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Don’t Poison The Waterhole That Provides You

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One of my favorite genres of fiction books when I was growing up was sci fi, and particularly Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, all that kind of stuff.

And I really liked Asimov’s robot stories, and the three laws of robotics, the positronic brain, all that kind of stuff, and it sort of comes full circle. Now, there’s a lot more talk about Android and the way that humans are interfacing or interacting with artificial intelligence. Elon Musk talks a lot about this. He talks a lot about having an interface in your brain that will allow you to work a lot quicker with your mobile phone, for instance, or other things like that. And what he also talks about in 10 15 20 years time, that virtual reality what you see, the games that you play will be indistinguishable from real reality, from base reality as they call it. And that is something which for me, you know, he talks about how do you know that, that we’re not in some kind of a computer program at the moment? It’s true to a certain extent, how do you know that we’re not in that, you know, if if you can’t distinguish between based reality and a program? How would you know? But anyway, this is all about for me, it’s about a quotation I read from a book and I can’t remember which book it was a couple of months ago, but the thing has been playing around in my head ever since.

And it was don’t poison the water hold that provides you and I think it’s something to do with Sicily, may may have been from recently read The Godfather books, as part of my Spanish learning. And I think that was one of the quotes that I read in there, maybe it wasn’t, maybe it’s somebody else, when you think about it, as we stand now, as a human being, your body is the only body that you are ever going to work on. Right? Don’t piss in your own waterhole, because you can change the waterhole, you can move to a different place, you know, you can make sure that you’re living in a different area. There’s so many things that you can do in life, which can’t change what you do to yourself. And I’m not talking just about the war. I mean, we’re made 70% water. So literally, when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re poisoning yourself. Not only are you poisoning yourself, but alcohol is a diuretic, so it’s making you eliminate much more water than you need to it tricks your brain into into releasing a lot more water.

I think it’s something to do with, with our protective security systems, that there’s alcohol there. So let’s flush it out as quickly as possible. But it also comes down to other crap, you know, when I was drinking alcohol, I was eating horribly. So I wasn’t just doing the damage to myself in terms of the alcohol that I was consuming, I was also doing a lot of damage with fast food, which I was eating, as you know what, if I was drinking out in a pub, I was definitely going to be eating out as well. You know, eating fast food, I certainly wasn’t going to be cooking, you know going home and cooking a meal. So think about it from from that perspective that anything that you do, after you stop drinking alcohol is going to really help you. Anything that you do to change who you are the person that you are, is really going to help you to to alter to save yourself, you know, to save, to walk to hold that you’re living in.


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