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Making Use of What You Got When You’ve Quit Drinking

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This Video is about making use of what you’ve got when you quit drinking. First of all, there’s nothing you can do about the stuff you haven’t got, so you can only use what you’ve got.

I know it sounds simple but this journey is all about experimenting, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning new things and skills, but at the end of the day, you’ve got what you’ve got and that’s all you can really use.

One of the first things you can start with is your environment. I think what is around you in your home is the most important thing. If you structure your home right in the beginning, you’ll just have a better time of things.

You’ve got complete control of what goes on in your home, yourself, and your Partner. If you’re living with somebody else obviously you’re a bit more restricted but you’ve still got control over that, you can talk to your Partner and ask ‘Do you mind if you don’t drink in front of me?’ or ‘Can you put the Wine away?’ or ‘Can we organise this or that in such a way that it’s not interfering with me?’ and I think if you can do that, the battle has already been half won, because it’s those things, it’s those day to day, moment by moment reminders, that are often the things that are going to push you over the edge.

What the point of that? What’s the point in having a fucking reminder, every day of the thing that you’re denying yourself? Even if you’ve got a great outlook towards alcohol, even if your pushing it and you’re saying to yourself ‘That’s it, I’m never going to drink alcohol again.’

You’re going to have days when you’re for one reason or another, doubting yourself and it’s on those days that you don’t want the alcohol around.

People will always say that they can’t help the drinking, that it’s something that just takes over them. It’s a feeling, a thought, whatever it is and the cravings take over them. But just think about it, think about the whole process behind your drinking. Think about what happens and how many decisions you have to make, how many thoughts have to go through your mind, in order to get you to the position of not thinking about drinking to actually taking a drink and getting drunk.

There are so many times when you can make a change, when you can stop what you’re doing, when you can put it down, when you can say get a grip on yourself.

I always say your mind is your best tool, you have to use what you’ve got in your head, that’s the first resort and the last resort. As I said, there are so many different things that you can do, avoiding environments, avoiding situations, avoiding people, that you know are going to force you into having a craving or just to start thinking about alcohol, doubting your decision and all that kind of stuff.

There is a lot of stuff, that you already have. There are so many tools which you already have at your disposal and that’s basically what you’ve got to use. To start with experimentation, you’ve got to start with what you know.

That’s it for today. If you have any comments at all, leave them down below.

Until next time…
Stay safe
Keep the Alcohol out of your Mouth
Take Care
Onwards and Upwards!

‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place’

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