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How can I drink alcohol and avoid alcoholism?

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For me, you have to first define what you mean by alcoholism? What’s the definition of alcoholism? There is no one definition of alcoholism, nobody – no matter who they are – in the professional, quit drinking alcohol world doctors, or the medical profession can pin down what they mean by alcoholism, or problem drinking or dependency – all that kind of stuff.

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How’re you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com

Today the question is: How can I drink alcohol and avoid alcoholism?

What you have to do in a realistic way is to look at alcohol as an addictive drug, that’s what it is. You have to look at it as a debilitating and deadly poison, that it gets into your system and it infiltrates every single one of your organ inside your body and it starts doing damage to those organs as soon as it gets in there.

It starts by getting into you, as your liver is trying to metabolise it, the rest of the alcohol is just flowing around your system, flowing around your bloodstream and actually it’s like a black hole.

You fall into this black hole and you start getting sucked into this black hole as soon as you start drinking. As soon as you start drinking. There are too many people focused on the alcoholism part of it, rather than thinking of it in terms of, “Why am I even doing this in the first place?”

It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and leaning out into that cliff and thinking to yourself, “How far can I lean out before gravity takes me and I fall over the edge of the cliff?” It’s just silly thinking – you’re taking an addictive drug and by taking an addictive drug you risk getting addicted.


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