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How Has My Life Improved Since I Quit Drinking Alcohol?

by | Questions | 7 comments

How has my life improved since I quit drinking alcohol?

I’ll start by talking about three different areas of my life that have really changed since I quit drinking. My body, my mind, and the opportunities that have opened up for me since I stopped.


First of all, I can’t tell you how better I feel since I’ve stopped poisoning myself with alcohol. I really, really, really feel, so, so good. I don’t remember what I felt like before.

Sometimes I go through the process of asking myself what would I feel like if I’d never drank or I pursued say a sporting career, or done something like that, looked after my body. There’s really no point. All you’re doing is screwing around with your head. There’s a trillion different possibilities, more than a trillion. There’s no point in going back and saying what might have happened, or what could have happened, or what should have happened. It’s all about what’s happening now.

The fact is, I’ve lost so much weight. The arthritis I was suffering from has nearly gone. I feel so much better, you know, so much better, physically stronger!


My mind is just come about in leaps and bounds. You get an awareness about yourself, you get this feeling that you can do anything. And the reason is because beforehand, you were totally screwed with alcohol. Your mind pickled.

I did a video on this last week where I was talking about the default behavior is going back to alcohol. Whenever you’ve got any problems in your life, or you’ve joys in your life, anything you’ve go to do, your default behavior is to drink.

It does so much damage, but it does it over a period of time. It’s insidious. You don’t notice it creeping up on you until it’s too late. Well, not until it’s too late.

The hangovers were deadly. The longer you drink – the more you need. And if you drink pints, that means you start off drinking 3 or 4. And eventually you need to drink 20 pints to get the same buzz.

20 pints takes a lot of effort and a lot of time. A lot of stretching of the belly as well!

You end up, when you’re going out for a day’s drinking, you will spend the entire day doing it. And a lot of the night as well. Not only that, the time that you’re taking to recover starts getting longer and longer. Instead of the morning after the night before, it becomes the day after the night before. And then it becomes the two days after the night before. And, for God’s sake, sometimes I was taking three days… three days… to overcome one day of drinking. So that’s four days lost because I wanted to throw back 20 or 30 pints of poison into my system.


So you can imagine how it feels, when you’ve been doing that to your body for so long, and to all of a sudden stop! At the beginning, your body just thinks “What the fuck!”, “What’s going on here!”.

And it takes a while for it to adjust. That’s where you’re cravings are going to come from, all the symptoms, all the shakes, all this kind of crap. That’s where all that comes from.

How my life has improved since I quit drinking


Afterward, once those physical cravings start to disappear, your body starts to get used to not having the alcohol in the system anymore. Your brain starts to clear. After a month or two months, when you’re no longer thinking about alcohol all the time, you’re mind starts thinking about other things that it can be doing. What else can you achieve? If you’ve achieved this much, what else can you achieve in your life?

You’re mind starts this avalanche. It’s like a snowball effect, when you get one idea and you pursue it a little bit. I think that your brain is just that used to being in solitary confinement for so years that it feels liberated. And it is really liberating.

You’re not chained to that one thing any more, to that one response to everything.

You start thinking. Your brain starts thinking of stuff. The opportunities do happen.

For me, it’s doing these videos, it’s doing the website. I was doing websites before. But they were going nowhere. That was my work. And I just thought “I’m feeling so good about this now, I really want to try and help as many people as I can”. And it is starting to snowball. It’s starting to help people.

And the feelings that I’m getting out of that, not just because I’m helping other people, because I can see the effect of the damage that I was doing all those years. And you know I can really feel delighted that I caught it.

Never, Ever, Too Late

And regardless of whether you’re in your twenties, your forties, or even your seventies, there’s always room for stopping and seeing what life is like without alcohol. Pursuing it, looking at things in a positive frame of mind will bring you the opportunities to you.

So, that’s how my life has changed since I stopped drinking alcohol.

Thanks for visiting the site.
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Didi

    Hi Kevin,

    After seeing your yesterday’s video, after seeing all of yours, it’s my first day today of quitting Alkohol. Watching your videos gave me so much hope that I can do it too. I also want to live without pain, and hangovers, but most important, I want my energy back! Actually, I want my life back.
    I am exited and ready to face what will come up. If things get a bit rocky, I will watch your videos over again. Also, is this the way to contact you for a chat or help/advise?
    Thank you so much Kevin! :-))

    Kind regards, Didi

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Didi, I’m glad to see you’re going for it. It gets easier the longer you stay away from the poison. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time in the day for personal contact. Sorry! I’m trying to get as much information onto the site as possible and I still have my ‘day job’. I would love to be able to do this full time because I feel like I can really help people, I just have to figure out how to do that and not starve to death or get kicked out of my home. Keep coming back though and I’ll do my best to answer any questions and give you support. All the best Kev…

  2. Kyle

    Thanks for the vids, inspirational

  3. Noel

    Hi Kevin
    Thank you for taking the time to make and post your videos.
    I can relate to you as once again I have messed up my life and again the common demomonator was alchohol, I have had enough of it and am now 3days off the beer , at 42 I have lost my business, left with debt, lost my partner and best friend, embarressed myself, family and friemds,, and recently seeing my son and lost my lience ,,
    All due to drink, but I am not making any excucess for myself,, I am responcible for my situation , and I now wish to reclaim my life ,
    I wish you continued health and happieness,,, and I pray that I find the same , thanks again…

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Cheers Noel, and I wish you the best of luck with your new journey!

  4. Steve

    Brilliant video, probably my favourite one. Legend!

  5. Tom

    Hi Kevin, I am a 42 year old man. Been a whisky drinker very heavily up until maybe a month ago. Started watching your videos and it all started to become clear. Finally ‘met’ someone who talks my language and the penny has dropped. I haven’t touched a drop in a week now, this is the longest I’ve gone in 25 years and even over this short duration I feel so much better, happier and more positive about the future. So thank you, you may just have saved my life. Tom.


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