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Are You Afraid of Inadvertently Drinking Any Alcohol?

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Some people are afraid of inadvertently drinking alcohol. This is something which has been promulgated by the disease theory, discussed by institutions such as the AA.

What does it mean to inadvertently drink? Is that fear logical? In today’s video, I look at what alcohol is in relation to its place in our bodies, what the real problem of consuming alcohol is, and where you might be better to put your focus.

People who have made the decision to quit drinking will likely say “I can never have a drink again.” Once you get further down in your journey to stop drinking alcohol and you get to the stage where you are thinking about your life and how alcohol is effecting your life, I think you get to the stage where you think “Why would I want to put that stuff into my mind again?” That’s the whole point of everything that I teach here:

Understand Alcohol and the way it is viewed in our society.

Understand the bullshit of propaganda; the brainwashing.

Break apart that brainwashing and understand that it is bullshit, that it is wrong to think
about alcohol in the normality that we view it in, and think “Why would I ever do that to myself again?

To understand how your life is progressing, how you are stepping up to a different level.

Once you stop drinking alcohol and once you get to that level, you will see things from a completely different perspective. It’s as if you’ve stepped above the clouds and all of a sudden you can see things that you would not have been able to see when your head was stuck in the clouds.

So, in this video we are going to look at – “What does it mean to inadvertently drink alcohol?” What does it mean and is it logical to have that fear? We will look a bit about the logic of drinking alcohol, why we drink it in the first place and what we focus on. What the problem really is. What our problem is. What the problem is that we are trying to get away from and at the end of it, what we should really be focusing on.

First of all alcohol is not an invention of man.

It is a natural product of fermentation. Alcohol is naturally in your system anyway. Every time you eat and the food goes through your digestive system there is a certain amount of alcohol that is produced by the bacteria that live in your system, that break down all the foods.

Your liver has got a built in capacity to deal with that. When you talk about your liver being capable of dealing with one unit per hour, this means that your liver has this ability to deal with any alcohol that is possibly likely to come into your system through your own digestive processes or the food that you eat, for example over-ripe food.

The likelihood of us doing that these days is very slim, because we tend to buy fruit from a sanitised version, by the time it gets to us we normally have to let it ripen and when it goes past a certain point we don’t eat them any more. I love over ripe bananas, I put them in the blended and there is a sweetness about them. It’s the same with over ripe fruit, bruised fruit, it has got a certain sweetness about it. But, once fruit gets to a certain level we don’t normally eat it and it is at that stage where you will find a certain amount of alcohol.

Let’s look at what alcohol actually is:

Alcohol is a product of bacteria, so the bacteria basically eats stuff, digests it and the alcohol is the excrement, the waste product that comes out the other end. So depending on how you look at it, alcohol is the shit or piss, that comes out of bacteria. That is what fermentation is. In America ‘pissed’ means you are angry but in Ireland and England, it also means to be drunk and that really truthfully hits the spot. It’s spot on! You’re drinking bacteria piss, that’s basically what it is.

I used to brew my own beer and wine, years and years ago and the first website I had on line was about home brewing and how to do different parts of it and when I look back on that now, it’s just such a funny thing that I am now on the opposite end of that scale.

But, if we look at the fermentation process, part of it is to get a big barrel, mix the malt and put the yeast into and it is the yeast bacteria that does the job. You put your lid on top of it, then there is a rubber bung and a tube that you fill with water. As the fermentation progresses, you can see the air bubbles coming up, letting out the fermentation, without that the barrel would explode and those air bubbles – they are bacteria farts!

It just gives a different meaning and context to champagne when you know that when you let out that pop and you get the sparkles, you are seeing bacteria farts, it’s a product of the fermentation process.

I think that is hilarious that alcohol is bacteria piss and the bubbles are bacteria farts. So that’s where the alcohol comes from and what it is a product of.

When we are talking about taking in small drops of alcohol, there is already some in your system anyway.

People worry that the zero, zero beers may have 0.1% of alcohol in it, but is that a concern? Is it a concern if you go to your Aunties on Christmas Day and she offers you some Sherry Trifle which has a drop of Sherry in it? Do you eat the trifle and think “Oh my God! I’ve taken alcohol into my system.?”

Like I say, alcohol is already in your system, the problem is in how we think about alcohol as an individual and society. We think it is acceptable to go down to the pub or sit at home and take in drink after drink of toxinated water; of poisoned drink. Putting one after another into our bodies until we get a feeling of drunkenness.

When you look at what’s happening in your body when you do get drunk, it’s a scary thought. When you look at the actual symptom, if you got any of these symptoms on their own without drinking you would rush yourself to the hospital, get someone else to take you to the hospital and certainly go to the Doctor.

Think about it, you are slurring your speech, you are staggering, you can’t talk property or think straight, you feel like your brain is sponge, if you were getting any of those symptoms on their own you would go down to the doctor never mind all of these together. So, once you do get the alcohol out of your system. When you say to yourself “That’s it. I’m not doing this anymore.” What you are saying to yourself is “I am no longer doing this behaviour, I am no longer putting a poisonous liquid into my body in the name of fun.”

