Are alcoholic drinks good or bad for stress release?

Today’s question is: Are alcoholic drinks good or bad for stress release? Release.

Either stress relief or stress release? For stress release, you’re not releasing anything by drinking alcohol, what you’re doing is you’re pushing everything down. You’re pushing it underneath your conscious awareness; you’re sliding things under the carpet. In terms of relief, it might give you a temporary relief – but so will heroin. So, will Angel Dust, so will cocaine to a certain degree, so will marijuana.

The problem is, you are looking for an outside solution to an interior problem. You’ve got to look for the solutions yourself, inside yourself. Why you’re stressed?

The worse thing is with alcohol or any other drugs, that you’re looking for a pharmacological solution, and that’s never going to help because it puts you in a worse position to deal with the stress.

It gives you an instant gratification relief. Not release; it gives you an instant gratification relief, but it’s a poison, so with that instant gratification there are consequences to your actions. When you push a toxin inside your body, it might give you a bit of relief in the terms, in the sense that you don’t have to think about it, but the thing that you want to be doing is thinking about your problems, thinking about your stress. Thinking about what’s causing you the problems in the first place.

It might help to calm yourself down in the moment, but at what expense?

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  • Sarah Cummings

    Reply Reply February 6, 2019

    I agree! It will give temporary relief but it won’t last. Stress will still be there. Someone should find a healthier way to reduce stress. Great article!

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