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Lowering Your Stress Threshold

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Stress is a killer, no doubt about it. But we live in a society that values high levels of being able to cope with stress. If your threshold for stress is high, it’s a dead cert that you can get more stuff done. In fact high stress is a recipe for accelerating your Death Cert. We need to lower our threshold for stress, not raise it.


  1. Anthony Daly

    Hi Kevin , Hope ur keeping well , Thanks so much for all ur vids . Your a life line to so many . I was having a Shit day in rainy old Limerick .You were talking about stress . This song came on my radio made me laugh/cry and picked me up for the rest of the day. Maybe try it as intro music ha ha .. . Monty Python Always look on the bright side of life .

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Yeah, love that song. It’s a natural smiler 😉


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