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Fear of Alcohol Deprivation

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Today I want to talk about fear of deprivation. I did another Video earlier on in the week and that was also about sort of a First World problem and this is a First World problem as well.

Being deprived of the things that we talk about and we speak about being, that we feel we’re being deprived in. And it’s one of the biggest issues, quitting alcohol, is that people don’t want to be deprived of their buzz.

And you know, if you look around the world and look at all the famine that’s going on. Well maybe not famine in the sense of as it was in the 80’s, that kind of thing.

Because a lot of people that are well underneath the public domain, who are starving, that are hungry all the time, are just in need, all the time. And look at all the wars that are going on, all the shit that’s going on around the world.

And we have it in the West as well. There are people that are suffering in the West, as well, I’m not denying that, but for the most part, our problems our First World problems.

We are mostly concerned about getting our buzz on, in no matter what sector of life that is. Whether it’s going out and having fun which is fair enough, but we also like to get our buzz on when we’re talking about food, entertainment, you know, any level of life that you can think about.

Even in work now we want to have fun, to, and we’re working out, we’re going – fair enough – but these are the things, these are the issues, that we’re, we are concerned with, and once we get used to that kind of level of living – which my Generation have -never had that kind of thing, we’ve never had a major war.

We’ve had sort of a Tax around us, you know, on the peripheral, that kind of thing. But you know we… My Father went through the Second World War; my Parents went through the Second World War. Their Parents went through the two wars, you know, the two World Wars, where there was massive destruction, World Wide destruction. You know on a scale that we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

So, what we’re concerned about is just this thing of entertaining ourselves all the time. Whether it’s through food or drink or whatever form of entertainment it is, but it sort of permeates our world. And, you know, when we have to put up with the discomfort of stopping doing something because it’s harming us. Because we’re not built for, for that kind of entertainment.

The foods that are entertaining for us – are killer Foods. The Alcohol, the drinks that we put into our Body – are killer drinks. These people want to be drugged up, you know a lot of the time. They want to be high a lot of the time. And you know, there’s, I’m not going to go into this too much here, but just saying it’s a first World problem.

This fear of deprivation when we want to stop, regardless of the amount of damage that alcohol is doing to us, it’s such an overwhelming response that we have, that we don’t want to miss out on the buzz or you know, we don’t want to miss out on the socialising or how we going to do this anymore. That it keeps us hooked into it and it keeps us powering on through it, regardless of what dangers are happening in our lives.

A lot of people today are just living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. You know, there, it’s this constant need for a rush, you know. The constant need to move forward really quickly, to get things quickly, to have things very quickly, including your buzzes, you know.

You want to feel buzzed, you want to feel that happiness now, you don’t want to wait until next week. You don’t want to wait until you’ve achieved this thing or that thing. You know, you want to sort of get this buzz on now.

So, something that I read recently sort of shocked me, very much, and it was that, because of the lifestyles that we’re living now. Because of the sedentary life styles that we’re bringing our children up in, because of the stuff that we’re feeding our Children, the Junk Food and the sweet drinks. You know, Sugar, Fat, Salt, you know, just in over dose amounts, that this is the first generation ever, right, where, on mass our Children our going to be dying before the Parents.

And that is just shocking. The idea as a Parent, of your child dying before you, is like you know like it’s unthinkable and for that to be happening on mass throughout the world, because of the choices that we’re making, because of the choices that we’re passing on to our children.

You know this is our responsibility as Parents. It’s our responsibility as individuals not to do this to ourselves, but definitely not to do it to our children. So, you know, for that statistic, I’ve never even thought about that before.

But when you think about the kids that are getting Adult Onset Diabetes as children, as young as eight or nine years of age. This is something that has never happened before. It is Adult on-set, you know so, Adults normally get this.

You know kids, that are growing up and they’re going, getting amputations before their thirty, they’re going blind before they’re twenty because of diabetes and all because of the diet.

This is lifestyle, this is nothing to do with our bodies and stuff. It’s just sad. It’s something that is – unfathomable – as a human being that, you know, we can want to do so much for our children.

