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Can You End Up in Hospital From Quitting Booze?

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How are you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com. The question today is: can you end up in the hospital from quitting drinking alcohol?

The quick answer is, of course you can.

You can end up in the hospital for drinking too much water.

You have to ask yourself why you’re in the hospital in the first place.

Is it because you quit all of a sudden and you’re in the hospital because you quit drinking?

Or is it because you were drinking all that stuff in the first place and have been for years, and because of all the damage it has done to you, all of a sudden you’ve quit and you’re in the hospital because you quit drinking.

That’s not the reason.

The reason is because you drank the stuff.

You’ve been consistently, persistently forcing yourself to drink alcohol.

You drank this toxin for many years.

If you go into a hospital at 2 o’clock in the morning, the amount of people you will see in there with injuries because they’ve been drinking alcohol…statistically, I think if you asked anyone from one of these units that’s open at 2 o’ clock…accident and emergency, you’ll find that 50-60 percent of people are in there because of alcohol.

I’ve heard people say ‘you can’t die from not quitting. You’re an arsehole for saying that. People can’t die from not quitting’ Yeah, they can die from not quitting.

3 1/2 million people a year die because they didn’t quit.

3 1/2 million people die every single year from the cases that have happened because they had been drinking, not because they quit.

Over 200 different medical conditions are caused by the alcohol in people’s systems.

By the consistent accumulation of toxic build up in their systems, by the damage that alcohol is causing to their systems, by drinking this stuff over and over again.

There’s a term that people love to bandy around for people who quit alcohol.

First of all they say ‘you’re alcoholics‘, then they also say it’s ‘alcohol abuse‘.

Alcohol is a toxin.

You’re abusing your body as soon as you put the stuff into it.

Regardless of whether you call it wine or beer or 200-year old malt.

Regardless of whether it’s cost you a dollar to buy a bottle of wine, or it’s cost you $10,000 to buy a bottle of wine. It’s still the same stuff.

It’s still a toxic poison that you’re deliberately putting inside your body.

Alcohol abuse is putting the stuff into your body in the first places.

Alcohol has got its uses.

It can be used as a solvent.

It can be used to rub down greyhounds.

I’ve heard loads of people saying that.

You only really drink the good stuff.

What the fuck does that mean?

The stuff that tastes good?

What’s the good stuff?

The stuff that gives you a buzz?

That doesn’t give you too much of a hangover?

We live in a society which tolerates this kind of consistent and persistent intoxication of people.

I’m all for getting a buzz and getting out there and getting high, but there are so many natural highs that you can get in life.

But the big problem with the natural highs is that they’re free.

You don’t have to pay for them.

It’s the same thing as whole foods.

The reason why you don’t see massive advertising campaigns for proper, nutritious, natural whole foods is because there’s no money in it.

The only money is when you break down the whole foods and repackage it into something else.

Then you can make it into a fancy thing, add a couple of ingredients and change 10 times the amount for it.

Drifting off subject here.

Now, if you go into any hospital throughout your country, any country, you’ll find that the vast majority of people are in there because of things they’ve done to themselves, lifestyle choices they have made, the stuff they’re doing or not doing.

Stuff they’re not doing is getting exercise, getting out there and breathing the air of life.

The stuff they’re doing is putting crap into their body, whether that’s food or drink.

I tell people, I’ve made a few videos where there were controversial subjects, like ‘do you get alcohol withdrawal syndromes? Are they natural or can you bring them on yourself, or can you die from drinking or not drinking alcohol?’

And, I always say in these videos that the best thing you can do is to go to your doctor.

Without a doubt.

Because, you shouldn’t be looking for information like this on the internet.

I try and teach as much as I can that your choice and your destiny are in your hands.

What you do is up to you.

As soon as you start believing in a disease, in an alcoholic gene, in anything that takes the power outside your control, is you cede your power to something outside of yourself.

Something you have no control over and therefore you lose a lot of your own personal power.

But there’s a big difference between quitting drinking and thinking it’s okay to do it, and you can do this on your own, because 95% of the withdrawal symptoms that you’re going to go through are in the mind.

It’s psychological.

It’s anxiety.

It’s people fearing what is going to happen next.

A lot of the cravings are because they just want to go back and have that drink, that last instant gratification buzz.

They don’t want to wait for it.

This is a psychological problem.

It’s not a medical issue.

The medical issue comes about from people who have just drink a lot of alcohol over many years, and they’ve caused themselves a lot of medical conditions.

The only way you’re going to know if that’s the case for you is if you get medical advice.

I’m not telling you that you need to get medical treatment.

What I’m saying is that, at least go and get medical advice.

If the doctor says to you, ‘look, there’s nothing wrong with you’, he does blood tests and says ”you’re fine. But if you want help with quitting drinking, you’re going to have to go here or there, that’s where you’ll get help”, then he’s talking about psychological help.

In my opinion, you can believe that you can do this on your own.

People can tell you a lot of different things.

They can point you in the right direction and tell you where you need to go and what you need to be doing in your life, and how your habit is formed and how you can break it down, but you still have to do the work yourself.

In my opinion, a lot of these places that are redirected to us as patients from doctors are counterproductive.

The AA for instance, for me, all that stuff about standing up and refusing to leave the alcohol behind you by just keeping the alcohol in front of you and calling yourself an alcoholic all the time, saying you need an intervention from a higher power, that you have to give yourself over and admit to all the things you’ve done in your past; for me, that’s counterproductive to moving on, because it’s holding you back in that mentality of being an alcoholic, of drinking alcohol.

It’s holding you back in the behaviour.

It’s taking away from the fact that it is a behaviour, and it is a habit you’ve formed over a lifetime.

For me, when I stopped drinking, I had been drinking for 35 years.

That’s a lifetime.

I don’t remember much about my life before I started drinking.

Here are various people, and people with vested interests in the quit alcohol business who will say that no one should ever quit on their own without medical supervision.

If you follow through with this, they’re basically saying that anyone who is drinking, once they stop, it’s then they should get medical supervision.

But, I haven’t found any place that you can find statistical numbers for deaths of people who are quitting drinking.

Whenever you put it in, you come up with names like Amy Winehouse or people who have died while quitting.

But you can never find…I’ve never come up with statistics.

You go to the WHO, and you try and find it there, you can’t.

But the WHO, now this is a verifiable fact.

It’s from a reputable, scientific organisation.

And they say 3 1/2 people die every year, and there are over 200 conditions caused by alcohol drinking.

But people say it’s when you quit drinking that you need to get medical supervision.

If 3 1/2 million people are dying every year throughout the world, and there are 200 medical conditions caused by drinking this toxin, why does nobody suggest that you need to have medical supervision when you’re taking this drug?

It just doesn’t make sense.

All the statistics are there to prove that the people who drink the stuff are the ones who are going to die, who are going to get all these horrible conditions.

And yet, when you search out quitting drinking, or mention it on your own and doing something for yourself and getting rid of the toxin, it’s only then that people start shouting ‘you can’t do this without medical supervision’.

Think about that.

Who are you most likely to see in hospital through alcohol, the ones who have quit or the ones who are still drinking?

Because even the ones who are in there because they quit, they are in there because of the damage that has already been caused by the alcohol.

And there is so much damage caused that their body can’t handle them when they want to quit drinking again.

I’ll leave it there. Come on over to the website and if you’re looking for help to quit your own drinking habit and get away form alcohol, you can sign up for Quit Drinking starter pack.

It’s full of different bits and pieces to help you.

It has a couple of video courses and books.

It’s absolutely free.

Give us your name and email address and I’ll send it out to you.

Until next time, stay safe and keep the alcohol out of your mouth.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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