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Everything is Connected to Everything Else

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Everything is Connected to Everything Else (Transcript)

Alcohol Gets Everywhere

When you’ve got a headache for instance and you take a pill, the pill goes into your body and dissolves in your stomach and it might cure your headache. But you can be sure that the ingredients in the headache pill are not just affecting the headache; they’re doing other things in your body that you just don’t know about. It’s exactly the same with alcohol. We look at the drunken part of alcohol, but when you swallow it, it goes into your system, it goes through the liver and into your bloodstream, goes up into your brain…it’s actually going into every single part of your body.

It goes down as far as your feet and your toes. It comes out through your muscles and out through your skin and your pores. It soaks you in alcohol, literally. And also when it gets into your bloodstreams, it starts affecting the natural chemical balance in your blood stream. It starts affecting what your blood is basically there to do, it’s to carry oxygen around your system and nutrition around your system. Some of the blood cells that are in your body are there to fight for your survival.

When all those are mixed with the toxin that is alcohol or ethanol, do you know what’s happening? What goes on, what affect does it have on all other processes that are in your blood?

Holistic View of Drinking

But if you look at it in a more holistic way, it’s not just affecting you and your body. It’s affecting your thoughts, it’s affecting how you think about your own life, it’s affecting how you think about other peoples’ lives, it’s affecting how you think about your actions in general and it definitely has a big bearing on how other people view you. If you’re viewed as an alcoholic, as somebody who is not to be trusted because they’d rather have a drink than do this or that. I know with me, I had a certain amount of dishonesty attached to my drinking and I think that’s the same with everyone. People won’t like to admit it but in order to hide your alcoholism, in order to hide your drinking, you sorta got to lie a little bit and say “They’re only little white lies”, or whatever, but it’s still there.

Your Changing Mind

Like I said, it affects your mind, it affects your thoughts and what you’re thinking, but it affects your actions in the sense that it’s very difficult to take positive action, to make positive choices in your life. To make any positive changes, that becomes so difficult because you just can’t plan for anything. I think underneath it all you need to be able to plan things out, to make the positive changes in your life.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change and those people who can’t change their minds, can’t change anything.”

Affecting Your Past

It’s so true. Sometimes we don’t think about it but alcohol actually affects your past as well because it’s all those memories stored away in your brain that are affected. I’ve lost so many memories. You do, you lose so much of your past because of your drinking. Not only when you’ve been drinking but in other days when you were just too fuddled to do anything. I remember great times when I just couldn’t take part in things because I had a hangover. All those memories are very precious and really very sad. But, there’s nothing you can do but just move forwards. Onwards and upwards.

Affecting Your Present

So drinking can affect your present, it can affect your past and it can affect your future. It affects how you’re going to feel tomorrow. It affects the mood that you’re going to be in. Like I said, the hangovers, the way you feel about yourself in the future. It also affects how much drink you’re going to need in the future. I mean, every drink that you take means that your body is going to try and protect you by making you a little bit more immune to the ethanol. You need that tiny bit more to achieve the same level of poisoning.

Affecting Your Future

It affects your future health. The more you drink, the more damage it’s doing inside to your body and to your mind and to everything else around you. The future becomes just as indistinguishable as the present. It’s the same shit every day, except it gets worse because you need to spend more and more time drinking. But it’s basically the same thing, you get up, do your business and drink. Fall into a drink-induced sleep at the end of the night, sleep[drink]-induced coma at the end of the night. Wake up with a hangover and start and do it all over again. That’s a nightmare.

Recurring Nightmares

I used to have a dream years ago that I was trapped in a forest and had to cut down all the trees in this forest before I was finished but it was a never-ending forest. It’s funny, I become a forester in my job maybe it was kismet. But it’s the same sort of thing, it’s just a nightmare. A life of repeating this horrible day over and over again.

Minus Alcohol – Everything Gets Better!

But the beauty is, once you take alcohol out of the equation, everything starts to change for the better. Everything starts to improve. Alcohol is the one thing that’s causing it, so your body starts to improve, your health starts to get better, pains in your kidneys and your liver start to disappear. The weight that you’ve put on because you’ve been drinking too much starts to drop off. You start to regain a lot of your confidence, your dignity, you start to think clearer, and you begin to plan again.

How Did You Used To Cope?

And because alcohol is not a part of your existence it’s an easy thing to do. It’s so easy to go “I’m going to do this tomorrow.” We were talking about this with a friend of ours since we’ve moved to Spain it’s very easy to plan for a barbeque now because you know that every day that you get up, sun’s going to be shining. It’s an odd day here when the sun doesn’t shine so when you plan something like that or you plan any outdoor activity you know it’s going to happen.

The History Of Alcohol

It’s exactly the same way that I feel once I’ve quit drinking because you know that you’re not going to be hung-over. I know that alcohol is not a part of any decision-making process that I make now. If somebody else wants to drink when they’re around me, that’s their own lookout. For me, it’s past. It’s gone.

You Re-Taking The Life Reins

The best thing is that the future is back in your control. So you really do start to see that everything is connected to everything else. When you do stop the drinking, all the other connected parts will start coming back in. People look at you with amazement. My relationships with the people around me have just improved so, so much.

I hope you got something out of that video. Until next time…

My name is Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for visiting the site.
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

Everything Is Connected To Everything Else

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  1. Gail

    Hi Kevin

    This is a great post. We watch your videos and look forward to new ones. You are very down to earth and wecan really relate to a lot of things you talk about. You are a great inspiration to us, especially ‘onwards and upwards’ also your reference to ‘brain farts’ for cravings and ‘to just be bored’.

    Our problem is we’re going through grieving and are very tempted, but your videos and catchcrys have been very useful to us.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Gail &. Al in Australia

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks guys, I really appreciate your kind comments..

  2. Ben

    This in my opinion is the best video you have made. It all makes so much sense.



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