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I Can’t Stop Drinking Because I Am Pathalogically Bored And Lonely!

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 0 comments

One of the comments was, “This is why I cannot stop drinking, I am pathologically bored and lonely most of the time.”

Your brain slows down, your speech slows down, you’re not capable of walking properly, you’re all slanty all over the place, your thinking process is just slow. Everything’s affected, you drink enough and the organs in your body starts to shut down. So it shows you what kind of a depressant effect it has on you. So that same effect is going on in your brain. Alcohol is one of the few substances that can get past the blood brain barrier. And the blood brain barrier is there to protect your brain against viruses and all kinds of shit that’s going around your system that shouldn’t be going into your brain. And it’s one of the things pure alcohol that you don’t want going through into your into you’re interfering with those delicate balances of chemicals.


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