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Has Your Physician Ever Treated You For Drinking?

by | Johns Hopkins 20 Questions | 2 comments

Has your physician ever treated you for drinking is the eighteenth question of 20 in the Johns Hopkins series of videos to see if you are an alcoholic…

I’ve Never Been to the Doctor for Non-Drink Related

This question basically asks if your doctor has ever treated you for your drinking, and when I first read this question, I thought at last I have one question that I don’t answer “yes” to.
And then I started thinking about it, and I realized that since I was a young fella, I haven’t been to the doctor with anything else other than by things that have been caused by drinking.

The last time I went down to the doctor it was because I was getting pains across my chest.
And the doctor sat me down, started doing all the tests, taking my blood, blood pressure, listening to my heart.
And he said, you’ve gotta go down to the hospital, you’ve gotta stay in overnight, you’ve gotta be monitored. We can’t take any chances with a guy of your age.

The Nasty Nurse

The first thing when I got to the hospital, the nurse said… took a look at my beer belly and said “How much do you drink?”
And she said “don’t lie to me now…!”
I told her the truth… I said “sometimes I drink ten pints”.
She said “And the rest?”
I said “Sometimes I drink 20 pints”.
And she gave me this look like I was a naughty schoolboy…
And she said “The human body can’t deal with stuff like that…you can’t be doing stuff like that, this is a warning to you!”
So, having spent the night in hospital with all these old men, some of them were I think on the way out, it was there last days on earth.
Others I think has alzheimer’s, are others were just plain crazy.
One of the worst nights I’ve ever spent in my life….
It definitely made me think about things…

Has your physician ever treated you for drinking

Pain in the Belly

I got out, and the doctor said to me the next day, it’s caused by indigestion…heartburn…
I knew fine well, I’d been drinking a lot of beer lately, lager out of cans.
Any time I drank lager it would play havoc with my stomach and I’d get repetitive heartburn…nasty….

I’ve also been to hospital with broken bones, broken ankles, I broke my wrist, I bust my head open a couple of times when I was drunk.
Yep, any time I’ve ever gone to visit the doctor has been through drinking.

So that’s the eighteenth of the Johns Hopkins 20 questions. Go over to the website, click on the link below.
Leave a comment, or if you have any questions, if I can give you any help in any way, just leave a comment down below the post….

Leave a message below if I can offer any help at all in your fight with alcohol.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards…

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  1. Shirley Allison

    Hi Kevin,
    Same as me. I have been hospitalized for loads. I fought 6 police officers in my lounge, it took 6 as I was crazy on booze, they handcuffed me and as they walked me outside I collapsed and hit my head which made it become a paramedic case, a few steps further off my premises I would have been arrested for assault. I have fallen unconscious on holiday on the beach in the dark on my own face down in the sand with the waves pulling me into the ocean. I was dragged out by passers by and the paramedics were called. I had a violent fight with my partner involving a bread knife, he slammed me up against the door holding my wrist that the knife was held in braking my finger in many places as it hit the door and cause I was resisting him getting the knife my forehead was sliced open right through to the skull. He is military trained so he knew how to attend to the wound, he rushed me to hospital then thought he might not make it as I started hyperventilating.I have been drunk on the streets many times and fallen unconscious. I have been found lying in the road with my head split open and gone out for walks at night and the police have had to come out searching for me, I was usually found unconscious near bushes, I have been strangled and punched in hostile situations, I was once kicked in whilst on the ground by 2 much older women when I was 16. they were stamping on my head and neck and booting me in the face, I was so glad I was drunk as I felt nothing! The list goes on. I have been saved so so many times people cant believe it! The most worst thing for me though is my recent fight with my soulmate in which he ended our relationship. No hospitals or docs but just mental torture which is worse, for me anyway. It is soul destroying for me. All the other things are trivial. My recent partner was my life! Anyway I love your videos, cant stop watching them. Day 7 for me. I never ever want alcohol ever again! It took away my soulmate.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Sad, sad story, Shirley. I hope things work out for you. You are at least a step closer to making amends by stopping the poison.


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