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Losing Weight Is a Hell of A Lot Easier When You Don’t Drink Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 1 comment

The topic today is weight loss, more specifically it’s about how much easier it is to lose weight when you don’t drink alcohol.

Alcohol is nutritionally deficient, it’s hasn’t got any nutrients in it at all. There might be nutrients in the stuff that you’re drinking with it, but you don’t get that because of the alcohol, you’d get that if the alcohol wasn’t present.

Alcohol saps your energy and it saps the nutrients out of your body, because alcohol is a toxin. The more your body needs to eliminate a toxin from your body, the more energy that requires. Your body takes the nutrients, the vitamins and the minerals that are already deficient from your body and it’s puts them to use in places where it shouldn’t have to be, because alcohol drinking is something that you do deliberately, it doesn’t have to happen, but it is happening.

I noticed that I was eating a lot of fast food when I was drinking alcohol, because of the fat content if contained. Your body uses up a lot of energy, when it is trying to get rid of this toxin out of your body and so it requires more fuel to keep up.

The best form of fuel is fat. Fat has nine calories per gram, compared to protein and carbohydrates which only have four calories per gram. The more fat you get into your body, the more calories you add and the more energy that your body has got.

So, if your body needs more calories and quickly, it’s going to push you towards eating more fat. Where’s the best source of fat in our diet? Fast food. Junk food.

I ate loads of it when I was drinking and of course when you’re drinking, you lower your inhibitions, so calories and calorie counting all go out of the window. Especially when I was in the hang over stage when your body is really fucked. Your body is fighting very hard to get rid of the toxins out of your system, those built up toxins.

Your body can only deal with one unit of alcohol per hour, a unit of alcohol is about eight grams of alcohol, something like that.

And outside of that hour, outside of your body being able to deal with the other units of alcohol, the alcohol floats around your system doing its damage.

Your body also needs a supply of different enzymes, this is why your body can only deal with one unit an hour. Once this supply of enzymes has gone, your body has to wait until more are produced.

Your body produces enzymes from the food that you eat and it doesn’t get it out of the food that you eat, it will start eating you. It will take enzymes from wherever it can because it has to …. Without the enzymes, you will be so toxified that you’re going to die.

So, when you’re drinking:

  • You’re less likely to count calories.
  • You’re eating fast food which has a lot of calorie content.
  • There are many calories in the alcohol itself.

….. which all add up to …..

that you’re bound to put on weight.

When you’ve stopped drinking alcohol you are less likely to eat fast food because you are more likely to make better choices and think things through – ‘I don’t need this in my life anymore. Eating all this fast food is not a good thing to be doing.’

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fast food every so often, it’s the constant consistent intake of fast food that does the damage.

Whilst your body won’t crave as many fats, it’s still going to crave for the highest levels of calories to get its job done, it will crave the fat, but it won’t crave for it as much as it would have done when you are drinking.

How fast are you going to lose weight? It all depends on you, doesn’t it? It depends on who you are, it depends on what you’re eating and what you’re replacing the alcohol with.

I lost 40 pounds in a little over 6 months when I stopped drinking and a lot of that was because I wasn’t putting the alcohol in my system. I lost an average of two pounds a week. I wasn’t eating crap food and changed my diet.

It wasn’t until after I’d quit drinking for six months that I started really looking into my diet and I changed a lot of stuff.

How much weight you lose also depends on whether you replace the alcohol with something else that is equally as calorifically dense, is so, then you’re not going to lose the weight.

It all boils down to calories in and calories out.

So if you burn more calories than you put in your system, you’re going to lose weight. If you reduce the amount of calories, no matter how you do that, either by eliminating the fast food and the crap food that you’ve been eating whilst you’ve been drinking, then you’re going to lose weight.

So, that’s it for today, if you have any comments leave them down below. Give us a thumbs up if you like this video.

“It’s not a short term diet – it’s a long term lifestyle change”

Take Care, keep the alcohol out of your mouth and Good Luck!
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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1 Comment

  1. stewart

    Alcohol has loads of empty calories.
    I was amazed to learn that a bottle of wine has the equivalent calories to a Big Mac!


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