How does alcohol affect men and women differently?

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Today’s question is: How does alcohol affect men and women differently?

I hate these comparison questions, but, at the end of the day, alcohol affects the body; alcohol affects the human body in a very detrimental way. It’s not good for the human body. As soon as you put alcohol in, your body is screaming out to try and get it back out again. It’s doing everything it can to get it back out again.

So, you know, although this video is about looking at the differences, it still acts the same way. It’s a poison. Men don’t get less poisoned than women in the overall sense of things – it’s a poison.

Now the differences between men and women.

Women are definitely more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. In general, they have a tendency to be smaller, so when you’re smaller in weight, it’s just the alcohol is going to travel through your body a lot quicker and affects you a lot quicker. Even if they’re the same weight, the women will get a higher blood alcohol level if drinking the same amount of alcohol so, it’s, alcohol is going to affect women differently that way.

Alcohol also becomes more concentrated. We’re mostly made up of water, but there are differences. Men are probably around 60, 61 to 65 %. Women are about 10% lower, maybe 51 to 55% water. So, because there’s less water, the alcohol is going to be more concentrated, which means that the effects are felt quicker.

Women have also got more fat in their body and alcohol or fat doesn’t absorb the alcohol, so women’s bodies, because the fat’s not absorbing the alcohol, it’s getting into the bloodstream quicker.

Also, women can’t metabolise alcohol as quickly as men, so there’s just a, it’s a slower metabolism. Once the alcohol is being metabolised, that’s not where you get the drunkenness from. The drunkenness comes from the alcohol flying around your body and affecting the different parts of your body.

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