Having Real Fun Again After You Have Quit Drinking Alcohol

Having Real Fun Again After You Have Quit Drinking Alcohol

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Having Real Fun Again After You Have Quit Drinking Alcohol

Most people approach quitting drinking as if all the fun will be gone out of their lives, or at least very difficult to attain. This is because most fun times in the adult world, in our bonkers world or normality, are linked to drinking alcohol or taking some other recreational drug. It’s a personal prison that we are holding ourselves in. To break out of this type of thinking, you have to stop drinking and put up with the discomfort while you adjust. As you adjust, if you seriously try to change your life, you will realize that there’s so much more fun to be had in your natural self, in the natural world, with your brain in it’s natural state.

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Kevin O'Hara

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  • Ian

    Reply Reply September 2, 2016

    Sorry I think you are a sham you just out to make money taking it from desperate people just look at you price list

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Reply Reply September 7, 2016

      Sorry you think that, Ian. I do my best to give as much information free of charge. There are over 600 free videos for anyone to take advantage of, at the time of writing. There’s really nothing in any of the paid video courses that you can’t find for free, you just have to spend a bit more time hunting through. This is my full-time job. I’m sure you can appreciate that I do have to eat and pay my bills.

  • Ali

    Reply Reply February 8, 2017

    I hugely disagree Kevin. I’ve found the strength to give up drinking with the help of your videos, and it hasn’t cost me a penny!

    Thanks for the hard work, ali

  • Patty

    Reply Reply March 10, 2017

    Kevin, Ian’s post above is unkind, unfair and incorrect. I just started reading your presentations. I subscribed to a free video series and the you start the one/day video. For me, it is very useful that I can read it. Sorry, nothing to do with you, I can read faster than listen.

    You have been kind of like a drip of water on a rock. I am moving forward. Not wher you are and not ready to be, but you have helped me. Thank you! Keep it up. The Ian’s of the world are just not ready yet. Best wishes to him, however.

  • Pat

    Reply Reply March 13, 2017

    Kevin if people do not appreciate what you are offering, they can go elsewhere and frankly keep their ignorant opinions to themselves.

  • Pam

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    Hi Kevin ,Ian’s post is incorrect and unfair …I follow your free videos most days ,have learnt allot from them and am now over 4 months Af …No need to buy anything unless you want to ……lots of free info generously given ..a big thank you from me X

  • Christian descoteaux

    Reply Reply May 10, 2017

    Thank’s for The help and generosity. Saved me and hope I can help others one day. You deserve all the feedback and money because this is hard work. Slowly, I am getting back on track, teaching and writing. Thank’s again! (Sorry for the bad English)

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