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Are You Afraid Your Boss Will Find Out About Your Quitting Drinking?

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Are You Afraid Your Boss Will Find Out About Your Quitting Drinking? (The Written Part)

There was a comment on the YouTube channel a couple of days ago about me talking in public about my past alcohol problems and how to deal with them. This person was basically stating the most people are afraid to speak up about this because of what the boss might say or the neighbours, etc.

Are You Afraid Your Boss Will Find Out About Your Drinking?

Who’s Problem Is It Anyway?

There’s a big issue here with who has really got the alcohol problem and who hasn’t. I was recently interviewed, for the first time in a long while, for some writing work by an Israeli guy. I pointed him in the direction of some of the better pieces of writing I had done and told him about this site, which I am not in the least afraid to tell anyone about.
During the interview, he brought up Alcohol Mastery and asked me if there would be a problem with alcohol. I asked him if he’d looked at the site. He said Yes! I told him I don’t drink any more. He asked if there would be a problem, again. I asked how there would be a problem, I don’t drink. He said, but you are an alcoholic, I just wanted to know how you stand. I told him that no, I wasn’t an alcoholic, I stopped being an alcoholic as soon as I stopped putting the drug into my system.
I understood where he was coming from, he’s just like most people. The view is that there are normal drinkers, responsible drinkers, and then there are abnormal drinkers, irresponsible drinkers.

Our Descendent’s – The Opium Users

I have heard this argument in so many places now, and it’s ridiculous. Just because we have been drinking alcohol for thousands of years does not make it right. Humans have been taking opium for thousands of years also, but no-one justifies taking opium as normal, or divides opium users into responsible users and non responsible users. Our society is living in cloud cuckoo land, justifying it’s own drug use by promoting one drug as culturally acceptable, normal, with many responsible users, and most other drugs, many of them far less damaging as alcohol, as abnormal, disgraceful, Neanderthal, and above all criminal.

I Don’t Use – No Problem

My drinking stopped being a problem the minute I stopped using the drug. Period. It would again become a problem if I ever used again, but I have no more desire to use alcohol as I have to stick a syringe full of heroin into my vein, roll up a joint of marihuana, crack open a pack of tobacco, take an LSD tab, or do a line of cocaine. The only drug I take now is coffee, and I’m going to experiment with having none of that soon, just to judge if there are any positive effects to it.

You Take What?!?! Does the Tooth Fairy Know?

There is such a stigma attached to overusing, abusing, taking too much of this drug we call alcohol. But its a drug that a large part of the population take regularly while looking down on anyone else who either takes too much of the drug as being troubled, too little as being boring, or taking another drug as being deviant… They probably still believe in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny!

Freedom for the Ostrich

When you quit taking any drug, especially one that most of the population use on a regular basis, you are free, there is no problem for you. It’s those who are still drinking that have the problem. One of the problems is what Freud called the Ostrich Policy, burying our heads in the sand. Pretending that we don’t use drugs by saying we drink, we don’t get high, we get drunk.
Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about what others think about us.

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Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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