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Developing A Dislike for Alcohol and the Alcohol Culture That Surrounds it

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Today’s topic is about learning a healthy dislike for alcohol.

Healthy hatred for alcohol?

But also for the alcohol culture that surrounds it.

If we drank alcohol in isolation and nobody else drank it.

It would be easy to quit drinking because you’re not getting any motivation from outside of yourself.

You’re not getting any people who are trying to convince you that you are wrong and they are right.

What they’re doing to themselves is what everyone does to themselves and there’s no harm in it.

This is not the problem, unfortunately.

The problem is that for most people the alcohol culture is the thing that drives it.

When I was quitting smoking.

I tried to quit smoking a hundred times; easy.

And every time I went back on it, most of the times I went back on the cigarettes it was something to do with alcohol.

At the time, it was because alcohol – when I went into a pub, people used to smoke in the pubs.

As I’ve spoken about before when you take a drug like alcohol it lowers your inhibitions.

Without inhibitions it lowers your will power.

Once your will power is lowered its very easy for you to go “Oh fuck it! Tomorrow. I’ll quit tomorrow, I’ll just have the one.”

I used to go into the pub and after a couple of beers I convinced myself that smoking cigars wasn’t really smoking.

It wasn’t smoking cigarettes, fair enough!

But as soon as I got that in my brain that it wasn’t one part of smoking it couldn’t be any other ones.

I convinced myself that I wasn’t inhaling.

A bit like Bill Clinton – which I was.

And Jesus, smoking cigars, and inhaling cigar smoke is something rotten.

It’s just not right, at all.

That soon finished when they banned smoking.

Ireland was one of the first places that banned smoking from pubs.

So you had to go outside.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been a smoker, if you ever quit smoking.

I still to this day, I don’t mind the smell of cigarette smoke when it comes off the cigarette but as soon as it comes off a person, when you smell it on their mouth, when you smell an ashtray, when you smell it on their clothes – it’s not that nice, you know.

So it was a lot easier to be able to go out and have a drink and not smoke.

So quitting drinking was a different ball-game all together.

You just avoid the pubs. You don’t go into the pubs anymore because you’ve no reason to go in there.

Or I would go in for the match, but it would be under different circumstances.

And for me it wasn’t the same sort of temptation to drink as it would have been when someone was sat beside me smoking a cigarette and I was gagging for a cigarette.

It wasn’t that type of temptation.

It is the wide spread alcohol advertising that is the most insidious

You see people, you see bill boards everywhere.

You see advertisements on the TV.

You see marketing placements in movies and TV series.

It’s everywhere.

People that you look up to are sort of saying well this is the brand of alcohol that I take.

They don’t say it like that.

They say it in smoother words and sentences than that.

But you get the drift, this is what people are saying.

Now at the end of the day, alcohol companies don’t give a shit.

All they give a shit about is making money.

Making their profit.

They don’t care about you.

They don’t care about your health.

They don’t care about your pocket.

They don’t care whether you are addicted to – well they do actually care; they want you to be addicted to their product.

The more addicted you are the less they have to do to convince you to come back and be a repeat customer.

These are the real personal weapons of mass destruction

You hear people getting all fucking mad about Saddam Hussein.

And he was hiding his weapons of mass destruction over in the East and what a threat they were to us.

The daily threat of weapons of mass destruction is on our own doorstep.

That – do you know what I mean?

These are the things that we are open to every single day of our lives.

These are the things we open ourselves up to.

That we willingly put into our bodies.

This is the thing that you’ve got to be cognisant of.

You’ve got to think about – you’ve got to be determined to get this out of your life, out of your system, because if you don’t it’s going to kill you.

These things will kill you.

Alcohol will kill you.

Processed foods will kill you.

Not only will they kill you, they will bring you back into that other area of mass destruction.

The health system.

Which doesn’t care about curing you.

They care about keeping the symptoms low by keeping you coming back for more pills and more pills and more pills.

I was having this conversation with a guy the other day about Dentistry.

That if we ate the diet that we were supposed to eat.

Whole foods.

Stuff as nature intended.

There would be no need for a Dentist.

But you are never going to go to the Dentist and get nutritional advice.

You’re never going to get to go to the Dentist and he’s saying to you – “Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that.”

You might get an off the cuff comment, but the Dentist knows you’re not going to take any notice of that.

If you’re addicted to junk food, him saying it to you once, going “well you shouldn’t really be drinking coca cola you know.”

It’s not as if that’s going to make you all of a sudden go – Jesus!

