Are there any benefits to drinking alcohol?

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Today’s question is: Are there any benefits to drinking alcohol?

I’m sure there are one or two. There’s definitely a correlation between drinking alcohol and what they call myocardial infarction – it’s a fancy name for a heart attack. I think one of the reasons for that is, it thins the blood.

It only helps for people who have, who are on a bad diet. Who have caused a lot of damage; a lot of plaque in their veins. so that their blood, thin blood, is allowed to get through a lot quicker and that’s my theory.

The thing about any scientific evidence, any statistics, the statisticians are both scientist and artist and a good statistician, can bend around the statistics, can manipulate them and can make them appear to support almost any argument that he’s got.

Any side, any question, any need, you know, whoever needs the answer. A good statistician can bend the facts around to suit that – to bend the numbers around I should say – to suit that need.

When you look at a lot of the research that has done into the benefits of alcohol, you’ll find that a lot of it is 70%, 80% – 90% maybe even – is backed up by the alcohol companies; an alcohol company, a conglomerate of alcohol companies. So, it’s not information which should be trusted.

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