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How Long Does the Tiredness Last after Quitting Alcohol?

by | Questions | 64 comments

(0.25) L0kic8 Comment
(0.46) Big Commitment
(1.03) My Experiences
(2.13) This Quit
(2.46) Weight Loss
(3.29) Relax and Eat Well

L0kic8 Comment

Today want to do one of the questions that you guys have put onto the comments box.
This one comes from L0kic8 and is “How long does the tiredness last?”

So first off I’ll just read the comment:

“How long for you did the tiredness last for days after drinking??? I’m wrecked tired all week. I know if I stay sober long enough my body will eventually rid itself of the poison and I’ll get my energy to do more things. You vids are really helping me. Thank you”

Big Commitment

First of all, congratulations on making the decision to stop drinking!
It’s a big commitment but the decision to quit is going to be well worth it.
And thanks for leaving the comment on the post by the way.

My Experiences

How long does the tiredness last is going to depend on who you are, no two people are the same…

Everyone goes through different experiences when they quit drinking.
I didn’t know what to expect this time.
I thought that I’d be losing sleep, I thought that I’d be tired because five years ago I went through the process, I gave up for eleven months, and that was what happened for the first month.
I couldn’t sleep, I felt tired, I had to go out and do a manual job then… it was physical labor… I was in the forestry, so…
For the first month I really did feel tired.

This Quit

This time, I don’t know, I felt exhilarated… I felt on top of things.
And maybe I just felt some of my youth coming back.
And I realized this time that I was never going to go back on it… the last time I knew that it was only for eleven months… and I was setting myself a target to stay off the alcohol…
Actually, when I first stopped I only set myself a target for three months, and then I decided to do a year.
Then my brother said that he was getting married so the year was shortened down to eleven months, and I thought I’d go back on the drink when I go to his wedding.

But this time when I quit, I really felt like I was young again.
I felt invigorated with things.
I wanted to do so much.
I started going out, and I got a running app for my phone, I started running a minute on a minute off, that kind of thing…
I joined yoga.
After a month, the tiredness kicked in… I felt exhausted.
It was my body telling me, look, you’re not a kid any more; I don’t care if you’re stopping drinking, and you can’t cope with this.

Badness Coming Back Out

I also had a lot of weight to lose…
I had seventy pound, easily… to get to the ideal weight that I wanna be.
I’ve lost 30…
But by losing all that weight, it’s releasing all the toxins from the cellulite in your body.
Your body hasn’t got the option of trapping the toxins into the fat anymore, so it has to deal with it… it has to release them in some way, and when it’s releasing them it’s diverting resources that it would otherwise give you to keep yourself going.
And that’s with my personal experience.
Like I say, it’s gonna be different for everyone.

Treat Your Body Well

My best advice for you is to just relax, try and eat good food.
Don’t be eating crap food because it’s not going to do your body any good.
You know, there’s a lot of people who say well just substitute the alcohol and eat chocolate and that kind of thing… drink whatever coke you want… you know, eat whatever you want…
And I don’t believe that…
You should start as you mean to go on.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a treat or anything like that.
Treat your body well…
Drink plenty of water…
Try and get as much rest as you can…
Even if you’re not falling asleep, just the fact that you’re going to bed… and relax… and try and do some breathing exercises or something to calm yourself down.
If you really worry about it, go down to your doctor.
They are going to be the best person to speak to, you know, just have a chat with them…
And they’ll certainly put your mind at rest either way…

Onwards and Upwards

So thanks to L0kic8 for the comment.
If you want to leave a comment, just leave one below the video if you’re on YouTube, or go over to the website… alcoholmastery.com and leave a comment there.
There’ll be a link down below in the description, so you can click on that and go over to the website…
Also you can use the contact box at the top of the website.
Or you can contact me directly at kevinohara@alcoholmastery.com

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards…

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  1. Richard

    Hi Kevin..
    Been watching your videos, and I know you know why. I want to quit drinking. I’ve been a heavy drinker for a while now. Started out with just beer, but then started pouring vodka into my beer for the last 2 year. I’m starting to get this burning feeling on my right side. also a burning feeling on my left fore arm. My bowels movements are not the same as they were. I know I need help. if i don’t drink I can’t sleep and I have bad dreams at night. I will be 50 this may. I just want to say thanks for your videos, It’s making me think about what I’m doing to myself.


