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  • Mojowomyn

    Reply Reply February 10, 2014

    Day 43 for me. Day 41 was uncomfortable. The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, and all I wanted was a cold beer in an outdoor patio bar with my dogs, my ex, and some tacos! See that scene? I’ve lived it 100 times obviously. That is our challenge…extract ourselves from comfy patterns. The only thing I have kept from the above is the dogs. Had to eliminate everything else to get healthy. (Ok, so now it’s veggie tacos!) I think day 41 was my hardest to date to keep saying no. I made it though. I treated myself with rich satisfying food instead. (Without going overboard) It worked! Onwards and upwards, Kevin!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Reply Reply February 11, 2014

      I know the scene well…? Time for some change now! I love the idea of some veggie tacos… I love my cooking, but all my skills are for meat, no good in my modern lifestyle. I have to get some more recipes… Keep it up Mojo, half way through your second month….!

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