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Have to Have a Drink? Bullshit! There’s Only Want to Drink | SDA46

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year One | 4 comments

There Is No Such Thing As Have To Have A Drink – Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 46

I’m Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery. This is Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 46.

This is just going to be a short video. I haven’t done much on the website this week, so it’s just to keep everyone informed about what’s going on.

Holiday Drinks

I was away for a few days and it was a nice holiday. It’s the first break I’ve really had for a while now. It’s the first time in a while I’ve been in a pub with a lot of English lads. They were all drinking pints and gone out for a smoke and all that kind of stuff. And it’s just something that I’d done for so long, for so many years that it’s an automatic reaction now for me, to have my mouth start watering up. I can smell the cigarettes and taste the beer. But to be honest with you, there’s no hassle anymore with it. I mean, as long as you know what’s happening…This is a natural reaction, I’m getting it now just thinking about beer. My mouth is all getting watery.

Brain Tricks

When you know that it’s happening, when you understand why it’s happening, that it’s only a physiological reaction to what your brain is telling you…My brain is telling me that this is normal, even after a year I’ve been off. It’s no hassle, you’re not gonna be taking down that road anymore. It really is mind over matter. Your brain, your mind, just whatever, is working. I don’t know whether it’s the conscious mind, the unconscious mind…whatever it is, it makes no difference really. It’s all this is happening and you have to deal with it. And once you know the reasons why, then it’s easy for you to just go, “I don’t have to do that anymore”. This is not an automatic reaction whereas before everything was automatic.

Money For Tea

I’d always make sure I went out with enough money in my pocket to have a good night’s drinking, a good night’s smoking. I think when we went up there, if I’d walked into the pub with no money in my pocket, it wouldn’t have bothered me.

Chamomile Tea?????!!!!!!! WTF!!!!

I paid 1.20 for a chamomile tea. Even the idea of ordering chamomile tea anywhere before would have fazed me out. It would’ve been, “It’s not the manly thing to do, it’s not…” But that’s bullshit! It’s just bullshit. What’s the difference between a chamomile tea and a pint of beer? Well, one has got poison in it, first that. And the other one doesn’t have poison, the other one’s gonna help me sleep. One is gonna make me want to drink more of the same thing over and over and over again for the whole night until I collapse into bed, not knowing where I am, waking up in the morning with a stinking hangover. And the other one is going to, like I said, help me to sleep. I’m gonna have one, maybe two, but the second one is gonna be there because I’m thirsty.

Is It Time For Another Yet?

I finished the chamomile tea and my partner was having a glass of wine, so there’s no hassle. I’d no thing about going up and, “Ah, it’s time for another drink.” Before, when I was drinking lager, I wouldn’t even be finished the first pint before I was heading up to the bar, or at least thinking about it, giving the nod to the barmaid to say, “Stick another one up. Have another one ready for me.”

Beaten Up Look

The next morning we came down, had our breakfast and headed up into the mountains. We walked around in the Andalusian Mountains for a few hours. But the lads came in, one after the other, sort of straggled in and you could tell that they’d been up half the night drinking and stuff.

Why Did I Stop Drinking Again?

Your man was saying that they’d gone into the top shelf and when you see that and you feel the effects of not drinking yourself, and you understand where you’re coming from and why you’ve stopped, it makes sense. It makes it worthwhile. There was no temptation. Just a nice feeling to sit there and just do my own thing.

You Can Quit

The whole reason I’m doing these videos is just to show you and to prove to you that you can quit alcohol. That it just doesn’t have that mad hold on you, that’s it’s not this magic substance that you gotta watch out, or the demon drink, that kind of thing. It’s just bullshit. There’s nothing in the drink that is going to force you to do it. It’s only you yourself that’s gonna do it.

Ordinary People

I know that a lot of people that are watching this – most people who are watching this – are just ordinary people who are getting on with their daily lives. Most people have got jobs, they’ve got families, they’ve got…everything else is just normal. They go to work everyday, they come home, they watch TV, they look after their kids, they have dreams about their future and what they’re gonna do next year. It’s all stuff that everybody does, but you’ve got this alcohol thing in the background that’s interfering with a lot of it. And that’s all it is, and it’s dealing with the alcohol.

Alcohol Is History

It took me a long time to realize that about myself, that alcohol just have no part in my life anymore. You know like if I was gonna continue to try and control it and to have it in my life as this thing that I was in control of…You’re never in control of drinking alcohol because of the nature of the drug. And it’s the same for everyone.

WTF is Going On?

Alcohol is just an inert substance that’s in a glass or a bottle or a jar or whatever it’s in, it’s not going to do you any harm while it stays there, while it’s not in your body and the long, the further down the road you go without drinking, the easier it’s gonna get. At the beginning you will have symptoms and cravings and whatever else, but they’re just labels for the things that your body just doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. You’ve been doing for so long and all of a sudden you’re not doing it anymore; your body is bound to react.

But just take it as that, it’s like your body’s just freeing itself. It’s freeing itself from this poison, this prison you’ve had it in for however long you’ve been doing it.

Alcohol Addiction Bullshit

There’s people who will try to tell you that it’s a disease, that it’s gonna be with you for the rest of your life. BULLSHIT! It’s not gonna be with you for the rest of your life unless you carry it around with you! If you put it into a big bag and you haul it around everywhere with you then that’s exactly what it’s gonna do. It’s going to be on your shoulders for the rest of yourself. But if you can take it as your thing, this is your mind over matter, this is your body, you’re in control of it…

Knowing Is Half The Battle

I’m living proof for this now. I go through my whole life now, on a day-to-day basis, I see alcohol around me but it doesn’t affect me at all. It’s only when I get into these situations, like I said when we went to a pub and it’s an old part that I’m not having to deal with every day, that’s the only time that I ever think about it in such a way that these physiological symptoms come about. But like I said, once you know that it’s happening to you, there’s no problem with it. You deal with it right there and right then, you know what’s happening and you put it to the back of your head.

Done, all finished and over with so, anyone can do this. Anyone can do it. Keep up the faith in yourself, that’s the biggest thing you have to do, have the faith in yourself that you’d do it. You have to build that faith.

Anyway, I’ll be back next week to do another few videos.

Until next time…

My name is Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for visiting the site.
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Joyce

    Well said!

  2. Dan

    Awesome video week 46! Well done!

  3. john

    Hi Kevin, Your videos are such an inspiration. More importantly is that anyone who is on this site is obviously
    concerned about their drinking. Drinking is fun for a short while but after years of drinking you realize that
    it takes too big a part of your life. At 57, I know I’m not living up to my potential and alcohol is why. Your
    right on as far as ordinary people living responsible lives yet the monkey is on our backs. Once again, I thank
    you and will be taking the plunge in the AM. God bless, John

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey John, Alcohol is such a ‘normalised’ part of our society that it is very often not until we start seeing problems in our own behaviour that we will understand and accept that alcohol is a drug, and a real dangerous one at that. Good for you on taking the plunge… best regards Kev


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