    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks for the comment Richard. I was in almost the same position at the start of the year. It’s hard for the first while but you’ll be thanking yourself when you’ve quit and you feel a hundred percent better. The way I look at putting the time into quitting alcohol is that the time is going to go by anyway, there’s nothing you can do about that… you need to suffer for a while to get clean.
      You should pay a visit to you Doc is you’re worried about things… better to be safe than sorry.
      Good luck to you mate!

    • John A Sampson I

      Yes tired is common and is different in every person…but energy well return once all the posin is out and your baody heals…I go to the VA for a army injurie and PTSD…my Dr who is the greatest out of all the ones I see gane my Quatiapine 150 for sleep at night and tiny 25mg qutiapine for daytime use and I only use them if I feel any anieity like upset stomach gitters…etc…this worked so fantasic…I also have two cups of coffee in the morning more out of habit then not..but rest of day I but flavered water I use propel because it has vitamins and electrilytes added..works like a charm..I use to drink from 9am till9 or 10 at night so I was hooked…I feel great now and enjoying life like never before…good luck and just do it..John

  2. Tracy

    Enjoying your videos.
    Today is day one…again.
    I was supposed to go to a BBQ for the holiday yesterday and instead went to an old drinking buddies house on the way and got to drunk to drive to the BBQ. I let alot of people down, including myself as it was day14 of sobriety. I noticed one thing that needs to change is the people I hang out with. The drinking buddies pushed the drinks on me and they were doing nothing on memorial day but sitting on a dirty coutch, playing with their phones, and smoking pot, drinking beer,and complaining.They seemed quite happy to bring me down.
    I apologized to the host of the BBQ, who is like a family member and I told him what happened.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I’ve been there so many times Tracy! I had to change my environment totally, I even moved country. Even then I carried on drinking for over a year. I’m not saying emigration for everone. It makes life difficult when others don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. It’s great that you’re back on track. Keep it up, it’s well worth the effort!

  3. kelly Gallo

    Hi Kevin! Great video. I have been sober 85 days but I am quite tired and not resting well. I like your comments and advice. Will look forward to following you on the internet.


    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by. Well done on your new life! I still get tired and very drained at times. It happens to the best of us, don’t assume it’s to do with quitting drinking. Remember back to how tired you were when you had a dirty great hangover! I was constantly tired before I quit, I just didn’t know it then. I thought that was just normal. Now, I get tired spells and times when I’m full of energy. That’s just my real world… and I love it!
      Keep it up Kelly, onwards and upwards!

  4. Holly

    Hi Kevin,
    I am so thankful to have found you. You are inspiring! You have given me many ways to change my thinking. Listening to you is very soothing in itself.
    I started walking and concentrating on my breathing and the calm around me, nature. I am eating healthy too. As you said it is important when trying to detox your body to eat fresh vegetables and lots of water.
    I think you should have tee shirts made with “Onward and Upward” printed on them. I would definitely by one!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Welcome to the site, Holly!
      Soothing, yes, not many people say that to me, lol! Yep, detox with water and fresh healthy food is a great thing. It should be thought about as a lifestyle choice, not just for the quick detox. Otherwise you get back into the same position. I feel great now, until I eat crappy foods or drink. It’s unreal how quickly my body feels the difference now. Before I stopped drinking, the bad effects of bad food was hidden by the catastrophic effects that alcohol was causing. I love coke, for instance, but every time I drink it I feel sluggish the next day.
      Hey, the t-shirts might be coming soon. I’m chatting with a young lady who’s going to help me set up a small online stall with some t-shirts, posters, that kind of thing. All your suggestions, apart from the ‘Onwards and Upwards’ would be very welcome?????? 😉
      All the best

      • Linda

        Hi I’m Linda and I like others stumbled on this website. I am 8 days sober. I haven’t been to an AA meeting yet?
        I have a 12 year with old daughter that’s so angry with me. I’m so ashamed .

