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Just Thinking about Change Is Tiring

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Today I want to do the second video on about thinking about change.

I did one earlier in the week about, that thinking about change can alter your life forever, just a process of thinking about changing, can alter your life forever.

And today, I just want to go over about the fact that, thinking about change is tiring.

It takes a lot of brain energy.

As I allude to in the last video, your brain takes up a huge amount of resources.

Physical resources, so, in terms of getting up in the morning, you feel fresh, your brain burns up a lot of that energy during the day.

Your brain burns up a lot of the calories that you take in during the day.

And just in your day to day thinking.

That’s way we’re evolved to sort of be, very expedient about the ways that we think and what we think about.

And our brains have evolved, habits and sub conscious thinking, in order to do this.

You can get through most of the day by doing these things, doing things habitually

I mean, how often do you think about the fact that you’re walking or you’re talking or you’re looking at things or you’re hearing.

These all take up energy, but they’re things you do self-consciously.

A lot of thinking that we do, is done on a sub-conscious level.

We don’t actually think about what we’re thinking.

When your reading a book, you sort of get into the story of the book or what the words, what the Author is trying to portray.

The images and the sounds, that he’s trying to portray, instead of the actual words on the paper.

When you’re cycling a bike for instances and if you start thinking about the actual process of cycling a bike, you run a risk of falling off the bike, because we’re not designed to do that.

So, saying that – just the process of thinking is tiring in and of itself.

Change thinking – is – just adds a whole different level of thinking to your daily needs – what you have to do

So, when you’re thinking about quitting drinking, there’s so many different areas of your life that you’ve got to think about, because Alcohol has become a part of your life in a variety of different ways and it’s that essence that you have to take out of it, and that’s where you have to deal with the alcohol.

It’s not in quitting drinking alcohol itself, but in altering all the different areas of your life where alcohol was involved, right?

So as I said before, you might be using alcohol to sleep, you might be using it to forget about problems, to relax in the evening to socialise – whatever, you know, you’ve been using alcohol for.

Entertainment value, for, you know, boredom – whatever.

And now you’ve got to think of alternative ways to do that.

I’m going through this myself at the moment, just going through a lot of personal change.

My Father just passed away a few months ago, we’re still trying to get our heads around that, that he’s not around any more.

For anyone who’s lost somebody close to them, Dad was really close to me, I was really close to my Dad.

So it’s taken a lot of time to adjust to that.

We’re, my Brothers moving away now – he’s been here for three years – he was living with my Dad.

My Dad got pretty frail in his old age and lucky enough my Brother was, sort of on his own, so he moved in with my Dad and he helped him out.

And now he’s moving away and that’s a big change.

Because, I’m sort of close to my brother as well.

We’re moving house, in the next few weeks, we’re moving from where we have been, we’re going into the Country.

It’s just a house on its own and its just all that thinking that we have to do.

There’s just a lot of things that’s happened.

I’ve just found out I’m going to be a Grandad for the first time.

I’m starting a University Course – Psychology Course and Counselling Course – in with the Open University Degree, in February.

So, just a lot of different things that I’ve had to think about, over the last couple of months, last few months, and I feel tired with the whole thing.

It just drains your energy.

And one of the things that I’d sort of – and about what you can do right – and…

.. not to sort of think too deeply into every different nook and cranny of what’s going on

Because, a lot of these things are never going to happen, you know.

There are certain people out there who are ‘worry warts’ and will basically just think about – “Well, what happens if that person say’s that or if they say that?” “And I’m going to say this and if they say that, then I’m going to say this.”

And it’s just a fruitless exercise.

Because you don’t know what the people are going to say.

I’ve done this myself in several different occasions, where I know I’m going to be confronted by something.

And I try and work out exactly, go well, I start off with a premise.

A premise that they’re going to be aggressive or something like that towards me.

And I’ll go well if they say this, I’m going to say that.

And if they follow up with this, I’m going to stay that.

And I’ll go through thousands of combinations of what could possibly be said, and when it’s going to be said and how it’s going to be said and what my responses will be.

And I walk into the situation and the premise was completely false from the beginning.

So, it didn’t even start out that way, so the whole conversation went in a completely different direction.

