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Changing My Environment After Quitting Drinking Alcohol | SDA58

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year Two | 6 comments

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  1. JoDev59

    Hi Kevin,

    Boy did I get a shock when I listened to your Blog today—next minute I hear my username mentioned & a pic of the Smiley Money Sock on my Fridge. You could have heard me yell “OMG” from there, lol!!!
    I showed my husband & he was very proud of me & impressed.

    Yesterday I showed him a few quick utube films of people with Wernicke-Korsakoffs Syndrome/Disease. I think he was genuinely shocked as he has never seen people like that before with that type of memory loss,the way they walk & think & act. Whereas I cared for many while Geriatric Nursing for 13 years. Sadly they were not all Geriatrics either. Some were in their 40s which was a genuine shock to me at the time as I was only 20yo when I started my Nursing training.

    One man was brought into the Geriatric Center in a taxi but the whole way he had beat his wife with a walking stick- which he already had to use at just 40yo+ (because of the gait that can come with Wernicke-Korsakoffs syndrome). A very sad case. I also remember 2 women & another 3 men who were also in their 40-50s. All were totally disabled & had to be institutionalized for their own safety.

    All of these did not know where they were or why. One man who used to be a boxer in his drinking days was very aggressive when he got frustrated & would hit out at us nurses. We had to be very careful with him & were always trying to reduce any stress in his routine. These patients were permanently in the Geriatric Center until they died-utterly confused and helpless. They could not even dress themselves because of severe confusion. Most relatives were too embarrassed & horrified by what their relative was like to even visit.

    I feel that showing the symptoms of W.K Syndrome to my husband has shocked him into trying to stop drinking as he could see that he has memory loss already. He did not drink at all yesterday & also today has not touched a drop. As it is the weekend,this is unusual as he would have normally already started around or just before Lunch-time. I have ordered some Vitamin B1 from ebay & feel that both of us will benefit as it can reverse the symptoms of damage from Alcohol Abuse if taken early enough.

    Anyhow, thanks for your Blogs & today I even put this one on my Twitter,so the news is spreading far & wide that ALCOHOL FREE IS THE WAY FOR ME.

    I utterly hate the word “Sober” with a passion. I feel “Alcohol Free” is much clearer & more correct as you will always get the self-deluded Smart-Alec’s that will argue that they are never intoxicated when they drink—so “ALCOHOL FREE” just knocks that justification on the head.

    I am now ALCOHOL FREE in many ways–

    Free from the awful smell of the revolting stuff,
    Free from the addiction that invaded my thoughts daily.
    Free from the decades of wasted money,
    Free from the Guilt ,Self-Hatred & Depression that came with it,
    Free from the wasted time acquiring & drinking the muck,
    Free from the stigma attached to being a drinker-especially as a Female in our double-standard society,
    Free from the little digs or looks that friends or relatives sometimes gave me,
    Free from the worry that people can smell it on me & then judge me,
    Free from the loss of memory of what happened the night before &
    Free from the lowered self esteem that came from knowing that I was a helpless Drug Addict.
    I was really depriving my loved ones of the best person I can be.

    All the best Kevin,Onward & Upward-regards Jo:)

    I remember reading years ago that-Alcoholism is the only Disease where you
    REFRAIN FROM MEDICATION to get a cure.

    Today is Day 27 for me—Yahooo!!

    • marcel

      Nicely put Jo! and well done. 🙂

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Jo, Like I said in the email, thanks for letting post your story. And for all your posts by the way, it’s inspiring for others to see success!

  2. Mojowomyn

    Couldn’t have put it any better myself, Joey! I may print this out and stick it in my wallet. Good job on the progress!

    Day 70 here, and by now alcohol just isn’t part of the routine or my thoughts. Environment is key. Yesterday had an old drinking buddy stop by with beer (for himself…he knows I’m not partaking) and these days that’s the only time I think about drinking…when he is around! LOL. Between you and me, I have a photo of him all passed out stumble gross drunk that I look at before we visit. It allows me to retain a light friendship with him, but never return to our old barstool routine.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Congrats on your 70 days Mojo!

  3. JoDev59

    Hi there, and Congrats on Day 70. That is very wise for us Alcohol Free ones to retain a light friendship only with our ex drinking buddies as “Birds of a Feather flock together”, so we need to find a new ALCOHOL FREE flock or create one ourselves- LOL.

    It is a bit of a shock to them for us to not share drinking ourselves silly with them, so reducing our time with them can be done gently & kindly & if,when we do see them, they see us having a great time & being happy WITHOUT the Alcohol, then that is the best example-as then we do not even have to say anything negative to them-they can see the difference.

    We might mention how GOOD we feel, How much MORE money we have-all the POSITIVE things which may eventually encourage them to try being Alcohol Free for themselves. At least if our old boozing friends/relatives do eventually give up, they will have a new flock already made, to spend time with—-us! Thank you for your kind encouragement.

    I might just print it out myself & put in my own wallet too- LOL


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