  5. Zach

    Hello folks,

    My name is Zach, I stopped drinking 9 days ago. I was averaging about 8 6-8 ABV IPAs every night. I would start at around 4pm and drink until around 9pm and crash every night. It was effecting my marriage, my job and my health. I feel so much better already, but I am constantly fatigued. I take a tylenol PM every night so I can sleep soundly, but during the day I feel my arms and legs dragging. My regular strength is just not there. I am hoping this goes away soon as it is very draining mentally and physically.

    • John

      Hi Zach,check this out partner. I’m 63- years old and have been drinking hard for 45 years, with a track record of 6-dui offenses and a total of two-years jail time spent related to alcohol. I just got so tired of living with constant widthdrawel symtoms, I think I CANT GO ON IF I DONT QUIT!!.I have been sober for just two-weeks, please pray for me, and keep of it Zack.

      • Kim

        Hi John,
        Praying for you. Hope you are doing well!

  6. jeffrey

    Just found you online by happy accident !..I am 7 ..yes the big 7 days sober….oh hell yeah!…actually I keep thinking of ways I can drink without anybody knowing. Luckily I’m 47 and have a tiny ounce of self control :)… anyway, no questions yet but thanks for being here! ..btw I’m in Boulder Colorado USA! My wife will love you I can already tell.lol

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Welcome to the site, Jeffrey!

  7. Sheri

    Thank YOU for your Kindness, I.E: Videos. I stop drinking, many times, yet, start again and can walk away from them. It’s my mood of never wanting to quit plays the big role of continuous imbibing. 10yrs of stress since my late Hubby passed away. The past week, I have been taking bits, (cut into ¼’s), an hour B4 bed, of Xanax, when I found out that they are an Anti-Anxiety med. (Long time prescribed). Seems that they too, have caught up to me as for the last 2days, I have been super sleepy-ER. Unfortunately, I DON’T have 5-HTP on hand, but I DO have Tryptophan. So, I will quit the bits of Xanax, and use the Tryp. and Melatonin (3mgs as 5mgs. are too strong.) being the only ones in my cupboard for now. Milk also is a H-U-G-E helper for sleep. Just an F.Y.I. for others that have sleeping problems. Today, I will nap in and out along with puttering around. Once again, I Thank YOU So Very Much, sincerely, Sheri *¿*

    • Kevin O'Hara

      You are very welcome Sheri. Hopefully you’ll find enough help here to get you all the way across to your new journey… Kev

  8. Soggy

    Yep.. been there. No Earth shattering events, no DUI’s, no moments of clarity, no health scares. Just tired of never really feeling “all there”. Feeling foggy, not really all that happy… realizing I spend more time talking about doing things than actually doing things.

    Enough already!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Soggy,
      feeling all there, as you put it, is one of my personal absolute loves about quitting. I know what to expect from my body and mind. I feel present and accountable. I also feel that I can grow my life instead of my addiction.
      Welcome aboard.

  9. RV

    Today is day 7 – the temptation comes and goes, there have been 1-2 quite close lapses but still holding strong. Feel a little tired and sleepy all day but as everyone here commented, it’s all part of the recovery….

    • Kevin O'Hara

      It’s part of the new journey, RV… Alcohol mastery is a process, a journey to the person you really want to be, not longer held back by taking a drug. It only gets better and better… Kevin

  10. Andrew Doyle

    I gave up two weeks ago after one lost night too many. Have had the tiredness and interesting toilet experience. I found that good routines have helped me. I go to bed at the same time everyday and get up at the same time everyday. I make sure I go for a walk and relax in the evening…Read three books in a week. I look forward to the day that I can look back at this time and see that it was all worth it

  11. William

    Thankyou Kevin. I think people who decide to take the step to stop drinking are often isolated in some way in their journey..so having people like you who create places to share helps us all and know that there are many others doing the right thing.

  12. Muk

    Hi Kevin,
    I used to drink once or twice per week usually. But last 10 days I was drinking heavily, and I taught I should not continue this hereafter. My last drink was 3 days before, and soon as I wake up in the next day morning, I started feeling so tired, I taught it is an hangover, but later on that day evening I had severe fever, and I wasn’t able to sleep properly. Till now the fever has came 3 times and is making me tired a lot and I dint sleep as usual since from my last drink. Do u think the reason is since I was drinking a lot for 10 days and suddenly stopping it or something else.?

