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Making Changes Means Taking on Challenges – Don’t Fear the Challenge

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I want to talk a little bit today about facing the challenge of quitting drinking alcohol. It’s not about just the stopping drinking, that’s the simple part. In order to stop drinking alcohol you don’t put any into your mouth, very straight forward, it can’t be any more straight forward than that.

If you don’t put the alcohol in → you stop drinking.
If you do put the alcohol in     → you still drink.

Basic and simple.

The difficult and more complicated part of this is to deal with the aspects of your life that used to involve drinking alcohol and that’s the challenging part of this.

The only way you can change is to face up to these challenges, if you aren’t being challenged by something then it’s very difficult to see where you’re making the changes.

Making changes is always going to be challenging. We love being in our comfort zones and doing the same thing over and over again because the same thing normally means it safe.

Your body is not wired for the lunatic culture that we live in.  Our bodies aren’t used to having access to massive amounts of alcohol that we can pour into our bodies and get this huge hit from, this drunken feeling from or massive amounts of food.

As a species we’ve evolved in a world where food is scarce, where you’ve got to go out and hunt for food, hunt either physically for animals or hunt around for roots and berries. So, we live in a crazy upside down world with bodies and minds that are wired for the old times and not liking change and challenges.

Challenges normally signify to us that there is danger or something that’s wrong that needs to get sorted out but in our modern world challenge means something good. Challenge means you are growing as a person and individual.

So, if you are having crappy days remember you can’t change without the challenge, there’s going to be challenging times but you just move onwards, onwards and onwards and upwards.

That’s it, so I hope you got something out of that relatively short message.

Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth, the most simplest thing that you can do and then deal with everything else.  Break them down into smallest challenges that you can, you don’t need to put yourself under enormous pressure by facing huge challenges.  Break them down into small bits, day by day by day, take it moment by moment and you will eventually get there.

Until next time…

Take Care
Onwards and Upwards!

“Life’s Challenges are not supposed to paralyse you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are”

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