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If I Can Stop Drinking Alcohol On My Own – Why Am I Still Drinking?

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 6 comments

If I Can Stop Drinking Alcohol On My Own – Why Am I Still Drinking?
This is a question I used to ask myself over and over. The answers I got, the ones I gave myself, were always the ones I wanted to hear, the ones that made me feel better about my alcohol use and made it easier to continue using in one form or another.
What is it that keeps you drinking?

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  1. Marie

    You are so right Kevin. Fear keeps people drinking. Thanks for being so heartfelt.
    You have nailed it once again.

  2. Ellie Archer

    I like watching your vids. They help me wrap my head around why I drink, and why it’s not worth it! Have you done one about couples trying to quit together after they both realize the drinking lifestyle is not living really?

  3. Steve ferri

    I stopped drinking 6 months ago and I can’t believe how different my mind is now after the dog has been lifted. It can be done. It’s more mental than physical. Yes I’m the beginning you don’t feel great and you are tired but after you get past that it’s “upwards and onward” thanks Kevin for being an inspiration.

  4. Donnie Harrelson

    Just wanted to say Thankyou.

  5. Wayne Bischoff

    U hit the nail on the head for sure you’ve been through it. I felt exactly the same way. We’re both about the same age. My father drank a lot I thought it was in my gean hereditary I had a disease. All bullshit from the media machine AA call it a disease this way we can bill the insurance company.. Sick ! Three or four times a week on my way home from work I stop off and have two martinis three martinis. I will admit I occasionally have a couple drinks now but I never knew it would be so easy to get rid of that extra baggage I no longer ever get shitfaced and the day will come when I feel like stopping I know it will be easy.. in the very beginning the boredom was tough but luckily I have a couple good hobbies. Best to you Kevin I’ve been following you for a couple years

  6. Steven Mcnall

    I have tried for 40years to stop.i am a single man and have lived a colourful life.
    So I am assuming you are not an addict to alcohol?you talk a lot of sense but no one knows when they are going to go anyway.
    I started at age 18 and am 60 now.whats your take on the situation?
    Steve McNall


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