  13. Richie

    Kevin, I’ve been 23 days sober after a good 23 years, pint/day of Canadian Club and ice water. Never quitting for more that 2-3 days and not very often. Fooled myself into thinking it was no big deal. No DUIs, no major health issues, make good money, nice life. Well, it got bad when close friends started making comments about me drinking earlier and earlier on weekdays when not working. Took a long hard look and realized it was time to quit, for good. No major withdrawel symptoms, just irritable, hungrier for good foods, clearer head. Pains going away. Sleeping way better. Miss the buzz a little but not the foggy head. Your videos helped me get clean… Thanks. Still a long way until I’ll feel “normal” again, looking forward to that goal, normalness!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      It’s the buzz we all miss. We find it in other areas 🙂

  14. Richie

    Kev, now 33 days “SOBER”!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. My family and friends have been a great support system, albeit I really try not “belaboring” my new journey cause it seems to make it tougher to stay on course. I am addicted to being a “NON” drinker now. I can’t believe how I now notice the little things way more… More passion, way more time. Drinking was actully at least a 2nd “part time” job or 2nd time consumer, a very negative one. Thinking about alcohol, buying alcohol, consuming alcohol, figuring out how to go get more alcohol, without getting a DUI, or God forbid crashing my vehicle or killing someone, managing time the next day with a bloody hangover, making excuses in cancelling appointments, lying to people on why, lying to myself! Like 4-5 hours devoted to that demon. Sick behaviour! With your advice, videos, etc I got this far and it’s getting easier and easier. Thanks man, appreciate you. In Detriot, MI (Grosse Island, Michigan, USA) Go Trump… 😉

  15. Michele

    My name is Michele I’m 34 and struggled with alcohol for about 20 years it got worse in the past year to where I was drinking every other day I was a functioning alcoholic. Recently I made the decision to quit. It’s been a month I’ve drank twice and the first few weeks I’ve slept heavily and barely doing much of anything I believe I experienced depression to a degree. But mostly sleeping alot with odd hours. I didn’t realize it’s this strange to eexperience odd sleep patterns. It’s difficult.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      It’s difficult, Michelle, but very easy…you have to push through the discomfort

  16. jane

    hi kevin.. I’m jane.. 45 and for the first time in as many years as I can remember I have been alcohol free .. only by 14 days but I haven’t even had one day in the last few years.. I have lost allot through my years of drinking.. family, friends, work.. self worth.. the list goes on. I have tried all avenues to give up, each failing leaving me loathing self. However for some reason 2 weeks ago I woke and and thought enough is enough I hate how I’m living.. hate how I’m feeling and decided to stop.. Thinking it was just another one of those ‘attempts’… but I have to say my whole thought processes to drink has changed.. I have beer.. and even a bottle of moet in fridge and I feel nothing towards it.. I am hoping this lasts and I carry on with this. many things have happened to me throughout my entire life which started this cycle. .. and I used them as a reason for my drinking.. but in the end it was an excuse to drink. I am so glad I found this site.. I used to brush past anything like this as I didn’t want to see other people’s successful stories as it made me feel even worse..now I just have to find other ways of living as my life has just been drink.. pubs .. everything related to alcohol.. I’m at a loss of how to live without it.. not the actual drink itself just how to live with its absence. Thank you for listening.. I’m rambling now so thanks again xx

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Welcome to the site, Jane. I hope we can help you into your new journey. Kevin 🙂

    • Mellisa

      I have found allll kinda of awesome things to do! Swimming, farmers markets, square dancing, time at beaches and lakes, going for wonderful teas, shopping because now you have so much extra money to treat yourself etc. It’s awesome! ???

  17. Beth

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you so much for this video. I am 11 days sober today and this time my recovery has been much harder physically. I never realized how sick I was until I got sober. I really just cannot get out of bed, I try to make sure I accomplish at least one task per day but after that I am usually spent. I hope this will get better soon. Thanks so much again for your help 🙂

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I hope you stick it out, Beth. If you’re feeling really ill, you should go to your doctor for a check up.

