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How can I be confident without drinking alcohol?

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The first thing, I ask you is: Where is the confidence, when you’re drinking alcohol? Where is that? The confidence, the definition of self-confidence is: “Feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement.” So, the feeling of trust in one’s qualities; the feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgements. The feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgements.

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Today’s question is: How can I be confident without drinking alcohol?

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions. It lowers everything about, you know, it takes away a lot of this stuff; it takes away from your abilities. It takes away from the qualities that you have as an individual – a human being. It certainly takes away from your judgement.

Where is the self-confidence? How come people think you get self-confidence? The same thing people think that you get courage from drinking alcohol. It’s pure bullshit.

What alcohol does is, it lowers your inhibitions enough so that you start to show thoughts that you don’t want other people to really know. It allows you to show people a side of you, that you don’t want them to know.

Think about how much violence is caused because of drinking alcohol, how much aggression. Even without the violence, just people get in aggressive behaviour. Watch young men when they’ve had a load of alcohol in them and see how aggressive they are. Look at all the overt sexual behaviour that happens, because of drinking alcohol.

This is stuff that people don’t – wouldn’t want – to otherwise show. This is stuff that, how many times have you got up in the morning and said to yourself, “What the hell did I do last night?”, or somebody had said it or something to you? But, because everyone else is doing it, it’s okay – but it’s not. It’s not okay at all.

Real courage and real self-confidence really come in the face of facing up to things in life. Going after things that you want in life, pursuing things in life – without being drugged up, without being poisoned.



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