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How Did You Know That You Would Never Drink Again?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Today’s question is: “How did I know that I would never drink again?”

For me that sounds like you’re looking for, a simple truth where there is none.

You’re looking for a sort of a magical equation where I can say – “Well, X + Y = Z” – you’re not going to find that kind of thing, from me or from any other drinker.

Simple truth is that I just knew it was time for me to stop.

I knew I was never going to drink again.

It wasn’t 100% positive in my mind, that I was never going to drink again, but I had a sort of a dogged determination at the beginning, because of what was happening around me, because of what I was seeing.

I knew that no matter what fucking happened – that I was going to do my best – and the only person that could change that for me was myself.

I think there are possibly going to be times, when I might go back on the booze.

But they would have to be so drastic, that, I don’t even want to think about those and I’d like to think that even if those times did come up.

Those situations did come up, where, you know, they were completely horrible and where – if they’d have come up in the past/have come up in the past, that I would have just gone to pieces and drank for weeks and weeks on end to try and drown out my misery – that I would not do that anymore.

That I would have the mind not to be able to do that anymore.

You know at the end of the day; nothing is going to make this easy for you

This is not an easy journey.

It’s very simple.

In that you don’t put the alcohol into your mouth and as long as you don’t do that – you’re winning.

You’re always going to win, but, it’s still a difficult journey.

There are plenty of ways that you can make this easier on yourself – less difficult – by having the right attitude.

Thinking of your reason why you’re doing this and having that as a big motivation for you to stop doing it.

Getting some leverage in yourself.

Plenty of tips and tricks – but you still have to go through it.

You’ve still got to go through the discomfort.

You know and do matter how much you try and skirt around it and look for the easy solution – there is no easy solution.

There is only doing or not doing.

There’s drink or not drink.

And that’s basically it.

And you know, at the end of the day, when you boil it down to that simple truth, you can’t blame anyone else.

You are the only one that is to blame

And most people try to hide behind the Alcoholic thing.

That I’m an Alcoholic and I can’t help it.

I’ve got the genes to do it.

I’ve been doing it all my life and blah, blah.

It’s nonsense.

For most people, once you get over the medical issues – there are no medical issues – it all boils down to psychology.

All boils down to your willingness to not put it into your mouth – basically.

Don’t be looking for, motivational pipe dreams.

Somebody that can say “Well yeah, I’m just going to motivate you so much that you’ll going to just be able to get up tomorrow and you’ll do it and you won’t think about it again. You’ll never think about alcohol again. You’re just going to get up off your arse and do it!”

Doesn’t work.

The only thing that works is pushing yourself through the pain

When I talk about pain, it’s not like, you’re going to be in physical pain.

It’s discomfort.

You feel uncomfortable doing this, you know?

You feel out of your comfort zone, outside your shell.

That’s all it is.

Just feeling the discomfort and doing it anyway.

Pushing yourself to do it.

Discomfort at day one is going to be a lot harder than the discomfort of day two.

And so on, and so forth – right?

There is nothing else that can be said about this.

I keep saying that, again and again.

If you want to do this – you don’t put the alcohol into your mouth.

That’s the – the alcohol is quit!

The rest of it, is to do with changing who you are, how you do things

That takes a bit more work.

That’s where all the major discomfort is, because you know that you can go from feeling uncomfortable back to feeling comfortable again.

In a click of a fingers – by taking a drink.

Going to your local Pub, going to meet with your mates, you know opening that bottle of wine in front of the TV.

It’s easy to do it, right?

But, it’s not sensible.

It’s not – long-term – it’s just going to lead you into much, much, more pain that you would ever feel – if you took that step.

And you know, we’re willing to put up with the discomfort.

You know and most people are not going to feel that much.

There’s the discomfort of what cravings – what is that?

It’s a little feeling that you get inside your head.

You know, what’s a craving?

What’s a few sleepless nights?

You know I couldn’t sleep for a month – it’s over now, it’s gone!

It’s long in my past, I can’t even remember most it, you know?

I remember lying awake, but that’s it.

It goes.

It’s finished.

Anyway. Mossies are bad here so I’m going to go, carry on walking.

See you later.

Take Care of Yourself.

Keep the alcohol out of your mouth – that’s the main thing.

Main thing is to keep the alcohol out of your mouth – the rest of it you’ll deal with – bit by bit.

Bit by bit, by bit, by bit – day by day – moment by moment – whatever it takes – you’ll deal with it.

Keep the alcohol out of your mouth and everything else will fall into place.

Your body can stand up to almost anything – it’s your mind that you have to convince

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

Take Care of Yourself
Good Luck

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  1. Cat

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing Kevin. I’ve been following your videos for nearly a year. I was a heavy binge drinker from age 13 to 34 then a steady half bottle to bottle a day drinker plus occasional benders til 43.
    I haven’t put a drop in my mouth since 1st November. It’s now the 14th.
    My reason : my daughters that’s it.
    The clarity is amazing …it’s like a new world has opened up and i am eager to experience it.It’s so much better than I imagined.
    Discomfort yes. I’ve never drunk coffee but a capuccino did the trick today when I had a slight urge to buy wine.
    Self esteem .. I feel good 2 weeks. Onwards and upwards.
    Bit worried about social stuff but had friend over and didn’t even want to drink. She had a bit of wine she brought.
    Don’t feel the need to shout about it . Just quietly reaping the benefits of something I knew I had to do. The whole universe has been telling me for years . I deserve a life without alcohol.

    • julie

      Good for you Cat I wish you all the success, I have really needed Kevin’s videos
      to see them everyday has truly helped me and it sounds the same for you.
      All the best Julie.


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