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Drinking Alcohol For Fun or Pleasure is a Socially Reinforced Delusion

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

Drinking alcohol for fun or pleasure is a form of socially reinforced delusion every time we do it, when we go out and do it, when we see our mates doing it, you know, the people doing it in our lives. It’s just, reinforced and reinforced and you know the programming starts very early in life and it just keeps being reinforced as we go through life.

You know what we’re talking about, a lot of the problems that we’ve got in life now, we’re talking about First World problems, you know, when you look at the reality of life, we’ve created a life for ourselves which is in a bubble, it’s in an, it’s outside of reality,

If something really bad was going to happen in the world, maybe with recent events, something imminently is about to happen – I don’t know. But it’s a scary time to be living. But that reality might hit home and hit hard very soon, you know,

And I was watching a programme, before the mad election in America and it’s was about the rise of terrorism and how terrorism was so bad now that people could be struck everywhere and this video just debunked the whole thing. It went over issues, like, it took us back twenty, thirty years and said – actually there’s less terrorism now than there every has been in life.

That, you know, back in the seventies where I was growing up. I was growing up in Northern Ireland where the threat of terrorism was every day, you know there was the IRA the INLA, all the terrorists movements from both sides of the mental divide right? Then there was ETA, there was so many different terrorists groups all over Europe and there was the same thing in America, you know.

I think in perception ways, I think 911 probably was just a massive thing and it’s one of those things where, you know, if perception, people think that you know, because such a huge thing has happened on their own doorstop and it was such a catastrophic event in one event, that it sort of pushes people’s minds in the opposite direction thinking that it’s everywhere, but it’s not actually everywhere. I think numbers wise, I don’t know, but it has been worse though and things are getting better.

We’ve never had it better. Even during what was called our depression, it was nothing like, what it was like in the depression in the 1930’s. Nowhere near as bad you know. We still had a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff, going on, so.

What I’m saying is that, we’re talking about First World problems everytime we speak about life in general, you know, our problems nowadays, even our Alcohol problems to a certain degree, there lead on by boredom, by socialising and not wanting to be left out. You know, by not being able to sleep, you know these are not real proper issues. They might be issues to us, but you know like, there First World problems. It’s difficult to define this without sounding like a complete ass-hole.

My problems now, when I’m thinking about problems now, my problems are – my computers broken down, my phone’s is not working – you know. Or this phone is really slow. I can’t get out walking today because I’ve got to work. All these different issues that I’ve got in my life now, when I sit down and think about them – they’re nothing. There really petty issues. I sound like a child in my own mind, when I listen to it and I sort of take stock.

You know, part of this problem comes because we look outwards from ourselves and we want what other people have got, you know. We sort of said, “Well do you know I’ve been working for this Company for ten years now and that ass-hole has only been working here for five years and he’s got a promotion ahead of me, or, he’s on more money than I am, you know. And I want to be where he is, you know.”

Or – “This Guy’s got a better phone than me”, – you know he comes out – “I’ve got the new phone” – and this drives people to go out and want more and want more and want more and the problem with that kind of thinking is that everybody. There is always somebody that’s got something different from you. Something better than you. So, you’re always going to be on a, pushing yourself forwards all the time, to try and get the next thing, get the next thing, I want the next thing, you know?

Now the best way to look at your life, is appreciating what you’ve got now and you know, if you have to look at other people at all, to look at other people and say – “Well, do you know, there but for the grace of God or there but for the grace of whatever, you know – Goji, you know, this is because I was born in the West, I’m living in a privileged position and when you look around the World and there’s people with so much more, so much less than we’ve got” But we don’t think like that you know, on the most part.

You know, I remember, years ago, my Dad used to say stuff to me like, if he’ll say “Why did you do that” – if I’d done something fucking bad, or he caught me doing something. I’d say “Well, I did it because he did it, you know. Or because they’d did it you know, that’s why I did it” and my Dad would say “Well, if they told you to put your hand in the fire, would you?” And I’d say no, but you know, social pressure.

I think we, tend to live our lives like those Lemmings, that sort of gather together and they run in a a herd and if one jumps of a cliff, the rest of them just follow. I don’t know if that’s a true story you know, I’ll have to look that up. You know what I’m saying is, it’s one Sheep following the next Sheep and it’s the herd mentality. You know it’s a mental trap.

It’s the same with alcohol, it’s just a trap, it’s socially reinforced all the time. It’s bullshit. It’s like – “Well I do it because everyone else does it.” “I do it because I’ve learnt to do it and this is what my Mates all did, you know, so this is what I started doing.” “I do it because if I don’t do they won’t like it and I ‘ll feel socially isolated.” “I do it because of peer pressure, you know.”

And it’s all, this builds up and builds up and builds up and it’s just reinforced and reinforced. And that’s the difficulty in quitting drinking alcohol. It was also the difficulty when people were trying to quit smoking. The problem is, that with smoking, it’s just becoming socially intolerant. People are not tolerating Smokers any more. They’re not willing to stand there and say – “Well I’ve given up smoking and I don’t want to breathe in your fucking smoke any more.”

To me, I think that’s eventually going to happen with Alcohol. I think people are going to say, “Well, I don’t drink anymore and I’m not willing to listen to your verbal diarrhoea any more, you know, because I don’t want to listen to your bullshit, I don’t want to listen to you when you’re in a drugged out state, you know.”

