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How to Quit Drinking Alcohol: Find a Way or Make a Way!

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At times, you might find that yourself stuck, with no seemingly logical way of moving forwards… No piece of advice or technique seems to hold the answer. You are blocked with nowhere to turn. What do you do?

It’s at times like these where you just need to figure out enough to move yourself one step forwards in the right direction, however small that step is. Often, taking that initial step is enough to gain a little bit of height over your problem, to see things from a different perspective, enough to see the next step or two that you need to take. Don’t forget, in order to make any of this work, you need to have a goal which you aiming towards, otherwise your steps are merely going to take you around circles.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!


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1 Comment

  1. Terry Stover-O'Dwyer

    For me, being AF results in and is the vehicle to self respect and self love. It was a burning desire to be someone I respect that was the motivation, and folks like yourself and many others including Allen Carr that supported and guided my recovery. Thank you.


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