  18. Dawn

    I am currently 12 days without a drop of vodka. I think I have drank vodka almost every day for about 4 years now. I woke up 12 days ago feeling gross and decided I didn’t want to live like this anymore. Everyday is I feel up and down. Today my kids go with their Dad for dinner and I can’t lie the thought of having no one home to cook for makes me want to drink. I have an hour and a half left of work and I’ve literally been contemplating this all day. I know it’s only 12 days but for me I feel like I’ve come so far. I don’t want to make the horrible decision to drink in the next couple of hours, I keep telling myself I am stronger then this, and made a list of things I should do. Sober free. Last night I stayed up for hours looking at old pictures of myself. I miss who I used to be. I hate alcohol and yet I keep running to it and it keeps ruining my life.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I hope you continue to persevere with your new journey Dawn. It’s well worth it, for you and your family.

  19. Lou

    I’m three years sober its still hard, I don’t dwell on drinking but my life was wrapped around it. I was a under cover police officer for ten years it was my job to hang out in bars. I lost it all family ,job, self esteem .I’m working my way back. At the ripe old age of 67 I sometime wonder is it worth it.I do intend to stay sober but like being able to recall events people. I do have a full time job that keeps me busy. But the alone hours in my head are hard.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Lou…you to find one of your problems… your hours being on your own… At least you no there is something you can do about it…you know where to focus your energies… It’s a starting place

  20. Jeff

    Hi Kevin. I quit drinking Superbowl Sunday, February 5, 2017. Used to having 6-9 beers a night. Sometimes a bottle of wine and beer. Had been drinking like this for more than 43 years. I’ll be 63 in June. Just tired of relying on alcohol as a crutch. I want my body back. In 7 weeks of no alcohol, eating right, drinking water, sleep and exercise, I’ve lost over 26 lbs. 189lbs down to 162. Inasmuch as this has been an effort, the hardest part is dealing with people. I didn’t hang out in pubs. Drank by myself or over at my elderly neighbors with other people dropping by. They all think by now, I should be over it, or that I’m too thin or whatever. I want to be in this journey for good, but dealing with people is the hardest part, particularly my living alone, I rely on them for companionship. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your videos as inspiration. Thank you. Jeff

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Well, that’s some weight loss… It’s always hard dealing with people… What’s the most important thing is how you feel inside…

  21. NewMe

    Im a 52 year old woman. Live in South Africa. Married. 5 kids. Recovering alcholic. Not a trendsetter. Need help with my fears of dying since stopping winr drinking each day. Its been 45 days now. Im tired as hell. Cant sleep enough. A bit impossible with my siblings still around. I fear death more than everything else. Being sober hasnt helped this fear

  22. Dee

    Hi, I love a glass of red wine. I drink 1-2 glasses maybe 3-4 evenings a week. I know it’s not too much but it really affects my day. I am left very tired everyday. I am a single mother to a 3 year old and starting full time study in Sept and really feel like I can’t do that and drink, therefore I want to quit altogether. I need to quit, I need all my energy and brain if I’m going to succeed!

  23. Mike

    I was sexually abused starting at age 7 that’s my excuse for drinking and drugs, actually by now I should be a serial killer …..but I’m not
    Here is the bottom line : drinking and drugs… are a temp remedy , not the answer.
    I wish I could find a place , a sanctuary if you will , detox is not enough, been there 8 times, it is detox and after care that make the deal ………I am not there yet ….help me Obi Wan Kanobi …you are my only hoped !

  24. Yvonne

    Hi day 10 alcohol free. I have been a heavy if not an addicted drinker for 40 years and drink on average a litre bottle of smirnoff and at least three bottles of red wine a week. I feel so tired and sluggish with a pressure headache. I am eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. I do not want to drink again. I feel alone in my struggle as my family do not realise the changes I am am struggling with. Fortunately….i haven’t really craved a drink…just the occasional thought. Reading the posts helps a little however, to think these feelings can last for months doesn’t help things.

  25. Dj

    Hi 11 days today after only drinking for 4 months and then up to 3 glasses most. Nights ..
    Now I have the tired feeling although I feel good in the morning once I go for a walk or a bike ride I’m exhausted in the afternoon. I remembered ive had this tiredness when I stopped in 2012 so was beginning to think something was wrong with me and actually asked my son to get some alcohol in his way back home.
    Then let myself really feel my body and then let myself remember how even a little alcohol makes me feel and said no that’s not what I want so am in be and found this site.