I think we’ll become intolerant. I don’t know when, I think it’s going to take a lot longer, because it’s so much more entrenched in our society than cigarettes. If you think about cigarettes, they’ve only been part of our culture for a couple hundred years, or something like that, even less, you know, probably only 100, 150 years when you look at it in reality. But alcohol is a lot more engrained, a lot more there for a long time. So, I think it’s going to take longer to come out.

I can see some of the signs of it, you know, like alcohol advertising is no longer allowed. People are sort of copping on to themselves. One of the things that I notice a lot, and I listen to a lot of pod casts, a lot of different health pod casts and health shows. And I hear a lot of people talking about health and they’re talking about getting their body fit and they’re watching, they’re taking this Vitamin and that Vitamin and they’re doing raw food and putting this type of protein into their shakes and that type of plankton into their shakes and all this kind of stuff right.

And then the next, you’ll hear about them putting alcohol into their systems. And you’re thinking, why are you doing that, you know. This is totally going against, exactly what you said. You know, you’re talking about healthy and talking about trying to put the ideal nutrients in your body, for your body, so your body can thrive and survive and live a quality live and then you’re putting a toxin into your body. In the name of what, you know?

And you’re still deluding yourself into thinking that this is, good for you. Sitting down and drinking wine is good for you, because it’s wine and wine has got a different cloud of socially reinforced bullshit to it you know.

So, the thing is do your own thing. Don’t do what other people are doing, just because they’re doing it, you know. It’s difficult, I know it’s difficult. Anything that’s tough in life is difficult to do, anything that’s proper in life, you know, that’s going to give you good results, is difficult to do.

But there are people out there. There are lots of people out there, who are coming along this same wave length. They’re thinking about this and they’re thinking -“Well alcohol is just ruining my life!” You know, this alcohol is another level of intoxification and take the toxic out of that you know.” So, there taking the toxic out of their own lives and they’re saying -“Well I’m not doing this to myself any more. And whatever anyone else thinks. Bugger it you know.”

“I want success in life, you know, I want success.” Whatever that success means to you. It could mean personal success, family success, career success, whatever it means to you, you know, you want to get intoxicated with success instead of intoxicated by a toxin. That’s the whole, that’s the message for today anyway.

So, I’m going to continue this walk. This is a hill, so that’s why I’m not walking too much up here. I just get a, it’s early in the morning and I’ve got a bit of a head cold as well. A little bit. It’s just I can feel it coming on, it’s not going to come on much, because I just don’t get colds anymore, you know, but that’s a different story.

Look, if you have any questions at all, any comments, leave them down below. Subscribed to the channel, give us a thumbs up, come on over to the Website and sign up for the newsletter.

Until next time…
Stay safe
Keep the Alcohol out of your mind
Keep the Alcohol out of your mouth – but keep the intoxicating social verbiage bullshit – out of your brain – is that a word verbiage? I think it is!

“People who Follow Other Peoples’ Steps, will never be in Front”

Take Care
Good Luck
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Roxanne K

    Hello Kevin.
    I’d like to let you know that I’m checking in daily and following along because you are helping me wrap my mind about the fact that alcohol is not the friend I’ve always tried to make it out to be. Far from it.

    I really appreciate you and enjoy your ‘ramblings’. 🙂

    Will soon be reading your course “How To Stop Drinking Alcohol ” and having another go at it. Hope I can make it stick this time.

    Anyway, thanks again. I’ll be see you tomorrow!

    Roxanne K

  2. Mick

    Drinking alcohol is just like smoking. When you first stop its hard to believe you can enjoy some of the simple things in life without it. For instance when I used to smoke I used to love sitting out on summer evenings, smoking and drinking my wine. When I stopped smoking I thought I had given up that simple pleasure. The following summer I was no longer addicted to the fags I used to sit out and love drinking my wine. This summer coming now I’m not addicted to alcohol I will sit out and love drinking my orange. In reality I just love sitting out on a summers night. I will live to enjoy many more summer nights because I went through some short term discomfort and got rid of my addictions to fags and alcohol. Addictions that society was very active in giving me.

    This weekend I was at a party and got asked the question, why don’t I drink anymore? I love answering that question now, I used to feel awkward with it a slight sense of shame. Thats what this drug and a society obsessed by it can do. My answer was, drinking is like smoking once your not addicted to it you don’t need it. I can see they wanted to press or argue they wasn’t addicted, I would have so enjoyed that conversation. My wife spared them, by stepping in and saying to them, don’t go there. Ha ha

    Lets be clear I’m not obsessed by drink either-way, to me alcohol is something used in cleaning. it actually turns germs inside out (nasty nasty stuff). But I refuse to be made feel odd because I don’t drink the shit. That can seem unnecessary or argumentative which I’m usually not. But I don’t want people to encourage me or my family to drink a cleaning product. I am not aggressive, I don’t need to be, the argument to drink this shit is so very weak. Alcohol free and proud is so much fun, so if your thinking of stopping drinking this cleaning product, just educate yourself and get on with having fun. Yes you may be addicted to drinking a cleaning product, yes you may think you wont enjoy the simple stuff in life without it. But its bullshit and you will enjoy all your usual stuff so much more without the cleaning product coursing threw your veins, trust me on this one, the sooner you stop the better!

  3. Gill

    Following daily love it..

    Wise words about doing your own thing that’s what I’m now doing instead of folliwing like a sheep and drinking just because the person next to me is.

    Thank you kevin

    Gill ?


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