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How Much Time is this Dumb Habit Costing You?

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I was listening to a video the other day, guy named, Gary Vaynerchuk, and he’s sort of a motivational speaker…

Funny enough, he’s a guy who’s famous for a wine channel back in a decade ago. I’m not sure if he still runs it, he probably does. But anyway, that’s beside the point.. He is a pretty good motivational speaker in some aspects anyway, he’s talking to an Asian lady about her business and about how to get more time in her life. He’s asking her about how much time do you spend sleeping, and she said, “I need seven hours a night.” He said, “I’m glad you said that, yeah, that you need seven hours.”

So you need to get that amount of hours in order for you to function. They said, you’ve got 17 hours in your life. And no matter how busy you are in your life, I can guarantee you that I can save you an hour of that 17 hours every day. And he’s talking about different things. And one of the things that he said was basically, “If you’ve got a car, if you give up your car, and instead of driving to work through the rush hour traffic, you get a bus instead. And even if the bus takes you an hour and a half instead of an hour, ou will still gain that time because of all the things that you can do when you’re on the bus.”

I hear this kind of thing all the time, this time saving advice, and it’s good advice, you know, in the general run of things. But I think the same people, Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s a drug dealer, you know, that’s if you took alcohol out of your life, you would save so much more time. And this is something that I’ve discovered. I think it’s only really when you stop drinking alcohol, that you really discover this kind of thing. But it’s not only the time that you’re you spend drinking alcohol, I mean, you’ve obviously lost that because you’re not capable of doing a whole lot else.

But alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which means that it dumbs you down. It basically makes your brain work slower across all levels, you can see that this physically when you’re trying to navigate yourself through anything, you speech is slurred your walking become stagnant. You can see it in every action that you take, every thought that you come out.

This is why when I was drinking, it was a lot easier to sit down and have the same conversation with my buddies over and over and over again, because your brain is dumbed down. It’s one of the big reasons why people get bored when they stopped drinking, because they try and do the same things that they were doing the trains think along that same level, but their brain has actually sped up, even if it’s only fractionally, but it’s still enough that the the boredom kicks in very quickly, you’re gonna get bored with things that otherwise you wouldn’t have got bored with.

For me, you have to think about how much time that you’re wasting by pouring this poison inside your body. Not only the time that you’re wasting but the the rationalization that you’re putting into it. You know, that you’re saying to yourself, “Well, yeah, it’s got this benefit, it’s got that benefit”, and you’re rationalizing.

I spent so much time in the drinking phase, in the consequential phase. And then afterwards, the alcohol influence still keeps going for for a long time. And if you keep the flow, if you’re like any heavy drinker, then you’re going to keep that flow going. So your brain is going to be kept in that persistent stupefied state. So it’s one of the most dumbest things that you can do with your life. If you want to save an hour, think about that, because you’ll save a whole lot more than an hour.


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