Flash of light!

Light-bulb over the head moment!


I am going to leave this office and never more drink coco cola, or:

I am never more going to eat sweets, or:

I am never more going to eat Peanut Butter.

When you look at the amount of products that are out there, products that you wouldn’t even think of that have got high Corn Fructose Syrup in them.

Stuff that really rots your fucking teeth.

The amount of products that are out there that have got that shit in them.

Mash Potatoes, as I said Peanut Butter, meals of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Because these companies know that that stuff is fucking addictive.

But you are never going to go to the Dentist.

You are never going to get that type of education from a Dentist.

You know in all fairness, when you talking about education, when you talk about changing people’s lives.

Education comes very low, because people know this stuff already.

They’re not stupid.

Most people are – we’re open to advertisements and marketing all over the place.

But we are also open to these messages as well.

We know that these things are bad for us, but education doesn’t work.

It works for some people.

What works is when the pain is greater than the pleasure.

That’s what works.

So when you can cause somebody more pain than pleasure.

Then it’s going to work.

It’s going to change what they do.

Because they don’t want the pain, nobody wants the pain.

When you can give somebody more pleasure than pain.

When you can alleviate their pain.

That’s what Doctors are there for.

To alleviate the pain.

You go down to a Doctor and you don’t want a fucking lecture about what you should do in the long term.

How this thing is going to turn out in the long turn.

You want the Doctor to give you a pill that stops the symptoms right there and then.

That’s what the Doctor is only too happy to do for you, because he knows then that you’ll be back.

I’m not trying to disparage Doctors and stuff, without them, we’d be in a right state.

But we are in situations now where, children as young as eight years of age are getting adult onset diabetes.

That should tell us a lot about the society that we’re living in.

Adult on-set.

This is something that used to only happen to adults and is now happening to eight-year-old children.

We’re having children in hospitals now who are getting amputations because of their diabetes, in their twenties.

We’re getting people who are going into thirties and they’re going blind because of diabetes.

There is planning in place now, that’s going to require bigger wheelchair access and bigger access for handicap people in the future, because of the diets that we’re leading now.

You know massive things.

Give it twenty years’ time and you’ll see the amount of shit that is going to happen out there.

This is what you have to develop a hatred for

That kind of society.

There’s really nothing that we can do personally for it except alter how it affects us.

For me as soon as I hear now – something that’s happening in – I listen to a marketing message and I hear that kind of stuff you know.

Fat free, oil free, healthy, all that kind of stuff.

It’s just switches on, flicks on a switch for me and I put the shit down.

I don’t want to know.

Because I know that these people are just trying to fake me into buying their product and they don’t give a fuck about whether I ruin my body or not.

Don’t give a fuck about if you ruin your body.

And this is the point.

It’s not going to be that one glass of alcohol that’s going to kill you.

Never was.

If you have a glass of alcohol once month, that is not going to kill.

What’s going to kill you is the society.

The way we think about alcohol.

The way we purchase alcohol.

The way we drink alcohol.

The way manufacturers promote alcohol to us.

All these things, the constant barrage of fucking shit that we get tossed to us every single day of the year.

That’s the thing that’s going to kill you.

You have to develop a dislike and open your eyes to all forms of this in our society.

Don’t allow it to get into your head and fucking ruin your life.

That’s it for today.

If you have any comments about this, leave a comment down below.

Listen to what you’re being told and question everything you know.

It’s only by questioning this shit that you are ever going to learn about yourself.

That you are ever going to be able to defeat it, is by looking at labels, looking at advertising and saying. . . “really?”


“Are you really trying to tell me that by drinking alcohol I’m going to be a sex symbol.”

It’s not going to happen.


“Change your thoughts and you could change your world”

Until next time…
Stay safe.
Keep the alcohol out your mouth.
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Steve Nichols

    Hey Kevin,
    Had to tell you that like you I was a fairly consistent heavy drinker for around 40 years. I’m now 7 months without any alcohol and WHAT a transformation it has become.
    I’ve watched loads of yr vids on you tube and you are absolutely right that alcohol affects so many areas of your life that you don’t even know about until you stop.
    You’re also right when you say you need to reinvent yourself and without being too dramatic I consider this next bit ‘life number 2’. It’s THAT different without alcohol!!! Can’t believe it. Thanks for all your good work. If you need a poster boy for the benefits of giving up alcohol apart from you I’d be glad to help.



  2. Kat

    Bang on Kevin …you have just summed up what many of us think thankyou again. Change change change..


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