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How To Tell Your Mates You’ve Quit Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 7 comments

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  1. Dante Eversley

    As always Kevin, thank you for your ongoing dedication to the journey of sobriety and contributing to this community with your resources/tools/books/videos etc. I must say that I follow you in whichever medium suits your needs at the present time. I understand this is an undertaking and whichever way you need to adjust it suits me fine. You have really been a great light in the dark for me and many others. As the new format unfolds I’m sure I will let you know how it’s progressing. Onwards and Upwards my friend. Thanx for this community.

  2. Cynthia

    Ditto to Dante’s comment. You are a ‘great light in the dark’ for me, too, and I will follow you regardless of format. Whatever makes it easier for you to continue to present your musings, wisdom and observations suits me. You provide a great service to the world. Thank you!

  3. Franca Mosca

    I found this useful as I’m getting friends asking me ‘are you still not drinking?’ and it felt like they were waiting for me to start again. So I have clearly stated my intention to remain AF. This keeps me honest to myself and removes their need to keep asking me about my not drinking. However everyone needs to do what’s right for them.
    Happy to read, view what you put together Kevin in any format. Glad your computer is fixed!

  4. Dean

    Thanks Kevin, Regarding the “how to tell your mates” topic. In my early sobriety I definitely controlled the people, places and things I exposed myself to.I recently I’ve ventured out to some danger zones & had an experience of having lunch with a old friend who started his sobriety a couple of months before I did. We used to play golf together, but the drinking became the primary focus of our activities and stayed that way for many years. The 19th hole was a very familiar place. Anyway, we went to the old golf course and were having lunch at the 19th hole & club house. Many of the staff “friends” came by and asked where we had been and expressed surprise we were having ice tea? My friend John just blurted out that “we” gave up drinking! At first it kind of bothered me, John speaking on my behalf, but since he did not go on and on and the staff did not probe I got over it. At 15 months sober, I still feel some stigma, embarrassment and some guilt over my drinking and behavior over the years, but when i realize the people that really matter will realize I have chosen a better path for me & I think it gives them an opportunity to take a good look at themselves, their bad habits & life patterns.
    FYI, i recently updated to Windows 10 from 7. I had to switch from their new browser “Edge” to Google Chrome as my default. The Edge browser would not play videos like your “You Tubes”. Life is all about adaption and transformation. Regards, Dean

    • Dante

      Dean, thanx for yours comments and also congrats off 15 months of a new beginning. In early sobriety myself and am controlling the people, places and things I exposed myself to. It’s different but it also forces me to expose myself to new experiences, places, things and people. Its all about growth.

      P.S. I’ve put off the transistion to Windows 10 until I check all the compatibility issues out and make sure all my apps etc can be changed over with minimal fuss. Still researching this Edge browser as well, Chrome has been my mainstay for quite some time. Regards Dante.

  5. Ed

    It has only been a few months, weeks? since I have given up drugs and alcohol. My biggest fear was losing all my friends, but so far that has not occurred, but if it does so be it. My attitude now is I don’t drink, you couldn’t pay me to take drink. Initially when I told my friends of my decision to stop drinking and drugging I would also give them my sad story. Passing out in a pool of my own vomit on the bathroom floor, being taken to the emergency room (which didn’t stop me), months later waking up with the sweats, having projectile diarrhea, not making it to the bathroom in time (which did). Now I just say that I want to experience life on life’s terms, without alcohol to keep my feelings and everyone else at arms length or drugs to enhance the experience. I just want to experience life as it is without anything else in the way. So far I’ve gotten small head nods or a small smile and then a change of subject. If you think about it, there is really nothing more to say after making or hearing that comment. Onwards and upwards.

  6. Toby

    Thanks Kevin you always say the right things and there is a life without alcohol I’m stil in very early recovery 2 months now not inc my 5 wks in treatment keep posting Kevin all the best toby


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