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Cravings Are Momentary, Get over It

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Cravings are something which only happens in the moment. They are momentary. They don’t last long. If you ignore the craving, circumvent it, or even drink the craving in, exploring it, understanding it, the craving will disappear and you move on with your life.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Today I wanted to talk about cravings being momentary. They don’t last very long. You get a craving and if you ignore it it’s going to disappear within a very short space of time, a couple of minutes. If you’re doing something good about it, if you get up and you do something active to change your mind then it’s only going to take a few seconds, minute, two minutes or whatever and you will be onto something fresh.

If you dwell on it on the other hand, they are going to last a bit longer because you are the one that’s forcing yourself to carry on thinking about it.

All drug use is momentary.

Drinking alcohol happens in the moment but what’s actually happening in the moment means more than the actual drinking and the drunkenness means more than drunkenness. The hangover means more than the hangover. We tend to focus on the taste of the alcohol as it’s going down. The taste of the Beer or Wine or whatever it is that we’re used to drinking.

When we drink alcohol, we tend to focus on what’s happening to us. The taste of the Beer and Wine, how it’s making us feel as it’s going down our throat. When you’re drinking spirits, Whisky, anything like that, you can feel the warmness going into your body and the heat and we tend to focus on that.

But, as you will know if you have been listening to any of my Videos … there is a lot more to it than that.

As soon as that alcohol gets into your body, your system goes on security overload. That’s all it does. It shuts down different systems. As I said before one of the first things to stop is your hair growth. All over your body. Your skin replenishing itself – that stops. Your nails stop growing.

These are constant, consistent things that happen in your life, that just don’t happen anymore once your body is in that state and your body will remain in that state until all the alcohol has gone – all of it! Until it is processed, until your body has metabolised all the alcohol.

The same thing with your consequences. You are focusing on the symptoms and on the consequence but what’s actually going on underneath the surface? There’s a whole shitload of stuff there and a whole lot of reasons why you are feeling the way that you’re feeling and the main reason is your body is sending you one massive signal to not do what you’re doing anymore.

It’s giving you a big consequence and saying look, this is what happens when you fill me full of that kind of shit. I’m going to give you this and I’m going to make you feel this. We ignore that of course because the hangovers disappear and when the hangover has gone we’re in a different moment, we’re not feeling symptoms anymore or side effects. All you can think about then is that drunken feeling again. You want to go and party, have a good time and feel the drunkenness, the taste of the Beer.

So from that perspective, you have to look at all the different aspects of this.

I started out by talking about getting over cravings and how cravings are only momentary. You know these momentary things, these passing feelings good or bad, are not really relevant in the long term. It’s the accumulation of these feelings that does the damage or the good.

If you get a good run of good feelings in your life without the bad feelings, then you are going to change a lot of things internally. You may change a lot of the ways you look at things and the way you feel about thing in general. You’re going to change your mindset from positive to negative or negative to positive if it’s good, the opposite is also true.

You’ll change your mindset from positive to negative, if you keep getting and taking on the negative consequences of something you’re doing. If you keep feeling pain, physical or mental pain, eventually that’s going to accumulate and effect your overall outlook on life.

As I said these feelings are going to pass within seconds, if not minutes. You could take a drink to overcome the feeling but what are you taking a drink for? You’re just putting the cravings off until tomorrow, when the cravings come again. Are you going to put it off again until tomorrow?

You can plan for tomorrow, you can say well I’m going to do this tomorrow, I’m going to do that. Change this tomorrow. I’m going to feel different tomorrow. I’m going to put up with the cravings tomorrow, but tomorrow is tomorrow, the only time you can put up with the cravings is in the moment and if you keep procrastinating and putting it off you start developing a habit of doing that.

Everything that you do in your life that is repetitive and you repeat consistently will become habitual. I’ll do another video on that another time but generally there is today and it is the only time you can do anything about anything. Yesterday is gone, you’re a day older, hopefully you’re a day wiser. Tomorrow hasn’t come yet, you can plan for tomorrow but you never know if you are going to get tomorrow. You never know if you are going to get the opportunity. Something could happen tomorrow that stops you from doing what you wanted to do today.

This life is fluid, it’s dynamic, you have to self direct your own life, you have to push your own life forward in whatever way you can and one of the ways that you can push your life forward is by accepting that hard things need to be done in the present.

You have to deal with the cravings in the present, you can’t deal with them in the future.

You just can’t it’s not possible. You have to deal with them all the time in the present. And the more you deal with them the easier they will get, the further apart the cravings will come and the easier it will get to deal with them, because you’ve got more experience, you know you can deal with them, you’ve got more self confidence about the whole craving thing. It’s the same thing with habit change in general, you can only do all these things in the present.

There are five stages of habit change.

  • Curiosity, when you’re thinking about it and wonder what it would be like to do something.
  • Then you start thinking about it in a realistic way, you start thinking about forward thinking and visualising yourself in that position and seeing how would you, what life would be like and you start wondering.
  • Then you make the decision to do something. So, you cut off all that and you plan and say I’m going to do this on a certain day.
  • Then you execute it and go through with the action.
  • And the final stage is that you get where you wanted to go or you don’t. Either get to where you wanted to go or you go back to the beginning and repeat the whole process again with the same thing, or you go to a different stage or whatever, you keep trying or try something different.

Anyway, that’s a rambling video today on this lovely morning. Take Care. Keep the alcohol out of your mouth. That’s the main criteria for this whole thing of quitting drinking alcohol, keep the alcohol out of your mouth.

“A change in bad habits leads to a change in life”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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