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Are You Gaining Weight After You Have Quit Drinking Alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 10 comments

Health is not about the weight you lose, but the life you gain!

Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date. Focus on a lifestyle change that will last forever

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Shirley Allison

    Hi Kevin,
    Another awesome video as usual! I love watching them.
    I actually never gained weight during my drinking years. Now I don’t touch the stuff at all I am more hungry because my energy levels are raising as I am becoming more healthy so I am doing more which makes me hungry, I eat whatever I feel like and I don’t and wont mind if I put on a little weight as I will burn it off when I start doing regular fitness, I have always been into fitness massively so that’s not a problem! Anyway like you said putting on a little bit of weight is nothing, its so much better than being a drunk! Its good though that I absolutely love health food, plant foods as you call it so all that and fitness combined I will be awesomely healthy and can take on the world! What is really important to remember is that I do not drink anymore, its the best feeling that I have killed it off and everything else well it will come in time. I am on day 25 and I am never going back. Thanks Kevin for your videos and the way you talk is awesome. Love the scenery when you walk too! Onwards and Upwards.

  2. Teren

    Another good video. I started reading your material sixty days ago. With your help, I have not used alcohol in sixty days. Feeling good. I would like to read Hang Loose Two, but I can’t access it through IBook. Can you help.


  3. Stephen

    Hi Kevin,
    I had my first couple of beers tonight after 35 days of abstinance and falling of the wagon has only made me want to get back on tomorrow.
    I was with some workmates having a relaxing time after a hard days work and wanted so much to be part of the group experience – the usual first fall.. It was not very satiisfying and only led to a feeling of greater isolation. I did loose some weight at first but getting back to work has reduced the opportunities for getting some much needed exercise. I need to create the time for exercise. I have arranged to be the ‘designated driver’ for an office party tomorrow night. A bit low tonight but thankfully still able to observe my behaviour in an honest way.
    Onwards and upwards,

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Many people go through the same thing. You need to regroup. You’re not starting again, you’re starting from where you left off, always remember that. You’ll get there!

  4. Franca Mosca

    Love your walking videos! I have lost weight since not drinking…less calories from not drinking and less snacking as a result of not drinking. I’m walking heaps too. I did replace the alcohol with chocolate in my first week of quitting…realised i was replacing one habit with another. Now I drink tea! Great video…thank you!

  5. April


    In addition to being healthy, living longer I looked forward to the weight loss…..that last piece is now WEIGHT gain!!!!?
    Kevin, why is this happening?????
    I feel great 20 days into it, and I won’t drink again, but I have a double chin and I look 5 months pregnant…I count my calories, eat clean and work out 3 times weekly.
    I need help!

    • Liesl

      Same with me April! I’m a yoga teacher, I walk on the coast path a lot and swim in the sea all year round. My husband, daughter, son and I are foodies, we love cooking and eating well. My daughter and I are veggie/vegan. I have not changed my diet since going sober, if anything I’m eating lass because I’m not snacking on oatcakes and hummus late at night after drinking the best part of a bottle of wine. I was drinking about 5 bottles of wine a week (3000 cals roughly) so thought I might lose about 1lb a week. It’s not about the weight for me, I gave up because it just doesn’t work in peri-menopause in terms of mood and sleep etc.BUT… in a month I thought I might lose 1-2lbs at least! What do you think Kevin?

  6. Laurie

    Good question April.
    Kevin any time I go off the beer I gain weight. It doesn’t add up. I am a foodie so I eat really well. Good quality foods. Giving up beer means giving up 1000 calories a night plus the amount in the gobs of food I would eat. When I quit, I am taking in about 300 calories in a cocoa and popcorn. Yet…. I gain. Nothing else has changed. Gahhh

    • Andrea

      Laurie – same here! Popcorn and maybe some cheese. Gaining weight, no alcohol whatsoever. What is going on?!

  7. John

    Hello. Day 35 here, and I’m gaining weight as well. I wonder if some of that weight gain could be water weight from no longer having the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Thoughts?


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