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Don’t Try More Than You Can Handle! It’s a Recipe for Failure | SDA7

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This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin O’Hara and welcome to the Thursday Tally #7.

On The Site This Week

On the website this week, we did 3 more questions from the Johns Hopkins 20 questions series.
The first question was have you got into financial difficulties because or your drinking.
The second question was do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment while you’re drinking.
And the third question was does your families welfare suffer.

Next Week on Alcohol Mastery

Next week we’ve got three more questions from the Johns Hopkins and I’m also doing an article on the top 100 health risks from drinking alcohol.

Ups and Downs

My ups and downs for the week, well… again more ups than downs.
Seven weeks off the drink, so that’s brilliant.
I’ve lost 4 pounds, another 4 pounds, so I’m really heading down towards my goal.
I ran ten minutes for the first time.

My downs, I had a couple of bad days with one of the questions from the Johns Hopkins, the one about family welfare.
And that sort of made me think a lot about what I’d done in the past, and made me quite depressed for a couple of days, so that was one of the downs.Too-Much

Tip of the Week

My tip for the week this week is just not to take on more than you can deal with.
This has been one of my big problems all throughout my life, I’d take on something, try to break a habit or something like that, I’d start doing really well at it, and then I’d take on more stuff.
So I’d take on something else and something else.
Then I’d get distracted, I’d get disheartened by the whole thing, I’d feel like it was sucking the life out of me and I’d give up.

Breaking Habits

It takes about a month to break any habit, some people a little bit more, and some people a bit less.
You’re on a big bell curve, at the beginning it’s gonna be very difficult, you know it’s a very steep ascent for the first few days, and eventually it gets easier and easier.
And it’s exactly the same as establishing a habit in your life.
Once you get past the top of it, you get around the top of this bell curve you get to the plateau.
That normally occurs about a month and a half, and once you get to that plateau, the habit is going to be as established as it’s going to be.
I’ve been putting this into practice a lot since the New Year.
In my old job, I was a forester, so I never had a shower in the morning, I’d always wait until I got home in the evening, I’d be soaking wet and there was no point in showering before I went into the forest.
Now, I’ve tried to establish a new routine where I get up in the morning, I drink a pint of water before I do anything, then I do exercises, normally 3 days a week I go out for a run.
I come back, I do a 5 minute meditation, I go and have a shower and I eat a good breakfast.
And I’ve been doing that for 7 weeks and it’s really established itself as a routine in my life.
If I get up and I don’t do it now, it makes me feel really off.

So that’s the Thursday tally number 7.
Subscribe to the channel if you’re watching this on YouTube, it’s AlcoholMasteryTV.
Click the link down below and come to the website.
If I can offer you any help at all, please let me know.
My name’s Kevin O’Hara and this is alcoholmastery.com.
Onwards and Upwards!

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