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Do you really have a problem with alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

As far as I’m concerned, anybody who drinks alcohol has got a problem. It’s just the same as anyone who takes heroin has got a problem. If you look at this on a scale from zero to one hundred, say, for instance, anybody who’s on this scale, takes the drug – so this is a heroin scale. If you are on number one or you are at number one hundred, you’ve got a problem with heroin. It just depends on the scale, on the level of your problem, depending on where you are.

Today I wanted to talk about the question: Do you really have a problem with alcohol?

The same thing with smoking. You would never say that anyone – even when they were at number one – doesn’t have a problem. One or a hundred, whether they’re smoking a hundred cigarettes a day or they’re just smoking one, they still have got a problem – it’s just a question of the scale.

Now we take this, we look at alcohol like it’s some sort of overweight problem or something like that. Whereas there are normal people, there are overweight people and there are obese people. The same thing: we look at alcohol that way.

We say there are normal people – normal drinkers – there are people who over-drink and then there are alcoholics and that’s not the case.

Alcohol is a poison. Alcohol is a toxin. You putting it into your body is a problem. You have a problem with alcohol if you are putting this into your body. You have a problem with any toxin if you are putting it into your body.

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  1. Tony Dotson

    Kevin your videos are Awesome keep up the good work and great experience in stopping the booze.Im 3 weeks in and feel better everyday.Thanks

  2. LessThanZero

    It’s been a week. We’re (my wife and I) are going out today. She gambles, I drink. It’s been fun but now I need to quit. It’s a beautiful day and I am anticipating the first two beers. My heart rate is elevated thinking about it.
    You’ve said we need to prepare for the life changes that quitting brings on. I know I need to find something to replace drinking with. Thank you for your videos, they give me hope.


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