    So good to read and thank you all for your posts and stay strong it’s good to read and see that tiredness is part of it all.
    I’m still going for a blood test tomorrow and just be sure that the heart palpitations tiredness are part of withdrawal .
    Chaio God Bless you all

  26. Sunshine

    Thanks for this site. I have been sober for 14 days after regular Thursday-Saturday night wine drinking. For years i felt like it wasn’t doing me any favours, as i have 2 small children.I highly recommend Annie Grace’s book This Naked Mind: Control alcohol and find happiness. I play the Audible audiobook version on my phone and in the car all the time and it really helped me lose my desire for alcohol.
    I enjoyed a wonderful evening last night at a bar followed by a BYO restaurant with 12 girlfriends – all drinking alcohol – and did not feel tempted nor feel like i was ‘missing out’. Fortunately they did not pressure me, like some drinkers do. It seems that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. Good luck everyone!

  27. Mark


    I have been dry now for the whole month. Sleeping really well but constantly tired and no energy. When will I start to feel better?

    • EVELYN

      Hi l have biopolar disorder been drinking for 20 years 3 times a week a quarter bottle of vodka gave up 7 months ago feeling so tired and no energy when wi’ll l get better

  28. Nan

    My husband and I are 70 years old and we just stopped drinking. Life is so much better straight. Seems a bit boring at first but so what. We still laugh and talk. I don’t want to live what days I have left sick, lazy, and feeling like a loser. We are very tired all the time, but I was tired all the time the day after drinking. And my stomach was getting huge from all the sugar in the wine. If I have to be old, I want to look good and feel good. I have been in altered states with one thing or another almost my whole adult life, now I will live the rest of my life in a healthy normal state and when I die I won’t have to say, “why didn’t I stop drinking?” I wish everyone the strength and determination to stop drinking.

  29. Heather

    Wow! I happened to have stumbled upon this article at the right time. When I stopped drinking, I also cut carbs, soda, junk food. I went on a very strict calorie-controlled diet. I had already gone through my alcohol withdrawals 1 months before I started the diet. I have lost 15 pounds and am exhausted! I cant get out of bed & cant think clearly during the day. I just read this article about the toxins being released, instead of trapped in fat!!!! Makes perfect sense. I still have 13 more to lose. How long should I expect to feel so fatigued?

  30. moderndaygrl

    i found this article today, very insightful and all truth. i really resonated with the part about losing weight, and when you do the toxins that were all trapped in your fat cells for years and years get released, and where do they go now? into your body with no where to go, which in turn makes you feel shitty and tired all the time too. i got a colonic cleanse earlier this year, after losing 30lbs and she said it was one of the smartest things i could have done, because of losing the weight and all the toxins still trapped. she recommended you get one for every 10lbs you loose, which makes sense to me. i felt much better afterwards, and i didn’t even think about that fact. no wonder i was having so much digestive issues, gas and bloating… anyway, great read and thank you. i’m still struggling with the back and forth, on day 7 today but, feeling better 🙂

  31. Mackenzie

    I’ve been drinking every weekend and on and off binging for 3 days for 8 years. I would drink a mixture of beer and vodka and today I am 3 days clean and sober without a single drop. The withdrawls lasted two days with cold sweats and major anxiety and foggy vision with slight hallucinations from the corner of my eyes of the walls breathing or things breathing. I am so very tired but have no trouble sleeping at night. Been drinking tons of water and pedialyte and eating foods.. I’m hoping my energy will go back to normal soon. Pray for me please.

  32. phil

    So I was reading over all the comments because I have been groggy and unmotivated as well. It has been 14 days for me now. After a good 20 plus years of to many beers on a daily basis. I have been drinking a lot of water and overall feel more focused but tired. I think a lot of it may be physical but after thinking about my situation and all I have read, I think a good portion is mental. I say this because I drank beer while doing almost any projects I was working on. So in turn I don’t want to do these things so I can avoid the internal fight of feeling like I deserve a drink for just doing something I enjoy anyway. In short we have to learn to enjoy things without the booze. I am going to try to do new things like school, something I can’t drink and do and maybe make commitments to do a few thing that requires me to be sober just to get me moving again. Good luck to everyone and God bless. It can only get better.

