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Does Alcohol Make You Happy?

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Does Alcohol Make You Happy (Transcript)

I’m Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery.

Today I’m gonna be asking the question, “Does alcohol make you happy?”

Do You Feel Happy?

There’s a simple answer to your question. Every time you have a drink, do you feel happy? When you have a sip of drink, even if you’re feeling sad and depressed, do you feel happy? Do you feel elated? Because if alcohol makes you feel happy, then it should do every single time that you drink it.

No More Viagra!

As a matter of fact, if alcohol makes you feel happy all the time, there should be no sadness when people are drinking. There should be no mad aggression when people are drinking. There should be no drink-fuelled violence out in the streets when people are drinking. In fact, if alcohol makes you happy then surely you should be able to go down to your doctors and instead of getting prescriptions for 10-Euro pills for depression you should be able to just get a bottle of Jim Beam or get a bottle of your favourite scotch or a six-pack of beers. If alcohol makes you happy, then it should be on prescription from the doc.

Was It Really The Alcohol That Made Me Happy?

If I take that to the next logical step then I can look back at my own alcohol-drinking career over the last 30-odd years and think well, all the times that I’ve been really happy in the past 30-odd years have been due to alcohol. They’ve all involved alcohol – birthday parties, all forms of celebrations, I’ve gone to weddings and christenings and Christmas and that kind of thing. Even when I’ve gone to funerals and I drank alcohol then like I’ve felt really different. When I look back on it, maybe that’s what it was; it was the alcohol all the time.

How Comes I’m So Much Happier Now?

Since I’ve quit drinking obviously there hasn’t been a drop of alcohol that have passed these lips. I drank water and I have gone to social occasions. At first it was a little bit difficult, just weird. But if I’ve gone to birthday parties, I’ve been to birthday celebrations and I spent loads of time with my family and friends. I’ve sat there sitting sipping water and I had to go up to the bar every 5 minutes to top up my drink. I’ve been able to sit and relax without alcohol coursing through my veins and making me all fidgety. I’ve really had a great time.

I Forgot To Feel Sad

And the best part about it, the ultimate part about it is that I remember every single moment.
Every single solitary happy conversation. Every single solitary moment when we were laughing and joking. I remember all of it. I was happy and I’ve got all those happy memories to prove it. I remember everything from the time I arrived at the party to the time I went to bed because I was tired.

The Boring Experiment

If you think it’s the alcohol that’s making you happy then I want you to do a little experiment. Just ring up four or five of the most boring people that you know. The most boring people that you wouldn’t normally associate with and arrange to meet them in a really boring location. No good surroundings, no music, no nothing – just a few chairs and tables. Try and have your party with them, have your entertainment with them and just see how much the alcohol actually makes you happy.

Drunkenness is Not Happiness – It’s Sad!

It might make you forget about things. It might make you forget that they’re there. It might make you stupid. It makes you drunk. It gets you out of the situation but it definitely won’t make you happy.

Your Life Makes You Happy

The thing that you’ll discover about this experiment is that it’s not actually the drink that makes you happy at all. It’s the brilliant people around you, it’s your family and your friends and people that you treasure in your life. It’s about the circumstances that you’re in, the surroundings that you’re in. It’s about the music and the atmosphere. It’s about great good. It’s just about having a great time and you don’t need alcohol to do that. The problem with most drinkers is that they’ve been doing the same thing for most of their adult lives. They’ve been so used to going to social functions, to birthday parties, to weddings, to all that kind of thing, with other people who are drinking. And they’re drinking themselves that they basically don’t know how to do it without the alcohol. That’s the problem. But I can guarantee you one thing: It might take you a while to get used to it, but you will get used to it. You’ll remember everything, you’ll enjoy yourself much better. You’ll have a better life without alcohol. A much happier life than you ever will with alcohol, that’s for sure.

If you have any comments go over to the website to leave your comments because Google is messing around with the YouTube comments for the moment, I don’t know why.

Until next time…

My name is Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery.

Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for visiting the site.
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

Does Alcohol Make You Happy?

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  1. William

    Found you on youtube. Thanks for putting in the effort to help others. I am almost 50 now and have been trying to control alcohol intake for most of my life. At the weekend I vomited in my sleep. This has happened before. I really want to make a big effort to put this habit behind me before it kills me. My kids are of an age where they are aware of it and its shameful.
    I have tried a lot of different organisations for help without success.
    I will try again and hope with your web-site/videos I can maintain necessary resolve to break the habit.
    Filling my time with alternative activities is my plan.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey William, there’s no trying this. It’s your choice. No more alcohol, and put up with the shit that follows, full stop. You have to want to quit or you won’t…there will always be another excuse to drink. If I had my time over, I would stop drinking as soon as my son was born. I can’t do that! You sound like you have young kids, quitting now is the best thing you can do for them, but you have to want to do it for yourself first. I wish you the best of luck


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