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How long do for the effects of alcohol last in the body?

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Today’s question is: How long do for the effects of alcohol last in the body? Really this is a – how long is a piece of string?

It’s got a couple of different angles to it when you’re looking at short-term effects or long-term effects. It’s all got to do with a lot of different factors and also depends on your age, your body weight, how fast you’ve drunk – in the short term – your ethnicity has got a lot to do with it.

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There are certain people in the world who have, they’re just not capable of metabolising the alcohol quicker. Some people with some ethnic backgrounds just don’t have the alcohol dehydrogenase which is one of the essential chemicals to break down the alcohol when it’s in the liver.

There’s a lot of different aspects that go on with this. I think if you’re talking about the short-term thing it depends what you’ve eaten, how much medication you’ve taken, what types of medication you’ve taken, other types of medications that you’ve taken.

It depends on your age, as I say, your weight. It depends on how long you’ve been drinking, because the longer you’ve been drinking the heavier you’ve been drinking, the less capable your liver is of dealing with more alcohol coming in.

A good healthy liver should be able to deal with about one unit of alcohol per hour, which is a tenth of a bottle of wine. It’s only a small amount, but the older you get the less that capacity becomes; the more you drink, the more effected your liver is – the less that capacity is going to be. So you’ve got to look at these different aspects.


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