And, it was something that I dealt with in the moment because that was just it – I had to deal with it – that was just it.

So, don’t stress about these areas.

Don’t get your expectations up, false expectations where you think a certain thing is going to happen a certain way because usually, it’s not going to happen the way you think it’s going to happen, so just keep that one in mind.

Another thing is to try and plan

You can plan a series of events of where you want to end up and then work your way backwards to how you’re going to get there right.

But get your plan on paper, your thoughts that you’re thinking at the moment, get those down on paper.

Because when you get the thoughts out of your head, you don’t have to spend any more time thinking about them in your mind.

If you’re anything like me, if I keep having thoughts in my head without writing them down on paper, they will sort of keep regurgitating themselves, over and over again and I’ll find myself going over the same conversations, or the same thoughts, over and over again.

I’ll even wake myself up, half way through the night, thinking about these bloody things, but I know that if I put it down on paper, figurately speaking, I can put it onto computer or whatever it is, but as long as I get them out of my head and onto a hard copy, I find that I do that less and less, you know.

And finally, just accept that the change process is going to expend a lot of energy

It’s tiring you know.

You’re going to get tired through this, so just accept that, you know.

Feed your body and you’ll feed your mind

Give your body the right nutrition.

A lot of people forget this and they think that they can live on Coke and Burgers and shit food and just put in whatever crap they want into their bodies and that their mind is going to respond.

And it’s a fact of life that – you are what you eat.

If you put crap in then you’re going to get crap out.

You might feel physically full when you’re eating this junk food, but it’s not doing anything for your body.

Your body can only draw on the raw resources that you put into your body and if you’re giving it shit, then that’s what it’s got to draw on.

When I say that your brain burns 30% or 40% of your bodies, of the energy that you put into your body, of the calories you put into your body. I’m talking about it takes a lot of the nutrients and the vitamins.

All of this kind of stuff that it needs to think straight thoughts.

Your thoughts are chemical processes.

It’s not something that happens magically out of the air.

It’s an actual chemical reaction that’s happening in your brain and promoting these thoughts, you know.

So in order for those chemicals to be produced, it’s got to have the right building blocks for the chemicals, otherwise your thoughts are going to be short circuiting all the time.

So feed your body with good nutrition, fruit and vegetables, right, main sources, right?

Get those into you.

Good carbohydrates you know, you’ll talking about brown rice, brown pasta, brown whole-wheat bread, you know, proper bread, not that squishy crap that you by in the Shop that’s just full of air.

The proper hard stuff that you buy.

You know, give yourself the right nutrition and your brain will give you back the right output you know.

So, that’s my tips, if, you know, it’s going to be tiring

The whole process of change is tiring.

But you can off-set that by giving yourself good nutrition.

You can sort of plan properly and get these plans on paper.

And just same thing, right your thoughts down, get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper and you’ll stop yourself from regurgitating these things over and over again.

You have to do this, you have to plan, you have to think about what you are going to do, because otherwise, well you can’t just think – “Well, getting the alcohol out of my life is enough.”

It’s not enough, right?

That’s just the start.

It’s just the catalyst, to move you away from the alcohol and towards your new life and that’s what this whole things about.

Alcohol is just fucking something that stopping you from doing something.

Consider, that alcohol is like an elastic band right, that’s holding you back.

So, there’s a tree behind me there and that’s the alcohol or that’s my past life.

This is, whatever you know.

And there’s an elastic band holding me to this tree.

And the behaviour is the elastic band and the tree is the alcohol and the behaviour of me drinking the alcohol, is holding me back to the thing.

And all I have to do, is lean back and snip the wire, right?

Stop the flow of the alcohol in the first place.

That’s the start of it all, then you have to change the basic relationship that you have throughout your life, you have to change all these other areas of your life that have evolved around alcohol.

To do that requires a lot of hard work, a lot of hard thinking and it’s going to be tiring.

It’s going to be uncomfortable, but you have to put up with it, end of story – that’s just what you to have to do.

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“Over-thinking leads to negative thoughts”

Until next time…
I hope you have a great day.
Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth.
Take care of yourself, bye now, bye.
Onwards and Upwards!

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