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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Video Course Now Open

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The Hang Loose Without Booze Video Course is now Available.

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  1. Jim

    Thanks for those 87 lessons, I learned a lot of things about myself, my reasons to drink, and more importantly my reasons to stop drinking alcohol. I am now in my third week without alcohol, and this is just the start of my new life.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Good to hear that, Jim. Thanks for leaving a comment

  2. George lohri

    Hi K love your videos I have drAnk over 40 years allot of mistakes. I have a daughter following in my path , just fade a new born and is breast feeding she thinks it’s ok to drink at night next day milk store in fridge so she can drink later that day. She and her husband are not light drinkers . Love to hear vidieo on this subject you doing great job you are my mentor and my help for my problem thanks George

  3. Dion

    Thank you so much. I was contemplating drinking today and you stopping me in my tracks


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