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New Possibilities For You When You Stop Drinking

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When you stop drinking alcohol, it can be like creating a brand new beginning for yourself, right?

You sort of stand on the threshold of all your future potential, the potential for living, the best possible version of yourself, the potential for living, the best possible life that you can live, the potential for creating whatever you want out of your life.

However, the potential you’ve just created is only what can be, it’s not what is, it’s only what might happen. It’s not what is actually going to happen. And it’s one of the biggest mistakes that I find people make when they stop drinking alcohol, they feel that just stopping drinking alcohol is enough to change their lives, that if they can only stay away from the alcohol, that everything else is going to be good. And it’s part of the process, it’s an essential fundamental stepping stone it’s the first step that you need to take in order to move forward, but it’s not the end result. You have to work out that, you know? Like I say you release the potential at the beginning, then you move forward into working on yourself.


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