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How to Reverse Liver Damage? What Liver Damage Can’t You Reverse?

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How to Reverse Liver Damage?

I’m not a doctor, I have no medical training, so this is not medical advice.

I get a lot of questions about the liver, mostly because alcohol is so firmly linked to liver disease specifically.

There are very few areas of the body that are not affected by this drug.

A lot of the damage will already have been caused long before any symptoms of damage appear.

If you suspect you have liver damage from your alcohol use, you should talk to your doctor.

It’s not a bad idea to visit your doctor to get a general checkup when you’re thinking of quitting.

How to reverse liver damage? Let’s go and see what we can find out!

Here’ s the quotes used and their sources:

“The first treatment of alcohol-induced liver disease is cessation of alcohol consumption. This is the only way to reverse liver damage or prevent liver injury from worsening. Without treatment, most patients with alcohol-induced liver damage will develop liver cirrhosis. Abstinence from alcohol intake and nutritional modification form the backbone in the management of ALD. “


Fatty liver

A build-up of fat occurs within liver cells in most people who regularly drink heavily. In itself, fatty liver is not usually serious and does not cause symptoms. Fatty liver will usually reverse if you stop drinking heavily. However, in some people the fatty liver progresses and develops into hepatitis.”

“The scarring and damage of cirrhosis is usually permanent and cannot be reversed. However, recent research has led to a greater understanding of cirrhosis. Research suggests that it may be possible to develop medicines in the future which can reverse the scarring process of cirrhosis.”


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How to Reverse Liver Damage

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  1. Vinay Kumar

    Hi I watched one of your videos on youtube and was impressed.
    I have a question. Could blood pressure medications cause any liver damage?
    I feel that my liver is not functioning well although I am not an alcoholic.


    • Kevin O'Hara

      I don’t know…I’m not into medication unless necessary…You should ask your doctor. I suspect it depends on the person and the medication.


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