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First Take Responsibility for Your Drinking or You Won’t Quit | SDA2

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year One | 20 comments

So this week marks yet another week off the drink…and I’m fairly proud of that…
I’ve had no real major brain farts during the week, one or two minor hiccups, but nothing really to worry about…
I went back to yoga, I’ve done a bit of work on the website, and overall I’m feeling pretty confident.

Yoga Classes

I first joined yoga back in October of last year, and went for two weeks, really enjoyed it, but it fizzled out because of the drink…
So, I went back on Tuesday of this week, and I really enjoyed myself…
I was sort of apprehensive before going because I’ve still got this girly image in my head of yoga, but the next day when all my muscles were aching, it took away from that altogether…

The Website

I did a bit more work on the website this week…got a few more videos up and some content…
If you want any questions answered, or if you’d like to see anything, like to see us do anything, then just give us a shout…
You can comment on the website, you can comment here on YouTube, or you can leave a voicemail, whatever you want to do; I’d like to take it [the website] in a direction to help as many people as I can…

Strange Video Nerves

I’m still feeling very strange about doing the videos, so just bear with me and hopefully they’ll get better over time….

Ups and Downs for the Week

So, what were my ups and downs for the week?
Well one of the ups was definitely not having a drink…that goes without saying…
Another up was going to the yoga classes, it was not unexpected, but it was surprising how much I was aching the next morning…but how much it lifted my spirits as well…
Another up was doing some more work on the website…trying to sort things out…
A down was a couple of little brain farts that I had during the week…small minor ones.
Yesterday we had a bill coming in, and it was a bit bigger, it was actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and I wasn’t quite sure whether or not we’d have the money in the bank to pay for it…
…and the first thing that popped into my head was having a drink…but it was only a split second thing…

Tip of the Week

So my tip of the week this week is just to take personal responsibility for all of your actions…we’re all responsible, nobody else can force you to drink…
There’s always gonna be another party…
There’s always gonna be another restaurant where you’re the only one who’s not going to be able to drink…
There’s always gonna be bad times and good times…
There’s always gonna be a big bill coming through the door…
So, it’s just to take that responsibility and think of an alternative way of dealing with the stresses of life…

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  1. Jesse Villalobos

    very good!

  2. Jesse Villalobos

    I try to convince people drinking is bad but they dont want to hear it…
    they think its too fun to give up. But when I drink it reeks havic with my
    mind and I become a person I cannot control and the “bad” comes out of
    me… its evil. I prefer to drink stimulating drinks like kale and
    watermelon juice from a juicer and detox herbs, tea’s, and hydrating water
    such as Kangen. I have learned allot about the cells in the body’s many
    cries for thirst… email me if I can help..

  3. AlcoholMasteryTV

    You’re right Jesse. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to look out and see the
    changes that need to be made all around us than look inside at the changes
    we need to make to ourselves. Even when making the change enriches our
    lives tenfold.

  4. hendrxfn

    Thanks for postng these Kev!!

  5. AlcoholMasteryTV

    You’re welcome hendrxfn, let me know if you have any questions. Best of
    luck to you mate! Onwards and upwards…

  6. Shawndre Grace

    Thanks for the videos. Really helpful. I’m going through a difficult time
    and need a lot of advice.

  7. AlcoholMasteryTV

    No problem Shawndre. Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact
    me directly at the website alcoholmastery (dot) com or leave message here
    on youtube. All the best of luck to you. Onwards and upwards!

  8. harold burgess jr

    Thanks for all the advice, each morning I have been watching a few of your
    videos to start my day. I am off the drink for 17 days now. I am 40 yrs old
    and was drinking 12 to 24 beers almost every day. I plan to stay off the
    alcohol for the rest of my life. You are a real inspiration.

  9. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Hey Harold, I wish you all the best on your journey. It’s a great feeling
    to finally know you can do this. One of the biggest things for me was how
    quitting made me feel about myself. My self esteem has taken a real boost.

  10. J.R. Anthony

    how do I contact you, these videos are very inspirational

  11. Terry Dow

    The duck sounds at 2:31 made me double take and then laugh really hard..
    Am I the only one who noticed it.

  12. Mark Chrysanthou

    well Mr ohara loved ur video yet again

  13. antonio m

    Here is a trick if you want to drink and have the urge have 2 glasses of
    ginger beer or 2 bottles alcohol free beer then take your drink you see you
    drink less and be thankful coos you not taken the same amount you would
    have done with out using this trick.

  14. peter mitchell

    fair play Kevin, found your podcast and it has given me a lot of advice so
    I can quit the drink. Today is day one of my first week so as you
    say,Onwards and Upwards. Peter

  15. Khadija Huseynjanova

    Hi i just start of watching your videos. it’s very inspirational. thank you
    for doing such wonderful gift to people.

  16. chris warb

    You need not worry about your presentation, you come across very sincere
    and also a good presenter, thanks for your continued help, I am getting a
    lot of strengh from your great videos. 🙂

  17. slimtim slim

    keep up the good work.

  18. Michael Turner

    Wanted to say Thank You for what you are doing, your points are really
    helping me. I listen to you during my 1 hour walk every morning. Been sober
    for 8 days, I’m turning 42 on the 24th of this month and realized I need to
    stop drinking for many reasons. With God’s help, my family’s help, and
    encouragement from people like you, I plan on never drinking again. You are

  19. coffinjockey50

    Today is day one. I’m 38 and been drinking regularly for 20 years. I lost
    my job due to anxiety i lost my wife, my lisence to drive, my home,
    everything. I feel that with dedication I can hope i can succeed and
    rebuild what I’ve lost. Thank you for your advice. Tomorrow is a new day
    and I have to make it to survive.

  20. mike griffiths

    hi there this great everyfink u say is true and ime only on my 4thday but
    this is so good ime glad ive came across it …..keep up the great honest
    work mate


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