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Don’t Wait To Stop Drinking? Why Wait? Why Risk Your Future? | SDA10

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(0.23) Ups and downs
(0.51) The site this week
(1.13) The site next week
(1.22) Tip of the week

This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin O’Hara and welcome to the Thursday Tally number 10.
Before we get started, if you want to click on the link here, the button here, you can subscribe to the channel AlcoholMasteryTV.

Ups and Downs

So, first up this week are my ups and downs.
It’s been a great week, I’m still suffering a bit from a cold but it’s just one of those things.
10 weeks off the drink and the site’s up 10 weeks so that’s worth a celebration, so I’ll have a nice glass of milk tonight.
Also I lost 6 pounds so still losing the weight, getting all the toxins out of my body.

The Site This Week

On the website this week we did three more questions from the Johns Hopkins 20 questions series.
The first one was – are you having trouble sleeping because of your drinking.
The second was is your efficiency suffering.
And the third was to do with are you putting your job or your business into jeopardy because of your alcohol abuse.

The Site Next Week

Next week I’ll be doing something similar.
Three more questions from the Johns Hopkins and I’ll also be asking how you stop the cravings for alcohol.

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week this week is don’t wait to stop drinking.Dont-wait
There’s never gonna be a good time.
There’s always gonna be another party around the corner.
There’s always gonna be another excuse to keep going.
Mine was always Christmas, regardless of whether it was two weeks before Christmas or 6 months before Christmas, it was always “I’ll give up in the new year”.
Normally on the second of January, which I did this year.
The thing was I couldn’t really face Christmas’s without a drink, and I don’t know why.
I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family this year.
I mean I’m not a Christian so to speak, I was brought up as a catholic, but I’m not a practicing one.
I just don’t do that kind of thing.
To me Christmas was always a break from the winter, a mid-winter thing when you can spend time with your family and just have a good time.
Mostly before it was always about the alcohol.
This time I can’t wait for it to happen.
My sister’s gonna be there, she’s just having a baby in June, so the kid will be six months old.
She won’t be drinking, I won’t be drinking, and we’re just gonna have a good laugh.

Stop Looking For The Right Time!

So, there’s never really a good time to do anything.
If you wait and you put it off, you’ll never get it done.
Or to put it another way, the best time to give up drinking is right now.
So just quit, just say to yourself “I’m not having any more and that’s it.”

So, that’s the Thursday Tally 10, thanks for watching.
Click on the link down below and go to the website.
I put the subscribe button in again so you can subscribe to the channel, AlcoholMasteryTV.
Go to the website and leave a comment, and if there’s anything I can help you with I certainly will.

My name’s Kevin O’Hara, this is alcoholmastery.com,
Onwards and Upwards!

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Thursday Tally 10 Transcript

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