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F@*K This!! Is Not A Strategy

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One of the phrases that I used to say when I was still drinking alcohol was, “F@*K that!, F@*K this!”…

I did a video the other day about one of the words or phrases that I used to say when I was drinking alcohol was a word or phrase that often dominated my thinking was, “Fuck that.” I used it in terms of when I was having a shit time, when I was having problems, when the end of the day came or anything that made me feel bad, or there’s so many different reasons, I would always say to myself, “Ah, fuck that!”, and go straight for the beer.

And that will happen so much. And when you do it often enough, it just turns into a habit. And you don’t need that anymore, you don’t need the trigger, life itself becomes the trigger… Coming home at night becomes the trigger, when you have a shitty day you drink a bit more, but you’re drinking anyway. And that’s one of the saddest parts of the life of a drinker, you habitualize what you’re doing, you don’t notice what you’re doing.

Your life is slowly disappearing away from you. One of the reasons I did that was because, basically, it made me feel better. Like, when you can say to yourself, “I know this is not working out for me.” And you can just disappear into the bottom of a bottle. And you can hide from your responsibilities, you can hide from any commitments that you’ve made, and you can make them disappear for however long it is that you’re drunk.

You’re in that state of mind where you can divest yourself of all adult responsibilities, and you can become a child again, and it makes you feel better, going back and stuck it on your dummy, or pacifier. It’s like that kind of a thing, like the kid in in Snoopy who has the blanket.

It’s that kind of thing where you’re just taking yourself away from life. One of the biggest things that I had in my life to give me responsibility was when my son was born. And I think that happens to most men, I think women have a different outlook on responsibility, I think responsibility is entrust on them from a very young age.

Because, you know… you can get pregnant, you need to think seriously about that, it’s something that is pushed on you. A young man can get somebody pregnant, but he doesn’t have to hold that child in his stomach, he can run away from it, you know, but a woman can’t. So that’s a huge responsibility is a huge commitment. And women feel that responsibility, and that, that matures them a lot quicker than men.

Men don’t really get responsible, men have to go searching for it, or it has to be really pushed on them and entrust on them multiple times. It wasn’t until my son was born, that I really had that responsibility. Because I’ve got this little bag of bones here, this little cute baby who can’t do anything for itself. It’s gonna die if I don’t do shit for it.

You have to get to that stage where you are caring about the person that you’re going to become tomorrow. You care about that person you’re going to become in 5 years time or 10 years time. That “fuck that” mentality is emotions over logic. It’s when your emotions are taken over and they’re pushing your reason aside, when you’re not bothered about things. You’re not positive enough about yourself to think through your emotions. And that’s a dangerous thing to do. And it’s the thing that wastes more potential than anything else, allowing your emotions to take.


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