“Whether it’s twenty pints or one pint I am never going to do this again. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a half a glass of wine or a sip of wine, I am not doing that anymore, I am not doing that behaviour any more. Alcohol might get into my system as part of my digestive process, alcohol might get into my system because of a small amount of alcohol that was put into the sherry trifle that I’ve just ate or because there is a small amount of alcohol in the jus, gravy that’s in my food; but in general, the behaviour has gone. The behaviour of drinking over and over again and killing your self has gone.”

That’s not what you are doing so the problem is not the alcohol. The small amounts of alcohol that might go into your system because you’ve drank an alcohol-free beer and you’re worried there may be a little bit of alcohol in it. Don’t worry about that.

You should be worried about the fact that all of this time, all the behaviour you have been doing, has been taking away from your life, not only when you are drinking the alcohol, but when you are thinking about drinking and the consequences after you’ve drunk alcohol. All that has gone now.

That type of behaviour is ruinous to you. You’ve only got the same 24 hours of a day whether you drink or don’t.

We all have varying qualities and quantities of life span, but it’s the quality that you want to focus on.

It’s focusing on that what you are putting into your body is not taking away from your life, either now or in the future. You’re not being the author of your own destruction and that’s the most important thing to focus on.

Don’t worry about small amount of alcohol that might go into your system that’s not a problem. The problem was always the behaviour, the thinking, the habit of going down to the pub and drinking.

“I will never drink another drop of alcohol again.” That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to have an alcohol free beer and that there may be a small drop of alcohol in it. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about taking a drink of alcohol where I know there is alcohol in that glass, which is what I used to do. Drinking a glass of wine with 12% alcohol in it, drinking a can of beer with 6% alcohol in it.

That’s the type of alcohol that I will never take in. I’m not worried about anything else because I know my system is designed and capable of handling that kind of thing. The most I’ve ever drank I think is probably thirty pints, that was on a bender, I don’t think I did that many times. Mostly I’d drink between six and ten pints, but I was quite capable of doing that. Sitting there and drinking ten pints, fifteen pints even twenty pints.

There is now no chance, no way on this planet that I could drink more than two or three alcohol free beers. Do you know how many alcohol free beers you would have to drink just to get tipsy?. You’ll talking maybe fifty, maybe 100, there is no chance you are going to drink that many, so drinking these small amounts of alcohol is not doing you the harm.

The harm was always in the lifestyle choice and drinking the amounts of alcohol that your body could not handle.

Your body can handle one unit per hour, which is like a half pint of Beer. One unit of alcohol is probably, thirty, forty, or fifty non-alcohol beers? The problem was never putting the alcohol into your system; the problem was putting massive amounts of alcohol into your system way more than your body is capable of handling and trying to get something out of drinking that alcohol. Using that alcohol as a tool in order to get something out of your life.

This is what I am advocating, you go away from that and you try to find the same reward but with different behaviours, so your triggers are going to be the same, they don’t have to be but they will. You feel bored, you want to do something so you go out and do a behaviour and you get the reward of not being bored. You do it in such a way that it’s healthy, it’s something that is giving you something of value, that’s adding to your life not taking away from your life like alcohol does or any other drug does. Anything that is giving you instant gratification, that is easy to do like that, is always going to be taking away instead of giving.

Remember, inadvertently drinking a small drop of alcohol is not going to do you any harm and it shouldn’t be something that you focus on. It’s not logical to have that type of fear.

The fear is that you go back to drinking and go back to the behaviour that you used to do, the habit that is destroying your life. That is illogical in the first place to do. It’s unnatural to put this amount of alcohol into your system. That’s the thing that you should be worried about, it’s the thing that you want to avoid at all cost. Get your head in gear, in the right frame of mind, the right mindset from the beginning and you will push yourself away from alcohol and towards something that you want in your life.

When are at that stage that’s when you are never going to go back to alcohol, and you won’t go back to it because you don’t want to. You understand that it has done to you and you understand that if you ever go back to that life, that everything that you are working towards, will disappear, like a fart in the breeze. It will just go. So, don’t worry about it.

Alcohol is a natural part of our life and it always will be, it’s part of our digestive system but what you want to focus on is the future. Keep your focus on the future, keep your focus on the goals that you want, moving step by step away from alcohol and you will be on the right track.

If you have any questions about this at all, leave a comment down below. Come on over to the website and leave your name and email address and I will send you to the ‘Alcohol Mastery Starter Pack’ which has a few different courses that I’ve put together from various different videos that I’ve done over the years. There’s a few different books and a lot of different stuff that will help you just to get your mind in the frame of mind to start to stop drinking. To think about what you are doing to yourself, to overcome some of the bullshit and there is one course that will help you to relax and de-stress and to push your mind in a completely different way after you’ve stopped drinking. It’s all very helpful stuff and it’s absolutely free so just leave your name and emails on https://www.alcoholmastery.com – you will see it there on the first page.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!


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