We can want to make the world such a better place, but at the end of the day, we’re just soaked up in this culture of instant gratification, so much that it’s having so massive a consequence.
Just, you know, it’s something that when I think about it, it’s so sad. I mean when you look at, there is something wrong with the way we’re doing things in the world and there’s a massive backlash now against Politicians.

They’re the people that we’ve got the biggest say against. That we can sort of influence. And this is happening on a massive scale now, look at Brexit, look at Donald Trump, for God’s sake. You know, I mean, ten years ago can anybody imagine that John Donald Trump would have been voted in twenty years ago. You know, it’s you wake up one morning and you think – “What?” – “What?”

I read an article yesterday about the Nuclear Codes and stuff, you know, and that the only person who can press that button is the President of the United States, right?

I mean, he’s got, there’s a sequence that they have to go through to sort of check his identity, and all this kind of stuff, if he wants to do it, but nobody else can sort of authorise that or deauthorise it, except him. And this is the man that we’ve put our nuclear codes into.

Do you know and I’m not saying it would have been any better for Clinton? I saw it – before the election – I saw a picture of two wall plugs, wall sockets, you know the things that you put your electrical appliances into and there was two, one below the other. And there was a picture of a Guy with a Fork and above one wall socket the connection was Trump and above the other one was Clinton, so, you know just whichever way you voted for that, it was just going to be a bad situation, you know. But Donald Trump.

This is what we’re living with now. This is what the world has come to. We’re trying anything to try and halt this flow of madness.

But it, you know… and people are looking the same thing on an outward direction for inner problems. These are issues that we are responsible for ourselves. Instant gratification as a person, who’s on a personal level. If you don’t do that to yourself, then nobody else can do it for you. If you don’t listen to the advertisements or listen to the bullshit, nobody can do that for you, you know.

So, I’m saying that deprivation is a good thing, being deprived of something is a good thing, if it’s going to lead to benefits in the long term. If is going to lead to you having a good quality life in the long term. If it’s going to lead to your children living long health lives, you know?

Yeah, I’m going to leave it there, because this one’s just a mad one you know. It’s that fear of deprivation, you have to get over that, you know, you have to get over the fear of the discomfort.

The discomfort of quitting drinking, of quitting any drug of changing anything in your life is very short lived, because your body adapts very quickly. Your body wants to adapt, you know, your body wants to move forward.

This is a, it’s not just, we don’t just want to survive, we want to thrive in this world, you know. The more you can thrive evolutionary wise, the more you can pro-create and you can breed and you can leave your mark on the world, you know. If that’s what evolution is about then it does a good job of it that way, but you have to be able to put up with the discomfort, the minor discomfort that’s going to happen.

The more you get used to the discomfort in your life, this temporary discomfort, the more success you will have, the more you will achieve in your life, the more you’ll move yourself forwards and stuff. And that’s what it’s all about.

Because you’re not going to achieve anything if you can’t put up with the discomfort. It’s just not going to happen and I realise that the discomfort for some people is huge, but their, that’s for the minority, for people who are drinking massive amounts of stuff and it’s just a medical condition that they can’t get rid of now.

For the majority of us, we’re at no risk at all and we perceive the risk as being high, because we don’t really want to quit and we want to have this excuse – “Well I can’t quit because if I do I’m going to go through the DT’s or the seizures or whatever, you know. It’s bullshit, most people are not going to go through that.

So, I’ll leave it there.

Keep the alcohol out of your mouth. Put up with the discomfort of quitting because it won’t last and you’ll be ever so glad that you did.

You’ll come out the other end a better person, a more successful person, a better peer for the people around you, you know. A better, somebody who can be looked up to – a better Parent. That was my whole aim for this thing and like I hope that that I’m just being that person now to my Son.

As I said I’ve got a Grandchild on the way and I just want to be that Granddad who’s there and who’s strong, I want to be there for when she has her Children and even there for when they have their children, if I can.

I mean, it’s just I want to be there, I want my Son to be there, you know. I want to be as big as an influence as I can for those people in my life. You can’t do much about other people, you can only really take care of yourself and try and influence other people as much as you can and that’s my Goal in life.

“The obsession with instant gratification blinds us from our long-term potential”

Until next time…
Take Care of Yourself
Good Luck
Onwards and Upwards!

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