I didn’t drink over the Christmas festivities.
    Did it bother me? not in the slightest. We finished partying about 4 30am new years day.

    My wife drinks, but very rarely, nothing close to how I used to drink, but never the less she was a bit pissed news years eve. Next day she said to me I can’t believe we were having very competitive wheel barrow races around our friends lounge (very posh house) implying we a mad wild bunch when pissed. (the party was much wilder than the wheel barrow racing ha ha)

    I thought for a minute then said at least you had the excuse of being pissed. I know for a fact 2 of us drank no alcohol and were equally as uninhibited and had an equally fun night. My point being its the atmosphere that makes parties great. So in stopping drinking you are not missing out.

    Back to my thoughts when running, my thought was how much of the craving is simply a fear of missing out FOMO. So maybe replace the word craving with FOMO

    Then ask yourself, how do I work on my FOMO, this sounds a lot less intimidating than craving. Just a thought of runner on a cold morning run, but might be helpful or could even be a topic for one of Kevin’s great videos.

  3. Teresa

    Kevin thanks so much for all your help and support through 2016, no alcohol since August 1st! I watch your very informative wise videos every day and without a doubt you have helped me enormously. I said it before and reiterate the words that ring in my head ‘if you want to stop drinking don’t drink’ and ‘keep alcohol out of your mouth’ Powerful for me. You are correct in todays talk no one can do the work but me. Thank you and a happy 2017 friend… Teresa


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