  33. jules

    I have been sober 11 days and not feeling good yet still very tired,hard to sleep and anxiety is awful. I do plan on having lab work done just to check and make sure its detoxing is why I feel this way. Chills,blurred vision, ugg….

    Wish I would have quit years ago however I thought it was easing the pain-now its going to be struggle but trying very hard to get health back-
    Miss having energy and hope I can get it back
    Also it does nothing for you accept bad things

  34. Ronnie Cochrum

    I have been sober for 2 months now after drinking for 30 years, it finally caught up with me and I started having some health issues so I quit cold turkey. My biggest issue since I stopped drinking has been that I feel tired all the time, I did not notice it before because I have always exercised but in spite of that it was affecting my health. Now that I stopped drinking I have also stopped working out mainly because (I feel drained) and nothing to look forward to at the end of my workout which before I would have several beers and some shots of tequila. Now I just walk an hour and find myself eating a lot of popcorn and snacking during the day a lot of it is nervous energy, it has taken me a full 2 months before I could actually get a good nights sleep. I am hoping the longer I stay sober the better I will feel and hopefully have more energy.

  35. Thomas Pope

    Hi Kevin thank you for your insight about alcohol cessation. Alcohol consumption was really ruining my life. I decided to stop because I was tired of all of the problems that came along with drinking.
    I am now at three months. I love not waking up with a hangover. My mind is sharper and I feel good about stopping drinking. I don’t know why others can’t do it and relapse and must go to meetings to stay sober.
    I decided to take stock in myself and respect myself more.
    The downside is that I now am having extremely low energy (tired all of the time) even though I get 7-8 hours of sleep. I also have lost energy and my drive for my work, my friendships, my marriage and my hobbies. I have become a dull tired wreck.
    I know that I can get some drinks, crank up the music and rock and roll my way into a frenzy of positive activity with the swipe of a debit card.
    Problem there is, same old shit the next day.
    I have a question, Do you think that my energy level and motivation will ever come back to where it was when I was drinking?


    • Sam

      You’re still BRAND NEW at this. You only have a mere six months in, if you haven’t relapsed already. Don’t minimize other peoples’ experiences just because you think it’s “easy”…for now… Give it more time and you may very likely find out the opposite is true.

  36. Anon

    I think kevins back on the midnight madness merry go round. Was hoping to ask a question.

  37. annie

    Hi my names Annie I have been drinking a lot for 7 years due to stress my family disown me after I cared for my mother until she passed away my dog died shortly afterwards my husband sick with cronick lung disorder im wondering if I got to much stress to cope with I was drinking to kill the pain from losing my mum and my beloved dog I cry every day for them I just wanted to knock myself out just to sleep and not wke up so I could be with them again but I have not had a drink in 8 days now
    very tired and ratty an dno energy aches and pains everywhere I always wanted a drink at 4 occlock in the afternoon that’s the time my mum passed awy and left me

  38. al

    i just turned 30 been drinking since i was 13, for many years it did me good but i got a drunken ski accident from, i totaled my mustang and hondas, (I’m a bit of a gear head) i play bass guitar and lately i don’t show up to my gigs, i can’t sleep if i don’t drink get very sweaty i even don’t show up to doctor appointments , lost my current job , now work at a liquor store lol go figure, but I’m scheduled for a rehab program that i got myself into i hope it helps me i did not know at this of a young age it would affect me like this please pray for me and i hope i get better i use to have unlimited engery now i feel like I’m getting stupid and losing energy.. I’m a bit tipsy right now … i deff need help..

  39. al

    i also went thru quite a bit of trauma in past life …5/22/2011.. lost a few guys due to a tornado that is besides that point but i moved to a different area where more family lived..alot to explain i don’t know if that has anything to do with my alcohol use i just don’t know anymore… all i know is alcohol is crazy i never knew it would do this to me

    • Scott

      That was the Joplin tornado…wasn’t it? God awful thing from what I remember about the news reports. Must have been very frightening and traumatic. Hope you’re doing well and still off the alcphol

  40. Sam Wills

    You’re still BRAND NEW at this. You only have a mere six months in, if you haven’t relapsed already. Don’t minimize other peoples’ experiences just because you think it’s “easy”…for now… Give it more time and you may very likely find out the opposite is true.


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