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Finally – The Alcohol is Gone & You Can Enjoy Your Moments | SDA4

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year One | 13 comments

(0.18) Ups and Downs
(1.06) The site this week
(1.36) Titles and next week
(2.13) Tip of the Week

Welcome to the 4th Thursday Tally

Ups and Downs

I’m off the drink for 4 weeks, so I’m stoked, I feel good.

Last week I had a few problems with my back, but taking a few days off and resting seemed to sort that one out…
I went back to yoga on Tuesday…
I had a weird episode on Tuesday night, just was looking at the computer and everything started going blurry and I got a headache in the middle of the night…Woke up yesterday morning, still a headache all day yesterday, but it seems to have gone…so..I don’t know, some things are firing up in there that haven’t fired up before because I never used to get a headache before…even in the worst of hangovers, you know, I didn’t get any of those headaches, so…what are ya gonna do, you know….!

New on Alcohol Mastery This Week

On the site this week, we’ve put up three new posts…

One was about is it alright to drink non-alcoholic beers…
Another one was which is more difficult to give up, alcohol or nicotine…
And the third one was what happens if my not drinking alcohol bothers other people, it’s normally the other way round…

But, anyway, there’s three new posts up on the website

Also, a buddy of mine sent me over the beginning part of the videos so we have the beginning and the end, so it’s looking a bit more clean and tidy and a bit flash, more professional…I like it anyway…

Next Week on Alcohol Mastery

Next week we’re starting a series of articles about the 20 questions that AA ask you to find out if you’re an alcoholic or not… so I want to go over some of those and put some posts up…

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is just to enjoy your moments…finally…

I was sat there the other day, just looking at some old photographs, and it sort of struck me that, in almost all of them I was drunk or drinking…
These were all being out and on happy occasions…
And a lot of those occasions I can’t remember.. which is really sad…and I started thinking that 80% of the time, at least, of all the bad times that I’ve had in my life, have had something to do with alcohol, either directly or indirectly been related to alcohol…
And I can’t think of one single occasion that I’ve had a good time because of alcohol. I’ve been out and had good times while I’ve been drinking, but I’m saying the alcohol, on its own, having a good time, just because of the alcohol…nothing else.
All the good times in my life have always been centered around parties, celebrations, weddings, family get-togethers, that kind of thing…and that’s the same for everyone…

Most of us go through our lives, we go through the drudgery of going to work , we get up every morning…we go to work, we come home, we do those daily chores…and we have those special moments… everybody has them, those moments when it just means something good to you… and an alcoholic always associates those moments with a drink…always…

I don’t remember any of them, I hardly remember… And I know I keep going back to 5 years ago when I was off the drink for eleven months, but it’s a fundamental foundation for everything I’m thinking about now…

Five years ago, it was my Dad’s 75th birthday, I remember all my family here, I’ve a big family… I remember my brother coming over with his two sons…and we drove down to Elche and bought a load of fireworks, from this place in the back arse of nowhere, it was like a shed, with this really dodgy character inside it…We bought a big box full of…I think we paid 50 euro…but we got loads of fireworks… I remember, setting them up in my sisters back yard and setting these things off at night… brilliant…

I remember a karaoke, my Mum being there, all my family, it was a great night… the only reason I’m saying that is because it was five years ago, at my Dad’s 75th… I didn’t drink … but go back one year, to his 79th and I can’t remember a thing, because I did drink… that’s the difference…

Now I try never to look back, I’m just not that type of a person, I don’t believe there’s any point in looking back unless you’re learning something from it… but I have to say that I do regret all those moments, I listen to people and they’re talking about cherished memories, and all those big memories of mine are lost in this fog of alcoholism, and I’m so glad that I’m off it now, it’s the only thing I can do is to take myself forward and leave the alcohol behind… because that hit me like a brick wall yesterday when I thought about that, it really did!

Let me know if I can help in any way, until next time…

Onwards and Upwards


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  1. cammmy123us

    33 days for me. Hope you’re still sober, i love it.

  2. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Still going, won’t stop, and loving it as well!

  3. Edward Voltsingerd

    i made it two days =[ and i had some beer but i stopped myself after 1 1/2,
    i really hope i can stop drinking heavily and just have the occasional
    drink once in a blue moon. can you give me some type of advice please

  4. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Hey Edward, I used to think I could have only a couple every once in a
    while. I was only fooling myself. It’s the same as drinking alcohol free
    beer, you’re only keeping the drinker in you alive. You have to quit
    totally, starve the drinker of his juice, eventually you’ll beat it… the
    drinker will be gone… you’ll be free. It’s a great life without the
    booze, make the leap my friend.

  5. harold burgess jr

    I am 4 weeks off the drink, and 1 week off the smokes. Cravings come and go
    but only last a few minutes. I have been doing plenty of exercise, and
    reading. I also like the fact I lost 12 pounds, my memory and mood has
    improved to. I clicked the like button, good video THANKS

  6. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Hey Harold, congratulations! It’s a big milestone, 1 month. It feel good
    doesn’t it! From here: Onwards and Upwards!

  7. Debi Christensen

    Excellent video

  8. Jolie Smile

    Thank U Kevin for being on your journey and supporting sooooooo many
    beings, by sharing Your experience!!! YOU ARE MOST APPRECIATED xxx

  9. Jolie Smile

    Thank U 🙂

  10. Chhewang winner

    you look fresh in week 4, you look tired and old in week 36. why so?

  11. profilemorbid83

    i admire your honesty

  12. Philip Benford

    Your videos are great I’m on fourth week Iv bin struggling last 4 days with
    shakes dizziness and feel my whole head and nose goin numb it’s pritty grim
    but I’m holding on to a positive future love bein sober

  13. The Man

    i am of the drink 3 wks but i have a spliff in the evening i am going to go
    NA and also i have a gambling problem i am going to go to gambling


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